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Behavior in Kindergarten

My son just started Kindergarten last week. So far he has been on red 4 out of 5 days!!! He is extremely defiant towards the teacher. His behavior at home is not like this. I mean he's no angel, but he has his moments. I have noticed today he became very defiant towards me when we were practicing his numbers. His behavior is getting out of contol. Help


Zyrtec and Behavior

I have a 6 year old daughter who has allergies which seem to crop up this...


Help with Behavior

I'm at my wits end! My 6 year old son has been terrible the last year or so...


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Biting at Daycare

My 2 year old daughter starting biting at daycare. She has never had a biting problem before so I was very concerned as to what is bringing this on. The daycare said that they are having issues with other kids biting and she probably learned it from them. She bit twice last week and I tried time out and grounded her the second time from anything fun we do and dessert. I thought that had worked, but then today she bit twice and she got bit twice…..I left work early and went to pick her up to show her how serious it is. She seems to think...


Biting Issues !

My grand daughter goes over to my ex's house, and his girlfriend has a grand...


Advice on Biting

I'm sure this question has been asked over and over, but does anyone have...


Biting His Own Hand

My son is 9 years old and has had the habit of biting the back of his own...


Biting at Daycares

Hi mamas! I have a question.. I just got a call from my daughters daycare...


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What to Do About the Bully

My daughter has had a problem with a certain girl at school for 2 years now. They are both in 2nd grade. I have talked to the principle about the issues and thought it had been resolved but the little girl keeps seeking my daughter out to make fun of her clothes, hair, shoes etc... The problem is is that the little girls mom is an employee at the school. The little girl was suppose to get detention but that some how slipped through the cracks and she never did serve it and she knows it. She tells my daughter that all her mom has to do is...


Is Your Kid a Bully?

It seems like everyone thinks there kid(s) are not bullies. I know we'd...


Bullying and Suicide

Why do you think this is happening? It's terrifying, and just to say my...


Is It Bullying?

Hi everyone, My son is 10 and in 5th grade. There is a boy in his class...


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Do You Ground from Activities You Pay For?

I'm just wondering if you ground your kids from the activities you pay for like sports. So far we just ground from TV, phone, playdates, etc. I haven't been able to bring myself to ground from dance lessons when we pay a lot of money for her to go! Also, grounding her from team sports when the team is depending on her seems to be punishing the team. So far we've never had to get that far, behavior has always corrected when being grounded from the other privileges. Just looking for other's thoughts on the subject.

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Teenager Disrespectful to Me

My 14 year old daughter is very disrespectful to me and not understanding why. Don't know if disrespectful is the word I am looking for however she just doesn't want to listen to me and says I am unfair. I know that I am doing to right thing and certainly am not unfair but why do I feel so bad? She got bad grades on report card so I punished her from staying at friends house; standing my ground and not giving in - that makes me unfair? I feel so bad when I see the love with other daughters and their parents. Is anyone else having this...


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Do You Have "Friends?"

I've known since I started my profile that there is a "friends" feature. Is there a special significance to having Friends? Do you get notified of their questions and answers? Does everyone but me have Friends? Lol


No "Mommy" Friends

I currently have no "mommy" friends. I would like to find some Moms in my...


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16-Month Old Hitting Others

My 16-month-old daughter has been hitting other toddlers in daycare and hitting me, her father, and our rabbit. She does it in a playful way--she's always smiling and happy--but when I tell her "no hitting" or "please be gentle" or "be nice" and take her hand and gently stroke or pat the rabbit, she gets upset and then seems to hit out of anger. She is not a bully, but I really want to stop this hitting habit in its tracks. Any suggestions?


Toddler & Hitting

My 17 month old little boy has turned into a hitter. He typically has a toy...

Legal Trouble

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Looking into Prepaid Legal Services...

My husband and I are considering signing up for a prepaid legal service plan. Has anyone have experience with one, or a particular plan they would or would not recommend? Thanks!


Self Esteem

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Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Girls

I may be overanalyzing this based on my own past, but I wanted to hear from other moms of little girls out there to find out if I am handling my 4-year old and her recent behaviors well! She seems to be a lot more aware of what female images she finds "pretty" lately and I want to be sure I am promoting her own self-esteem so she doesn't go through the degree of body and image issues I did as a teenager and young woman. For example, when she was recently working on her letters in a Barbie activity book, she was saying which Barbie faces...

Social Skills

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Social Phobia, Me Again.

As a child I was a social outcast, a nerd. I was overweight, had horrible acne, bad perm, oversized, thick glasses. I was a mess. I was a complete introvert but managed to have a few friends. One became my best friend and was very loyal to me. She moved away when we were in highschool but as adults we still talk every few months. I was depressed a lot during the teen years. Once I lost the weight, my skin cleared up, and I got contacts, I felt slightly more confident. My reputation for being a nerd followed me into high school as I...


What Is a Friend?

Mamas & Papas- What is a friend at age 3, at age 5, at age 7 in the...



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Is This a Tantrum?

Recently, my 16 month old son has started crying much more frequently than he used to. It used to be that if he wanted something and we took it away, he'd cry but then stop soon if we held him, distracted him, etc. Now, if he wants something and can't get it, he puts both of his little hands to his mouth and cries pitifully!! I always thought tantrums were angry crying, kicking, screaming, etc. but this is just plain sad crying!! It breaks my heart and I'm tearing up even remembering how he looked as I write this. I try to hold him and...

Testing Limits

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Testing the Sass

My 11 yr old son is starting to test how sassy and disrespestfulnes by his words. I have been consistant with putting soap in his mouth when he does this I say that I am trying to clean his mouth up it is slowly working. Just being curious as to what anyone else has done. It is not a habit right now which I am setting the rule down before it is not a testing stage anymore. Thanks


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My 2 Yr Olds Violent Behavior

Can someone please help me I have no clue what to do anymore about my 2 yr olds violent and mean behavior towards both of his siblings.he has a severely handicapped 14 yr old brother that he just seems to constantly beat on and when i say beat i mean it he will pick a a toy and just go start pounding him in the face and head with it. he also has a lil brother who is 1 and he seems to enjoy pushing him down and sitting on him quite often he has even been caught doing what appears to be choking him. I have tried time out i have tried talking....



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A Very Whiney Stage!!!

my son will be 4 in august and latley he has been sooooo whiney!!! It is driving me crazy. we have a 1 year old also and i dont know if its a bit of jealosy with her doing more now or just a not so fun stage. He does not want to listen, he whines, talks back, says no all the time. he is a very good boy and responds well with time out. I do not give in to him when he is acting out. Last night at soccer he was very whiney and not listening so we left, and he did not get to play the games he wanted to. He gets one on one time at night after...


Whining 10 Year Old

I have a son who is 10 who still whines alot. He whines over everything...