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My Daughter's Feet Turn In

A.B. asks from Washington DC

my daughter is almost 19months old and when she walks or stands her feet frequently turn in. her pediatrician is referring us to an pediatric orthopedist, though he d...


Is Your Child "Pigeon Toed"??

N.A. asks from Seattle

My little girl just turned three and she is pigeon toed. She goes in for her 3yr well check this week, and like at her previous visit, I was told that it was caused b...


Pigeon Toed or In-toeing Information.

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

Hello. I am wondering if there is anyone with information about young children who are pigeoned toed (feet turn in) or as they call it today (in-toeing.) Our 20 mont...


Toddler Is Pigeon Toed

M.T. asks from Dallas

Hello. My 18 month old son is pigeon toed. We noticed that when he walked, his left foot moved inside, but when he stood still, it went straight. My doctor has said...


How to cure an overlapping toes on toddler?

L.S. asks from Sacramento

My 3 year old (and 8 months) daughter has an overlapping toe that seems to cause her discomfort. Any recommends and what to do? The doctors are giving me the run arou...


Pigeon-toed 23 Month Old

R.D. asks from New York

Hi! Does anyone else have a pigeon toed little one? This does run in my family, but I have two concerns, and yes I will run them by her ped and have already done so ...


Pigeon Toe Walker - Ideas for Treatment (Specialist, Physical Therapy, Brace....

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter (7) appears to have a pronounced pigeon walk, more specifically with her left foot (she is left-handed too). It seems as if she swings her foot around an...


: Pigeon Toed and Other Leg Problems

J.K. asks from Sioux Falls

Well my now 2 year old daughter was having problems falling constantly and I realized her left foot turned in quite a bit when she wallked. Then when she learned to s...


16 Month Old Pigeon Toed

K.B. asks from Kalamazoo

My son started walking around 8 months old (he's 16 months now). I've noticed since his first birthday one foot seems turned in. My ped. said to make sure he wears ...


Ice Hocky

M.H. asks from St. Cloud

My 5 year old is in ice hockey, but he is pigeon-ed toe. Will he out grow this?