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I'm a Huge Fashion NO NO! Need Help Please!

Now that I have you attention. I am a huge fashion no no. Are there any websites that you can recommend where I can go buy entire outfits? I have my plaid shirts and skinny jeans from last season, but are these still going to be in style? Ahhh how do I become more fashion savy?

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Women & Jealousy

I'm curious what others all strife between women rooted in jealousy? I know, it's a very open-ended question... Edit: These are some great responses so far, keep them coming! I think a woman's insecurity manifests as jealousy. I wonder if women do not like to be friends with women who unintentionally cause them to feel insecure...or more insecure...either based on appearance, wealth, success, etc. Maybe the real question is how many women have insecurities & do they subconsciously determine with whom they will be friends.

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How Much Do You Spend on Kids Clothing??

My hub is doing a detailed budget .. so we are looking at all of our spending for all areas. I got a year end credit card statement.. and it looks like I spend about $600 on clothing for 2 kids per year. Not sure if that is a lot or a little. I do buy a lot of kids clothing at kid resale stores... some on ebay.. and some on super clearance at the end of the season..

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Pregnancy After 35?

Hello, I'm just curious about pregnancy after 35....I'll be 35 this year and we are considering expanding our family. I had a rough 1st pregnancy with multiple bouts of bedrest....subchoronic hematoma in the beginning....preclampsia in the 3rd trimester. My doctor keeps telling me my clock is ticking but that making me feel rushed to make a quick decision, and that is stressful. I am so nervous about being on bedrest with a 2 year old but praying that won't happen again. I keep hearing alot of Mom's say their 1st pregnancy was rougher than...