Air Travel with 2Yo Twins

Updated on December 22, 2011
V.C. asks from Copperas Cove, TX
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Hi mamas,
I'll be traveling soon with my 2yr old twin girls with the help of a family member each way. I'm trying to decide on whether or not i should take their car seats on board. I've read and heard pros/cons for sitting in car seats vs just in the seats. They have no problems with their car seats for the most part in their car and have traveled in the past (~18months) on planes but as lap children. They've done well on one part of the flight once just sitting in an empty seat besides us. The flight will be direct and will be ~4hrs. I need to car seat at the final destination so that has to be brought along with us regardless. Any advice/tips?
Oh and I have graco65 Myrides

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your advice. After reading the responses, i've decided to just check the seats in and have them sit at the seats. I will certainly remember to pack a blanket and pillow for each of them so they'll be comfortable. Thanks again!

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Can't answer about the car seats - I wouldn't lug them thru the airport though.....
Make sure you have "The Talk" with them before AND on the plane. How what is their space and what is someone else's space. If you haven't read my other answers about plane travel, e-mail me and I'll tell you all about "The Talk". I certainly made a hit with all the people sitting anywhere near me and got standing ovations from NUMBEROUS flights!!! Great reminder for EVERYONE traveling on an airplane!!
Merry Christmas!!

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I flew with my daughter at age 2 1/2 w/o a car seat and she did great. I had the portable dvd player going the whole time and she just sat there. Car seats are big and bulky to mess with on the plane. I would think at 2, they would be ok w/o the seat. maybe bring big pillows for them to cuddle against. However, at age 18 mos we travelled with her and couldn't have lived without the car seat. But those two ages are very different. You know your kids better than anyone. Can they sit still for that long of a period?



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put them underneath and have them sit buckled into the seats - lugging those around is such a PITA and I only had one car seat and small child to contend with - can't imagine doing that with two!



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Yup. Check the carseats. If safety is an issue, look into the CARES harness.



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My first inclination is to tell you to take the car seats on board, since you are having to haul them with you anyway. But, then I stopped and thought about lugging them, + your twins, + carry-ons through the airport and almost had a heart attack.

They will be fine in the seat with the seat belt. Bring a small pillow and blanket for each to have in case they want to nap.

I'm a big one for checking all that you can and carry on as little as possible.

When my son was younger I would give him a small dose of Tylenol as we were backing from the gate. This allowed him to settle down and on most flights he's ever flown go right off to sleep.

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