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Hi Moms ...........i have a 2 1/2 year old boy.....he is well behaved sometimes n then angry sometimes i wanted to know about the terrible 2s and when does it end. It would be very helpful if i knew what is normal behavior at this age . Thanks........................


Problemed Behavior

my child is acting out sexuall behavior what do I do.omg where is she...


Behavior Charts

Hello, My daughter 8 years old and in 3rd grade is very fresh. She is very...


Bad Behavior

My 5 year old has very bad behavior. He doesn't listen to me at all. He just...


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Another biting question! My daughter(17 months) has recently started biting me. She usually does it when she's feeling playful and gigles when she does it. I've tried looking her in the face and telling her firmly "No". I've tried moving her arm so that she bites herself. I've even tried biting her back but all my attempts end in her just laughing. How do I let her know that biting is not alright when all she does is laugh?


Biting Again!

My 4 year old just won't stop pinching or biting her 2 year old brother. I...


Biting Problem

I have 14-month-old twin boys. One of them keeps biting the other one and we...


Biting at Daycare

My 2 year old daughter starting biting at daycare. She has never had a...


Toddler Biting

I have a wonderful 2 1/2 year old daughter. She can be so sweet & is the joy...


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Hi everyone. I'm gathering info on bullies and I know you will have some good insight. Do you guys think that bullying has become more prevelant, or is there just more attention being paid to it? Either way, bullies are bad and I want to kick them all in the shins-- but I won't because that would make me a bully.



With a brief description of my situations, has anyone ever had their child...


Bully, Bully

Help! My child is being bullied in school and I don't know what to do. He...


Is Your Kid a Bully?

It seems like everyone thinks there kid(s) are not bullies. I know we'd...


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Grounding a Child from Church

If a child misbehaves, would you consider grounding them from church? I don't have children yet, but I remember being grounded from church once when I was a teenager. As a Christian woman, I am against grounding children from church. I feel that it sends the message that God isn't where to turn to in times of trouble. When I was a kid, I didn't like going to church. I went because my mom made me go. I realized how important church was when I was in my late teens and as I became an adult. When I have children, they will go to church...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Teenager Disrespectful to Me

My 14 year old daughter is very disrespectful to me and not understanding why. Don't know if disrespectful is the word I am looking for however she just doesn't want to listen to me and says I am unfair. I know that I am doing to right thing and certainly am not unfair but why do I feel so bad? She got bad grades on report card so I punished her from staying at friends house; standing my ground and not giving in - that makes me unfair? I feel so bad when I see the love with other daughters and their parents. Is anyone else having this...


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Do You Have "Friends?"

I've known since I started my profile that there is a "friends" feature. Is there a special significance to having Friends? Do you get notified of their questions and answers? Does everyone but me have Friends? Lol



what qualities do you consider in a friend?? If your friend lied, committed...


Facebook Friends??

Ok just wondering are you friends with family and everybody you know and...


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Our 28 month old has been hitting for a couple of months. She has only hit the mom and dad and has not really done it to family members or her regular sitter. Tonight daddy was taking her from the changing table to brushing her teeth and hit him so hard I could hear the slap in the next room. Time out does not seem to work. We are in need of suggestions. She is starting preschool tomorrow and I'm afraid she is going to do it to others.


Toddler & Hitting

My 17 month old little boy has turned into a hitter. He typically has a toy...

Legal Trouble

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Legal Matter

Hi Moms Looking for advice from all the Legal Eagles out there. Not looking to be judged but just for some advice. I had a credit card that I was paying on monthly. Well after I was laid off I started receiving unemployment. I used some of my unemployment money and I continued to make my monthly payments up until June of last year. After my unemployment ran out, I notified the credit card company to let them know my situation. I told them that I currently am not working and I was actively looking for work but have not found anything yet...


Self Esteem

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Teaching Self-esteem

We had a parent-teacher conference with my 4 year old's preschool teacher the other day, and one of the things she told us is he needs to work on self-esteem. Here's my problem, I'm bipolar, which complicates things when I get depressed or angry and my son automatically thinks it's his fault. Plus, my self-esteem is in the tank. My husband tries, but his self-esteem slips too. How do two self-esteem challenged parents raise a child with good self-esteem?

Social Skills

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I find myself exhausted's great that my dd shares everything with me because I can help her navigate all of the social situations that happen at school...(i.e. Suzie said this to me, Judy won't play with me, etc. etc.) There's nothing earth shattering...most of it is typical tween stuff that, according to other moms, other kids are going through as well. But I find myself getting sucked in and upset. I feel like I'm going through all of it myself and I'm still upset even after my dd has gotten over it. One situation that...


Social Isolation

I'm worried about my 17 year old daughter. She spends all day in her room...


Social Situations

My 4-yr-old started preschool in August and has enjoyed it. Her teachers...


Social Services

Has anyone ever had to deal with social services or knwo how they work. My...



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My 15 month old daughter throws a tantrum everytime I go shopping and set her in a cart or in her stroller. She is okay for about 15 minutes but after that she wants to get off and run around which obviously makes it very hard for me to get any shopping done. She has a full blown tantrum with screaming and tears. I have tried to hold her, ignore the tantrum but sometimes it gets very difficult. Any suggestions will be helpful.


Is This a Tantrum?

Recently, my 16 month old son has started crying much more frequently than...


Temper Tantrums

how do you stop a two year old from having temper tantrums all day long.

Testing Limits

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Testing the Sass

My 11 yr old son is starting to test how sassy and disrespestfulnes by his words. I have been consistant with putting soap in his mouth when he does this I say that I am trying to clean his mouth up it is slowly working. Just being curious as to what anyone else has done. It is not a habit right now which I am setting the rule down before it is not a testing stage anymore. Thanks


ADHD Testing

What or how do you have your child tested for ADHD? What is difference from...


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Violent Behavior

Entirely too frequently I have gotten bad reports from the teachers at my sons day care. I have been told that my son is spitting on and hitting the other kids (one in particular.) When I ask him why he does these things, he tells me "It was naughty," or something of the like... I know first hand that the other boy that he has problems with is rather out of control, but that does not excuse my son's behavior. We have tried many methods of punishments, and none of them seem to work. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE share.



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A Very Whiney Stage!!!

my son will be 4 in august and latley he has been sooooo whiney!!! It is driving me crazy. we have a 1 year old also and i dont know if its a bit of jealosy with her doing more now or just a not so fun stage. He does not want to listen, he whines, talks back, says no all the time. he is a very good boy and responds well with time out. I do not give in to him when he is acting out. Last night at soccer he was very whiney and not listening so we left, and he did not get to play the games he wanted to. He gets one on one time at night after...



My 51/2 y/o son has been whining about everything lately. Not just when he...


Whining 10 Year Old

I have a son who is 10 who still whines alot. He whines over everything...