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Is It the Flu

L.P. asks from Boston

Does anyone know how to tell the diferance between a bad cold and the flu?



C.H. asks from Yakima

I have the flu, how can i prevent my 21 month from getting it too?


Flu or Not?

S.H. asks from Honolulu

Just wanted to pass this along. All week this week my son has been sick, with Flu like symptoms. ie: Headache, runny nose, sore throat, stomach ache, fever, coughing...


The Flu Is Here

B.B. asks from New York

Hi Ladies, My son was diagnosed with the flu yesterday and already today I am hearing about 2 more kids I know coming down with the flu. Is it in your comm...



S.Y. asks from Chicago

My son has had the flu now going on a week. Should I take him to the doctor...is there anything that they could even do for him...or do I just have to let it run its...


Could It Be the Flu

K.S. asks from College Station

Okay I know this is going to sound really crazy but I have onyl had the flu once in my life and was so little the only thing I remember about it was my GRandma trying...


The Flu

R.C. asks from Houston

I have a 7 month old who is just starting to crawl and I woke up with the flu.. and i was wondering what the best meds are that WILL NOT put me to sleep .. normally i...



R.M. asks from Los Angeles

I have never had a fever in my adult life or the flu. My 2 kids have been sick with 102-104 fever, sore throat, headache, little cough for the last 2 days. I just t...



J.N. asks from Joplin

If you had a sitter who babysits in her home call you to let you know that their child was home sick with the flu and was highly contagious, would you still take them...



T.T. asks from Dallas

One of my 4-year-old twins was diagnosed with the flu on Tuesday. We didn't make it to the pediatrician's office in time for him to be diagnosed and prescribed Tamif...