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Hepa Filters and Other Air Purifiers

I was just wondering what Hepa Filters and other Air Purifiers people have had good experince with. I am expecting my first child in June and want to have at least one filter in his nursery and my bedroom because we have animals and I want to minimize the amount of animal dander he comes into contact with. The animals are rarely in my bedroom and will not be allowed in his nursery. One I am particulary curious about is the new one that 3M came out with. However any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Happy Easter everyone!!


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Talk to Me About Flowers...

Yes, another question in what will become my wedding planning memoirs... I will be making my centerpieces, bouquet, and flower girls' bouquets. I will need flowers. Where is the best place to get them? I want live flowers. I've heard about getting them at places like Sam's Club, which I do have a membership. Is this the best way to go? Looking online, it looks like you can order bulk flowers and have them delivered. Doesn't sound bad? So if you made your own wedding florals, other than going around and picking things...

Childhood Illnesses

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Where Should the New Baby Sleep?

I would like some advice on sleeping arrangements with a newborn. Our first child is due this fall, and I’ve been reading many different opinions about where the baby should sleep. Can anyone share their experiences? We do not plan on putting the baby in the bed with us—that just wouldn’t work for us, and I'd be too worried about rolling over. We are thinking about either a mini co-sleeper or bassinet to use in our room for the first few months, or just putting the baby in it’s own room in a crib from the start. As a side note, I...

Children's Hospital

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Store Brand Diapers?

My daughter has always worn Huggies diapers but as we all know, they can be pricy. I buy ours at Sam's Club and they come out to .19 per diaper. Do you use store brand diapers that you would recommend? Are they more cost effective than Huggies? I tried store brand diapers once before (I can't remember what brand) and was not impressed so I went back to Huggies. Any advice on a good brand and the cheapest ways to get it would be greatly apppreciated! I'm on the hunt for ways to live cheaper since we don't have any income coming in! P...


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Which Is Best?

I have been formula feeding my new little girl for almost 2 months now. We have been using the regular Enfamil formula but my husband just noticed that the kroger (generic) brand is about $10 cheaper and almost the same. Also when we buy the Enfamil we get coupons for $10 off nestle, I was wondering if anyone had any advice or thinks one is better than the other. If we could save money that would be great, but I don't want to impare my babies growth or development. Thank you!


Enfamil Vs. Similac

I was wondering how important it is to keep your baby on the same formula or...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Diapering Through the Night?

Hi everyone! My 8 month old is mostly sleeping through the night (yea!!!) but, a fair amount of the time, he wakes up with his clothes soaked in urine. poor guy!! I'm using Huggies disposable diapers, size 4. He weighs about 18 lbs, so the diapers are one step up already (the box says 22lbs) What else can I use to keep him dry through the night? Thanks!


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Natural Remedies for A/R ? Several Questions I Have...

** What is a natural remedy for A/R that is safe for an infant? ** 1. What is the difference between projectile vs. regular spitting up? ** I ask this because I want to understand the difference between the two. My son spits up his formula like a water fountain (it even sounds like it) and I want to describe the correct situation to my Pedi of what my son is doing after each feeding. 2. I understand spitting up is normal for an infant after each feeding, but how can I limit the projectile of his formula without giving him zantac as...


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Sam's Club or Costco???

I have been going to Costco forever which I love their products and especially their return policy, but now I live at the area that Sam's Club is closer than Costco... Mostly I heard that Sam's Club and Costco are pretty much the same... Now My questions to all the fellow moms that what do you think of each of them, which one do you like and what do you like about them??? Thanks for the help. ^_^


When to Exercise?

I am about 20 pounds overweight, due to having 3 kids and lack of self...

Foot & Toe

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What Would YOU Have Done Question - Incident with Shopper at Sam's Club

I was at Sam's Club the other day. I'm standing in line with my teen daughter at the checkout lane waiting to unload my cart and there is a lady (probably in her late 20's or early 30's). She is nicely dressed in career type clothing, hair looks like she just stepped out of a salon, she has on nicely applied makeup, nice shoes/purse/wallet, etc. She is standing behind me holding two large boxes of cupcakes. She is chatting with the customer behind her. I hear her say 'oh, that's okay.. I'll stay here' come to find out that one of the...


Pain in My Foot

Hello, I am at 33 weeks with twins. Lately I have either a sharp,...


Pain in Heel of Foot

Hi I have had pain in my foot when ever I walk for 5 days. I work all night...

Healthcare Providers

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Need Cheaper Prescriptions

I have insurance that I purchase privately because my husband and I are both self-employed, but the drug insurance part of it is really bad. You get $30 off prescriptions. Unfortunately, one of the prescription that my daughter takes off and on (not anywhere near a regular basis) is not covered at all because I was honest and put it down on the forms when filling them out. Anyway, my daughter was just prescribed Prevecid as an acid blocker. With my insurance, it's still $138. I guess there isn't a generic for it or it's not on the list that...

Home Remedies

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Home Remedies for Skin and Hair

Hi! I am a stay at home mom with 2 toddlers. Because of the responsibilities of taking care of our children, i do not work so i do not contribute to the family income.My husband and i run on a tight budget and things like beauty care is not given much priority. However, i would still like to take care of my dry skin and hair. Please give advice on what home remedies that I can use - things that are not expensive and does not take too much time and effort for me to apply. I am very allergic to many beauty products also so i really need to...


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Sam's Club or Costco???

I have been going to Costco forever which I love their products and especially their return policy, but now I live at the area that Sam's Club is closer than Costco... Mostly I heard that Sam's Club and Costco are pretty much the same... Now My questions to all the fellow moms that what do you think of each of them, which one do you like and what do you like about them??? Thanks for the help. ^_^


Store Brand Formulas

Good Morning! I have been using Similac Advance Early Shield (blue can)...


Mentally Ill Father

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a...

Illnesses & Symptoms

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Costco or Sam's Club?

I have only ever been around Costco, but now have a choice with Sam's Club, But which do we go with? Do you use a warehouse club? If so which one do you prefer and why. They are both about the same difference in travel so that is not apart of the decision process for us. I guess it is more about what each one has to offer. I already called and neither one has a day pass to offer. We can go in and look around but not shop.


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...


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Immediate Prescription Assistance

I am looking for anyone who can help or has ideas that might help. My grandma went to pick up her prescriptions this evening and was told she is no longer covered on grandpas insurance from his work. She called insur. and they confirmed. She has multiple health conditions and cannot afford the $700 for her scripts the pharmacy wanted to charge her. She is deathly afraid because she does not have any medications for tomorrow and to be honest I'm worried bout her. Her blood pressure is through the roof with stress and worry. I am going to...


Severe Diaper Rash!

My 12 month old developed a really bad diaper rash that has some bloody...

Potty Training

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Too Early to Potty Train?

My son is 21 months old and refuses to stop pulling off his diapers. He has even gone as far as to poop on the floor twice. He has peed on the floor many times. The problem is that he won't tell me WHEN he has to go so I can potty train him. He doesn't go to the bathroom and if I put him on his potty, he doesn't do anything in the potty. Are these just the first stages of an interest in potty training? I am worried that if I don't hop on this opportunity that he will change his mind but at the same time, I don't know if he is 100% ready. I...


When to Potty Train?

I have twin girls, almost 18 months old. One of my daughters is constantly...


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Breastmilk vs Formula: Finances?

Ok mama's. I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I still can't decide whether or not I want to breastfeed. I'd always said that I would strictly be a formula mom- I was adopted as an infant, therefore not breastfed, and my husband was strictly formula fed as well. So while I know breastmilk is nutritional and whatnot, it was never a priority for me, I've always wanted to formula feed my babies. Like most, we're on a tight budget, and so I started considering breastfeeding as a way to save money. However, I want my husband to...


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Sam's Club Formula and Diapers

My mother in law and sister in law have a membership to sam's club and want to buy diapers from ther but i prefer Luvs and they said they do not sell them there they sell huggies, pampers and sam's brand. I do not like huggies adn was wondering about the sam's brand. Also formula i like the target brand has anyone had issues or concerns with the sam's brand of powdered formula.

Sleeping Habits

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About to Lose My Mind!! My Angel Is Now a Terror

My husband and I are so blessed, from the beginning my daughter has been a wonderful sleeper! We would just lay her in the bed, walk away and she would go to sleep. All of a sudden the past 3 weeks it has been horrible getting her (21 months)to bed. She starts to scream when you put her in the bed and especially when you leave the room. We have tried sitting with her until she falls asleep, but she just wakes up 10-30 minutes later screaming and then she will not even lay down. (I guess she is mad that we left while she was asleep) We had...


Soft or Firm ?

I'm buying a new mattress via mail order- decent quality and price - with...

Stages & Milestones

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Diet Pill Desperation

My son is almost 2 now and the "I just had a baby" excuse is not working for me anymore. I was 204 lbs (5'2") before I got pregnant and I gained 75 lbs. I've gone down quite a bit and have hit a stopping point that leaves me feeling frusterated. I only have 15 more pounds to go to hit my goal but all my working out and eating right isn't doing a thing anymore. I'm getting discouraged and really didn't want to go this route but I need some sort of boost. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good diet pill, one that won't make me feel...

Teaching Good Hygiene

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Sams Club Diapers

Has anyone used Members Mark brand diapers from Sam's Club. Last time I got pampers but they don't have them anymore. I'd rather not have to switch to Huggies. Let me know what you thought of them. Thanks

Weight Management

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Did Slim-Fast Work?

I was just wondering if the Slim-Fast diet actually worked for anybody? I'm worried that I'll start the diet and be so hungry through out the day that I'll fail the diet. How'd it work for you?