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Do I Need a RX for Ringworm?

K.R. asks from Sherman

i first thought it was just dry skin, but everyone who sees it thinks its ring worm. I would love to avoid a dr visit because she is just terrified of him, but i will...


Non Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

M.P. asks from New York

My doctor says it is safer to take prescription prenatal vitamins. I think the vitamins that she prescribe to me is not enough and want to take another kind with more...


Cost of Prescription Retinol?

N.R. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies - I am coming up on the big 5-0 and finally decided to see a dermatologist about retinol cream. She gave me an over the counter formula first to get my skin...


Old Prescription Bottles - What Do You Do with Them?

L.N. asks from Iowa City

Just curious - my daughter and I both have prescriptions we take every month. The bottles have our names, address, the name of the medication, the prescription number...


Scat Experts - Prescription C/d

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Moms, My 17lb cat has to be on Prescription c/d wet food. He's had a few accidents over the past couple years and the vet said his urinary track gets inflamed (...


Prescription Vs. over the Counter Prenatal Vitamins

L.K. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have an opinion on whether prescription prenatal vitamins are better than over the counter??


Health Insurance with Prescription Benefits for the Self Employed

R.S. asks from Dallas

I am looking for medical insurance plans with prescription coverage for the self employed. Does any one have any information or suggestions?


Prescription Anti-aging Creams Worth The $$?

N.R. asks from Chicago

Hello moms - a lot of women I know swear by Retin A (or it's generic form for less $). I would love to minimize the aging process in this not too invasive way. I aske...


Prescription Prenatal vs over the counter...are They Really That Different?

S.L. asks from Brownsville

Hi moms! I went to SAMS yesterday to fill my prenatal and iron prescriptions and was floored when I had to pay $100 for the two pills. I couldn't believe it when th...


Seeking Alternative to Prescription Anti-Depressants

M.S. asks from Dallas

I am not new to the world of depression. I've fallen in and climbed out before. I know what to do to make myself feel better, but I am really lacking the energy to ...