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Pregnancy Workout??

S.R. asks from San Antonio

I just found out that baby #3 is on the way, and the recent years have been a struggle to lose the weight from the first and second pregnancies. I'm worried that wit...


Exercise During Pregnancy

J.S. asks from Birmingham

Has anyone heard of or has a copy of "Pregnancy without pounds" by Michelle Moss? Is this worth getting? Are there really good information about exercise and keepin...


Exercise and Pregnancy

A.M. asks from Chicago

I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and would like some workout advice. Prior to my pregnancy, I was quite active with exercise. Typically, I take aerobics classes at m...


Exercise in Pregnancy

L.R. asks from Boston

Hi all: I have a question for all of you active moms out there. Currently, I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy and most of the morning sick...


Do You Exercise?

T.V. asks from New York

Why or why not? If you do exercise, what do you do? If you don't exercise what would be a form of exercise that you think you would enjoy? I exercise about fiv...


Pregnancy Workout DVD

I.*. asks from Columbus

I want to work out while I'm pregnant. My Dr. has cleared me to do so, I don't have any health issues. I want to get a workout DVD b/c I have three little ones at hom...


Pregnancy Workout Dvds.

M.A. asks from Missoula

Looking for any suggestions on pregnancy workout DVDs. I can't always make it to the gym so I'm looking for something to do at home, not so much cardio, looking for m...


Exercise During Pregnancy

S.J. asks from St. Louis

Moms - I am 5 weeks along and have also been a avid runner. Before my pregnancy I ran about 12-15 miles per week. Now, I can barely run a block! My knees are so ac...


Pregnancy Workout Dvd's

J.E. asks from Boston

Does anyone have any suggestions on good workout DVD's for pregnancy? We are hoping to start expanding our family this month (keep your fingers crossed for us) :) an...


Exercise and Pregnancy

J.V. asks from Chicago

I won't know for sure till I wake tomorrow, but I think I am pregnant (I had a terrible back ache last Sunday, with cramps on Monday but I never got my period. I had ...