Pacifiers & Thumbsucking

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Thumb Sucking

D.G. asks from Chicago

Just curious and I know many of you have had a similar experience... My daughter just turned one and during the past few weeks has become a thumb sucker. When it...


Blankie and Thumb Sucking

A.K. asks from Chicago

I am seven months pregnant and my youngest is just about to turn three. She has a special blankie that she sleeps with and sucks her thumb with. Our pediatrician sa...


Thumb Sucking

T.M. asks from Rockford

My 16 week(7 weeks premature) old has just recently started sucking his thumb. Is this unusual? He is my first so I have no idea if this is something that will start ...


Thumb Sucking

C.W. asks from Kansas City

I have a three and a half month old and she has been sucking her thumb since she came into this world.In the next two months I would like to try and get her off of it...


Thumb Sucking in an Infant.

C.U. asks from Chicago

How do I stop my 3 month old from sucking her thumb. I am not against self soothing, just would rather her use a pacifier instead. The reason being my older child u...


Thumb Sucking

M.R. asks from Miami

My baby daughter is 6 months old and cries hysterically most of the time when she's tired until she falls asleep. I try to catch her before she's too tired but she s...


Thumb Sucking

C.S. asks from Dallas

While still digesting and acting on my other question, I have yet another to put to the test. I've never delt with thumb sucking and my almost four year old is still...


Is Thumb-sucking Really That Bad?

C.C. asks from Los Angeles

i have a 4 month old baby boy, Hunter, very cute, very happy, very easy going. lately he's started to suck on his thumbs. my mom (who helps take care of him) is ver...



R.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello Mamas, I am seeking advice regarding how to help my two-year-old stop sucking her thumb. She has been a vigorous thumb-sucker since she was an infant; she suc...


Thumb Sucking

T.K. asks from Phoenix

Big 4 month old son found his thumb and has been sucking it constantly for a couple weeks now. I am an anti-thumb sucker and never in a million years t...