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W.C. asks from Denver

Thanks for the responses. I thought burping after a bottle was normal for a nine month old! However, yesterday while I was at the doctors office for their 9 mos well ...


Burping Baby

A.C. asks from Chicago

I have trouble burping my 3 week old. Does anyone have any advice??


Infant Does Not Burp

M.L. asks from Chicago

Hello! I am not sure if I should be concerned, but my three week old does not burp. He's only burped three times in the past few weeks - and that was on his own. H...


Getting a Burp

K.L. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 4 week old who is breastfed. I have a very difficult time getting her to burp. Does anyone have any good techniques to elicit a burp? I find that she is g...


Burping Baby

J.B. asks from Houston

My little man is now eight months old and is nearly impossible to burp these days. He does still burp of course but he fights me so hard that I just can't do it some...


Screaming During Burping

K.E. asks from Myrtle Beach

My 7 week old has always hated to be burped, he would fuss during the burpings from the very begining but it is staring to really get out of control. He gets so upse...


Choke Burping?

R.J. asks from Seattle

I have a few friends in different circles with new babies. They're all doing something that looks like they're choking their babies to burp them. They sit the baby in...


Infant Burping

M.M. asks from Dallas

My son is just 3 weeks old and I am a first time mom having difficulty with his burping. He sometimes burps right away but 90% of the time it is a real challenge to ...


Getting Him to Burp

J.N. asks from Knoxville

Ok, so I have a 4month son who I often nurse to sleep. My problem is that when he falls asleep he never burps. I'll try and lightly pat his back and walk him around...


Burping Help and Gas Relief for a 4Mo

P.O. asks from Dallas

Hi, I have a 4mo little girl who had a lot trouble with gas early on. I wasn't able to breastfeed, so started her on formula and had to try several until we found...