Staying Motivated

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Motivation to Exercise

Hi. I know that I need to be exercising for my health and well-being... as well as setting a great example for my child. I need motivation to get going and keep it going on a regular basis!!! Does anyone have any motivational ideas, tips, comments, suggestions???? Thanks!!! I am in desperate need b/c I am very out of shape and I hate it!


Give Me Motivation!

I can't seem to motivate myself to exercise. I see good results from just a...


I Need Motivation

I wonder if anyone has been stuck in a "rut" after having a baby. How do...

Personal Trainers

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If You Could Ask a Personal Trainer Anything, What Would It Be?

I have a friend who is an amazing personal trainer. She wanted to try her hand writing a blog, but was kind of clueless where to start. So I said I would ask all of you what you would want to read about from a personal trainer. She is a mom, probably in her late 30s/early 40s, very sincere in her desire to help. Anything you would want to ask her?

Workout Buddy

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Seeking Walking Buddy in the Mansfield Area

I am trying to lose weight so bad after just having a baby and really need to start exercising. I just moved here and I really don't know anyone but would love to have someone to walk with or exercise with. I am a stay at home mom and also a member of curves in mansfield.


Work Out Buddy

Hey, i'm a new single parent. I've spent the last few years at home and...