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Therapist, Counselor, or Psychologist?

A.B. asks from Punta Gorda

For a long time now I have felt like "talking with someone" would help me deal with some of my issues and tendencies in my life. I tend to overreact to negative thing...


Should I Look for a Psychologist or Therapist?

K.R. asks from San Diego

Motherhood brings on HUGE life changes--hormonal imbalances, career changes, and responsibility for totally dependent little people. I'm struggling to deal... ...


Seeking a Marriage Counselor...

M.H. asks from Detroit

My husband and I desperately need a marriage counselor now. Any suggestions for a good therapist in Troy or surrounding areas? If he/she accepts insurance, that's a plus.


Seeking Recommendation for Marriage Counselor

L.E. asks from Washington DC

I am looking for recommendations for a good counselor, psychologist or therapist located in the Montgomery or Frederick County areas to help me with some marriage iss...


Needing Christian Psychologist in Gilbert Area

K.J. asks from Phoenix

I am in need of finding a psychologist that is christian based. prefered in Gilbert/Mesa/Chandler area. Specializing in couples counseling.


Marriage Counselor in Plano or Frisco

D.S. asks from Dallas

Does anybody have the name of a compassionate/understanding marriage counselor in the Plano or Frisco area? How about a good divorce lawyer?


Marriage Counselor Recommendation in Denver

B.F. asks from Denver

Hi - Can anyone recommend a marriage counselor in the Denver area? We have never been to counseling but I feel it would help our marriage. Our son is 14 months old ...


Know a Good Family Psychologist or Therapist?...

P.G. asks from Phoenix

Hi- My family and I are going through some rough times due to my 13 year old step-son moving in with us. Do any of you awesome parents out there know of a good fa...



P.A. asks from Los Angeles

I have a dear friend that is in desperate need of some professional help. Unfortunately she has no insurance and very little money...........any suggestions??


Marriage Counselor

M.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi Mamas, I'm just wondering if any has gone to see a counselor and if it helped or hurt? If you know a good one or if the fact that needing to see a counselor is a ...