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Allergic to the Dog?

My 18-month old has a pretty-much contiuously runny nose. It usually combined with nasal congestion. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to bother her and it doesn't transform into infections or other problems. I suspect she may be allergic to our dog. Is there a way to tell? Is it possible to test for just a dog allergy? Or do I have to subject her to a huge painful test? I really don't want to do that, but if she is allergic I need to konow.


Allergy or What?

When getting my 2 year old ready for dinner i took her shirt off and found...


Allergy or Not?

Recently my hands and feet started to itch something fierce. I thought...

Allergist Referrals

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Recommendations for Allergist

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good allergist around Dublin? When my son was a week old, we discovered he had a dairy and soy intollerances. I am breastfeeding, so I eliminated those from my diet. Now that I'm aware of the various symptoms of food allergies, I believe that he and I both have several food allergies. I want to find a good allergist that can help me identify what I have issues with in the hopes that I can eliminate those items (and help my son as well).


Need an Allergist

Hi! My almost 3yr old son has a dairy allergy and I am looking for a new...


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Best Laundry Detergent

I use the kirkland laundry detergent from Costco, but it doesn't seem to get stains out of the clothes. What detergents get the stains out the best?

Dust Mites

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Allergies to Dust Mites, Please Recommend a Good Vacuume Cleaner

I have really bad allergies to dust mites and we have to clean and vacuume every week. We bought a shark infinity nv30 2years ago and it no longer works. The hose part does work well but when its upright it just doesn't suck at all. We paid like 200 at target with a gift card we had gotten and not sure if it can be fixed. My dh will be taking it in to see if it can be fixed but in the meantime I need to do my homework on them. This is our first vacuume so we really don't have much knowledge about them. Our whole house is carpeting...


Pets and Dust

I just had a baby 2 weeks ago, and my in laws want us to bring her up to...


Dust Mite Allergies

Hello everyone . . . I was wondering if any of you have children that are...


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Egg Allergy ?????

I have given my son eggs 5 times. A couple times he had scrambled eggs and a couple times cheese omelette. Today i tried eggs again 3 out of the 5 times he has had eggs within a 1/2 hour after he is vomitting. Once I said oh maybe he had too much one time we had been at a restaurant and then went in the car so I blamed it on riding right after eating but today he had a small amount of egg about 1/2 of one egg and we were at home and sure enough he vomitted everywhere. My son is 14 months old. and is it possible for this to be an egg allergy...


Allergy to Eggs

Hi, my daughters school does valentines party and there is a girl in her...

Allergies Medications

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Where Do You Keep Your Medications?

I've recently begun to second guess my decision to keep our medications (everything from Adult Tylenol and Motrin, Probiotics like Culturelle and Florastor, homeopathic cough medicine Chestal, and other immune boosters, like Sumbocol, which are VERY expensive) in our bathroom. According to the insert, it says they should be kept in a cool dark place where the temp is 68 to 77 degrees, which is our bathroom on most occassions, accept when we take a shower, or give our soon a bath and the bathroom gets steamy. I'm concerned that this may...

Milk, Dairy & Formula

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Allergic to Dairy

My one year old is allergic to dairy. This was easy when he was on formula and baby food because I didn't really worry about. Now I am feeding him Rice Milk but I am having a hard time with snacks and table food. Most of what I make for my family has milk or cheese or some other dairy product in it. He will not eat any fruit. So that is out as far as snacks go. Also, the doctor said to go with the rice milk but why not soy? Does soy milk contain dairy or what is the issue with that? I know I should have spoke with the doctor...


Allergic to Formula?

I have been pumping and feeding my 5 month old breast milk up until now, but...


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Nut Allergic Child and Sports

Hi! I have a nut allergic son who has been having severe reactions. Recently, he had a reaction from touching my daughter's new basketball that was handed to her by an assistant at the school. I could only speculate that she may have had some nut product for breakfast and then touched the ball, which my son then touched. So, my question is how do you handle sports activities with a severely nut allergic child? If he plays any sport where he is touching equipment (ball, bat, mat, etc.) that other children are contacting and those other...


Tree Nut Allergy

My almost 2yr old has an egg and tree nut allergy. I've had success using...

Pets & Dander

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New House with Pet Dander?

We are thinking about moving into a new home. One of the houses that we are really interested in has a cat and dog. Three out of six of us have pet allergies. My son is the one I am most worried about because he has asthma. His main trigger is pet dander. We are wondering if it is worth the trouble to try to move into this home. If we get the carpets cleaned, ducts cleaned and remove all the window treatments, is this enough? Has anyone experienced this? How long does it take for all dander to finally be gone forever? I hate to...


Allergic to Cats

We just got confirmation that my step daughter is allergic to cats and my...


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Seasonal Allergies and Allergy to Fish

My son is 14 months old and has been diagnosed with a severe egg and peanut allergy, and mild allergy to soy and wheat. We are quite careful about the foods we give him, mostly things he's had previously to avoid reactions. Last night, we gave him salmon for the first time and he had a serious reaction. He's had plenty of flounder/cod/white fish over the last 7 months so I didn't expect him to have a problem with any kind of fish. Has anyone heard of someone being allergic to one kind but not the other? Also, he's had a runny nose...


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Is Shrimp Safe for Toddlers?

I want to cook a meal with shrimp but wonder if it is safe for a 2.5 year old because of mercury or something else I should know about it? She has eat salmon and loved and didn't have any reaction. Also wonder where you buy your fish from? I get it from Shop Rite but not sure if this is the best place to get it from. Thanks mom. PS: Shrimp would be full cooked.


Allergies to Fish

I think my 15 month is allergic to salmon. He has vomited the last two...


Allergy to Ibuprofen

Last week I had to give my daughter who is 6 some ibuprofen. I do not give...

Wheat, Gluten & Oatmeal

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Allergic to Wheat

I just found out that my daughter is allergic to wheat.All these years and I never knew.The doctor order a blood test to check to see whst she is allergic to and wheat was it.I do not even know much about this other than almost everything we eat has wheat.I do not know if I am also suppose cut off foods with gluten?I bought her Rice bread and she did not like it.Does anyone have any recipes or suggestions for me.The doctors nurse is going to call me tomorrow to let me know if I am suppose to take gluten out her diet.


Allergic to Gluten

My allergy test from a blood sample finally came in . . . as suspected, I am...

Antiobiotic or Penicillin

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Allergic Reaction to Amoxicillan

My daughter had an ear infection and the doctor put her on amoxicillan. I started giving it to her last Sat. and then thurs. afternoon I had realized she had thrown-up and also had red bumps on her stomach and back. I just thought it was from her eating too much the night before and having the ear infection. But now it spread all over her body. Could this be an allergice reaction to the amoxicillan? Has anyone else had this happen to their child? I will be calling the doctor on Monday for sure if the bumps are still there. It's just that...

Find an Allergist

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Seeking Pediatric Allergist

My 3 year old boy has several food allergies, asthma and eczema. His allergist just moved out of our medical plan. I'm looking for a good pediatric allergist in the Libertyville or surrounding area (up to 15 miles away for a good one).

Insect Bites

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Insect Bite Reactions

My three year old son has what looks like a pretty severe skin reaction whenever he gets bit by something. He usually gets a good bit of swelling and a welt that can be anywhere from one to three inches in diameter. These reactions don't really seem to bother him - he doesn't scratch or complain of pain unless I press pretty hard on the site. My question is whether anyone else has seen this type of reaction and whether you've done anything about it. I've gotten the advice that his allergies will continue to develop - either becoming...


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Help, My Son Won't Take His Medicine!

Ben, 2 1/2, is on antibiotics for a possible staph infection on his cheek (again). I'm having the hardest time getting him to take his medicine. He wont take it willingly, he will just spit it out. I have to have him take it, else he will end up in the hospital like last year for 5 days on IV antibiotics. I've tried bribing him with lots of different candy, but he still wont take it. I've tried mixing it with applejuice, but he still tastes it and wont drink it. I've tried doing it very slowly while he is sleeping, but he will just...


Won't Take Medicine

I have an almost 2yr old daughter who currently has a UTI. She is supposed...