Imaginary Friends

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Is It Telling Lies or Make Believe?

R.P. asks from Denver

My eight year old daughter is still into fairytales. She still believes in the tooth fairy and since Christ's Day is approaching, her Santa questions are on the rise....


Imaginary Friend

H.B. asks from Detroit

My 2 year old kind of freaked me out the other day (about a week ago) when he was pointing past me telling me to tell the lady to go away....I asked what her name was...


Imaginary Friend

J.B. asks from New York

For the last two weeks, my daughter has been talking about an imaginary friend of hers, named Jessica. She is asking us to do whatever we do for her to this friend, ...


3 Year Old Has Imaginary Friend.....

A.M. asks from Louisville

Hello everyone. I am new to this so I am not sure how to state my problem so here it goes.... My 3 year old daughter is very smart and outgoing. She loves to be the c...


Imaginary Friends

K.N. asks from Austin

Ok, quick question: Our almost 3 year old has recently started having imaginary friends. It started with her telling us "Sandy is coming over to play with me... Oh, ...


How Do I Discipline an Imaginary Friend?

J.B. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter has an imaginary friend who seems to magically appear and disappear when something "naughty" happens. For example, my daughter has a hiding spot behind a...


Imaginary Friend???

H.D. asks from Monroe

My son is 3 years old. He does not go to school right now or daycare. I have a daughter that is almost 2 and they are with each other alll the time. They are like bes...


Does Your Child Have an Imaginary Friend?

B.B. asks from New York

This is just a fun question...does or did your child have an imaginary friend? How old was he/she? What was the friend's name and why do you think he or she existed...


Imaginary Friend Anyone?

C.S. asks from Las Vegas

My husband just shared with me that our 3 YO has an imaginary friend who apparently likes to sit on the back of the car and play in the rocks. He was holding our lit...


Imaginary Sister

M.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, all. My four year old has an imaginary family (big sister, baby sister and baby brother, but big sister is most consistent). I know this is normal and thus far ...