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What to Do About This Orthodontist?

So my daughter has completed her “phase one” of orthodontic work to fix an overbite. During that course of treatment, starting around the age of 10, she had 6 teeth pulled. The first two by a dentist and the other 4 by a oral surgeon with laughing gas. After the first teeth pulling my daughter was beyond traumatized so that is why we spent the extra dough to have an oral surgeon do the next recommended teeth to extraction. Now 2 years later, we are in the limbo phase before the 2nd phase where the orthodontist wants to put braces on...

Bad Breath

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7 Month Old Poop Smells like....bad Breath?? Halitosis.....

Hi, The last 2 days each poop I change smells like someones bad breath. I dont know if youve ever smelled halitosis breath, but thats what my 7 month olds poop smells like. Has any one else come across this? Its so weird and starting to freak me out a little. Thanks!!!!


Bad Breath in Son

My son who just 13 has terrible breath. Its been this way for a long time....

Broken Permanent Teeth

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6Year-old's Permanent Teeth Growing in Brown on the Bottom by Gumline

My daughter has been going to the dentist since she is 3 every year, before I make a trip to the dentist again this year, would anyone have any insight as to why a childs permanent teeth would grow in brown? My 6 year old lost her two bottom teeth. She has good hygeine-brushes twice a day, was off the bottle at one year, never drank juice on a regular basis and had her necessary flouride. She also never had any mouth trauma. Her teeth are about almost halfway in and the bottom near her gumline is brown. Kids are starting to notice,...


My Son's Teeth

hi iam new to mamasource i think this is a great way to connect with alot of...

Brushing & Flossing

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Getting 17 Month Old to Brush Teeth.

My daugther allowed us to brush her first 2 teeth when she was 7 months old but after she got her top two at about 10 months she has grown more and more resistant to allowing us to brush her teeth. Now at 17 months she freaks out and has a meltdown every time. We have tried different brushes, playing games, watching in mirror, letting her do it first but it always ends up my husband holding her arms and me trying to get in her mouth. She acts like she is scared, hurting, mad that were invading her mouth??? I have no idea why she gets so...


When to Brush Teeth

My son is 16 months old and has 16 teeth. Only ones left for him to get are...

Cavity Prevention

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Cavities, Cavities, Cavities!

My daughter is 6 years old and has multiple cavities with each trip we make to the dentist! She has already had 2 teeth pulled; 4 fillings and needs to have 3 more. We brush twice a day, floss and fluoride rinse at bedtime; she mostly drinks milk and orange juice (she's not a big water drinker, but we also don't buy soda or other sugary drinks). She doesn't eat sweets excessively either--obviously she enjoys them (she's a kid!), but I don't buy them often and we reserve them for special occasions or as an occasional treat. I am feeling...


Questions on Cavities

My daughter just turned 3 on March 21 and she already has 3 cavities!!! I'm...


Cavities and Crowns

My now 4 year old had 3 cavities at her first dentist appointment. They are...

Checkups & X-rays

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4 Year Olds First Dentist Appointment...

HELP! I took my son to his first Dentist appointment it cost $300 then they say he needs a root canal and a filling..this kills me! I feel like a horrible mom and can't stop crying (not in front of him of course) I just HATE that he will have to go thru this. Anyway, thats not my question. I don't know that I am comfortable with the dentist office. I kind of want to go to get another opinion but if I do will I have to pay for it all over again or can I get the x-rays sent to another dentist? Also, has your young child had to go thru a...

Chipped Baby Teeth

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What to expect if my toddler chipped his tooth?

My 18 month old chipped his tooth this morning. The poor kid didn't hurt himself, but the chip looks horrible! I know I need to take him to a Pediatric Dentist, and I did get a referral from my Pediatrician for one. But, I just wanted to ask if anyone's child has chipped there tooth at such a young age and what should I expect when he sees the dentist? Will they bond it? Do you think they will be able to take care of it without having to put him to sleep? I can't imagine having to do that just because it looks bad if there is nothing...

Emergency Care

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Huge Emergency Room Bill

Hi Moms... Last month our teenaged daughter got food poisoning from under-cooked eggs. She had the "classic" signs that led us to believe she had it. Vomiting, diahreea, severe stomach distress and nausea. The timing of when we had eaten earlier in the day seemed to fit with the timing of her symptoms. This was on a Saturday evening. Of course, NO walk-in clinics were open in our town and no doctor's offices either. I called a 24-hour nurse and told them the signs and symptoms and told them I was sure it was food poisoning and what...

Find a Provider

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Eye Exam...Opthalmologist Vs. Optometrist

I need to get an eye exam but my medical insurance does not cover vision care. I wondered if any of you know approximately how much an eye exam costs. I'm assuming that since an opthalmologist is an MD, it is more costly to see one rather than an optometrist. I also wondered if any of you have been to the optometrists located at, Lens Crafters, Costco, Sears, etc.? Do you have any recommendations? I'm located in the San Rafael area. Thanks so much.

Grinding Teeth

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Grinding Teeth at Night

My husband and I both grind our teeth at night while we are sleeping, but for me, it has started giving me headaches again. I don't feel like I am stressed about anything so I don't think this is the cause or anything. My dentist told me once before that it was just a nervous subconc. habit and that there were things I could do, but then it went away. Any suggestions on mouth guards or whatever else people do to stop the headaches and the grinding down of the teeth?

Impacted Molars

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Off Topic: Wisdom Teeth Poll

I read an article about wisdom teeth. It indicated that 80-95% of the population have wisdom teeth (apparently there isn't a lot of wisdom tooth research/statistics) and most of those people, 70%, have them removed. So do you have your third molars? Did you have them removed? Never had them? I don't have any wisdom teeth. They never developed. Lucky me! Or maybe that means I'm a fool. My mom has all four of her wisdom teeth. No problems. My sister had three and had them removed. My dad had his removed. My husband has his and...


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Has anyone had their teenager's wisdom teeth removed? If so, did you have...

Losing Baby Teeth

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Daughter Upset About Loosing Teeth

Help! My seven year old daughter has been a complete wreck since loosing her first tooth two weeks ago!!! She won't eat, brush her teeth, or smile, and will only talk if absolutely necessary, but purses her lips together so that no one can see that she has lost a tooth. She doesn't really want to play, just mopes around the house. She has spent hours crying. She lost another tooth this week, and we went through the same drama. Clearly, she is not herself and is depressed over this. She tells us that she doesn't want to look ridiculous...


Loose Baby Tooth

My son has a loose baby tooth and his permanent tooth is coming in from...


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How to Choose an Orthodontist?

Hello, My daughter has been referred by her dentist to see an orthodontist. There are so many in our area, that I don't know how to choose. The dentist did give us a few cards, but I want to make an informed choice. I don't know any one who has braces or has had them recently to ask opinions of. My question is, How do you choose an orthodontist? What questions do you ask? What are important questions to ask? Insurance aside, I want to choose the best provider for my child. I don't even know where to begin. Thanks in advance for...


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Is She Teething?

Good morning, I think my five month old might be teething. She is showing all the typical signs, except a swollen gum yet. She is more fussy and even pulling on her ear. I have given tylenol. It seems to help. Does anyone have any good tips or ideas for teething process? What should i expect? Thanks- reb


Is He Teething??

My son is 3 1/2 months old and keeps knawing on his thumb and fist. He is...

Tooth Fairy

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What Does the Tooth Fairy at Your House Do with the Teeth?

The "tooth fairy" at my house has been saving the lost teeth collected. I get completely grossed out by teeth and have a complete fear of all things dental so I don't know why I'm saving them. But for some stupid reason I don't have the heart to throw them out. What does the tooth fairy at your house do with them?


The Tooth Fairy

Do you celebrate the Tooth Fairy/Pirate? If so, how do you do it? How much...


Tooth Fairy Ideas

Our son is about to loose his first tooth. We are looking for some creative...