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Allergic To???

I posted a week ago about my son's hands swelling up with a light red rash. It happened again yesterday and now it's worse. I now know he is having a...


Allergic to the Dog?

My 18-month old has a pretty-much contiuously runny nose. It usually combined w...


Allergy or What?

When getting my 2 year old ready for dinner i took her shirt off and found red s...


What Is This Allergy?

I have had an allergy since at least early high school. The reaction is not as ...


Allergy or Not?

Recently my hands and feet started to itch something fierce. I thought maybe it...

Allergist Referrals

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Does anyone know anything about Dr. Wasserman at Medical City who is a pediatric allergist? Dr. Sugarman is also in the practice....


Allergist Referral

Hi moms: I was wondering if anyone could recommend an allergist in the South Su...


Pediatric Allergist

Can anyone recommend a good pediatric allergist in Plano/Frisco area? My daught...


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Best Laundry Detergent

I use the kirkland laundry detergent from Costco, but it doesn't seem to get stains out of the clothes. What detergents get the stains out the best?...


Laundry Detergent

My question is do I have to buy Dreft laundry detergent or is it ok to use other...

Dust Mites

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Dust Allergies

My son has dust and mite allergies,please suggest me some tips @home or outside home to stay away from dust.home made remedies too...


Pets and Dust

I just had a baby 2 weeks ago, and my in laws want us to bring her up to their p...


Dust Mite Allergies

Hello everyone . . . I was wondering if any of you have children that are highly...


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Egg Allergy ?????

I have given my son eggs 5 times. A couple times he had scrambled eggs and a couple times cheese omelette. Today i tried eggs again 3 out of the 5 time...


Egg Allergy

We just had my 10 month old daughter tested and found out she is allergic to egg...


Egg Allergy

My toddler son has an egg allergy. He doesn't eat many sweets, but I would like...


Egg Allergy??

Hi Momma's! My 1 year old boy is having an interesting reaction to egg. Whene...

Allergies Medications

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Where Do You Keep Your Medications?

I've recently begun to second guess my decision to keep our medications (everything from Adult Tylenol and Motrin, Probiotics like Culturelle and Flora...


Allergic to the Dog?

My 18-month old has a pretty-much contiuously runny nose. It usually combined w...

Milk, Dairy & Formula

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Allergic to Dairy

My one year old is allergic to dairy. This was easy when he was on formula and baby food because I didn't really worry about. Now I am feeding him Ri...


Dairy Allergy?

About 4 weeks into breastfeeding my daughter she began projectile vomitting afte...


Dairy Allergy???

Ok I asked about my son the other day, who has been waking up every hour or so a...


Milk and Dairy Allergy

My Daughter is 21 months old and we just got told she has a milk and dairy aller...


Allergic to Formula?

I have been pumping and feeding my 5 month old breast milk up until now, but my ...


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Nut Allergy

I recently found out my 2-year-old son is allergic to several different types of nuts. Does anyone have any advice on where I could buy him healthy nut...


Nut Allergy

My 27 month old son was diagnosed with an allergy to all nuts last week. I woul...


Peanut Allergy

Does anyone have a child with a peanut allergy, that would like to exchange idea...


Peanut Allergy

My 22 month old daughter was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy. Do you have a...


Peanut Allergy?

My friend just found out her son may have a peanut allergy. The boy is almost 5 ...

Pets & Dander

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New House with Pet Dander?

We are thinking about moving into a new home. One of the houses that we are really interested in has a cat and dog. Three out of six of us have pet a...


Allergic to Cats

We just got confirmation that my step daughter is allergic to cats and my step d...


Cat Allergy

My DD is allergic to cats. Lots of sneezing itchy eyes, etc. My parents recently...


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Hay Fever

My 15 month old has been rubbing his eyes a lot and been having a runny nose/sneezing and dark circles around his eyes. The syptoms seem to have start...


Seasonal Allergies

I take my kids to the allergist but I've never gone. In the last year, it's beco...


Allergic To???

I posted a week ago about my son's hands swelling up with a light red rash. It ...


Seasonal Allergies

Hi mommas! My four year old daughter has terrible seasonal allergies. I have...


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Is Shrimp Safe for Toddlers?

I want to cook a meal with shrimp but wonder if it is safe for a 2.5 year old because of mercury or something else I should know about it? She has eat ...


Allergies to Fish

I think my 15 month is allergic to salmon. He has vomited the last two times af...


Allergic Reaction

Have any of you moms ever had your child have an allergic reaction to canned tun...

Wheat, Gluten & Oatmeal

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Oatmeal Allergy???

I have a six month old daughter who did great on her rice cereal; however, when we moved onto oatmeal it wasn't the same story. She broke out all over...


Wheat Allergy?

I have a 9 month old breastfed baby that is very constipated and has been for a ...


Wheat Allergy

My 1 1/2 yr old was just diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Does anyone have any s...


Allergic to Wheat

I just found out that my daughter is allergic to wheat.All these years and I nev...


Allergic to Gluten

My allergy test from a blood sample finally came in . . . as suspected, I am all...

Antiobiotic or Penicillin

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Allergic Reaction to Amoxicillan

My daughter had an ear infection and the doctor put her on amoxicillan. I started giving it to her last Sat. and then thurs. afternoon I had realized s...

Find an Allergist

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Pediatric Allergist

Can anyone recommend a good pediatric allergist in Plano/Frisco area? My daughter has eczema, and I have found that certain foods flare it...I just ca...


Pediatric Allergist

Does anyone have a pediatric allergist that they recommend? We think my 2 1/2 y...


Pediatric Allergist?

I'm looking for a pediatric allergist for my son. He has eczema and now has star...

Insect Bites

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Insect Bite

i am pregnant with my first so i have a lot of questions. anyway, I got an insect bite last night. It was itching, burning and my arm is swollen about ...


Insect Bite Reactions

My three year old son has what looks like a pretty severe skin reaction whenever...


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Help, My Son Won't Take His Medicine!

Ben, 2 1/2, is on antibiotics for a possible staph infection on his cheek (again). I'm having the hardest time getting him to take his medicine. He wo...


Won't Take Medicine

I have an almost 2yr old daughter who currently has a UTI. She is supposed to be...