Learning Issues

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Help with a Child with a Possible Learning Disability

Since my six year old son has been able to talk, he has always had difficulty in pronouncing certain letters and words. At the age of 3 my husband and I decided to take him to a speech therapist. The results were that his speech was normal for his age. Now he is 6, at times, his speech is still difficult to understand. He stutters when he gets excited and he is stil having difficulty grasping phonics and reading. My husband has dyslexia and I asked my pediatrican about that and his speech. The doctor sought the advice of his teacher who...


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Straterra or Concerta for ADHD??

My son is 8.5 and has been on Concerta for about 2 years now. He seems to be doing better in school but I have to say I am at my wits ends. Since Concerta takes an hour or so to work, mornings are a nightmare. He is just so hyper. Every morning I dread waking up and dealing with getting him ready for school and me ready for work. We have a large family and it's hard enough simply because of that, but add a very hyper child, and it's even worse. Then by the time he gets home from school, the meds seem to be wearing off and evenings are...


Autism Spectrum

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Seeking Female Pediatrician for 12-Yr-old Autistic-Spectrum Child

Hi, there! My daughter, whom we adopted from China when she was 10 months old, has a long list of psychological challenges, but we do our best to deal with those through specialized schooling, therapists, and medication. Right now, my question is a bit different. She menstruated regularly as clockwork for about a year (started early!) and then suddenly stopped. She has been 5 months without a period. My own OB-GYN can't see her, as a minor, and suggests she see her pediatrician. Problem is, I have come to LOATHE our pediatrician, who...


Could It Be Autism?

i know a 2 year old who still does not talk, is overy irritable, clingy to...


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Dyslexia & Dysgraphia

My soon to be 8 year old (March 20) daughter has always written things backwards. She used to write her name in mirror image all of the time. So not only were the letters backwards they were written from right to left. In kindergarten I asked her teacher about it, and the teacher said it was still quite common at that age. In first grade I asked the teacher about it, and she said that since my daughter was not failing that the school would do no testing on her. Finally, I found out I could pay for testing through the Child Studies...


Is This Dyslexia?

Hi friends, to make this kinda quick, my 5th grader asked me the other day...