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Skin Care Problems for Mom

Before I had my daughter I had great skin that needed very little work done to it. Now that I've had her I swear the total chemistry of my skin has changed! I'm having oily & dryness along with random breakouts. I don't know much about skin care due to being so lucky early on in life. I've already wasted close to $100 trying different products. I've tried Biore, Mary Kay, Noxema & Proactive. I have really sensitive skin so the Proactive & Noxzema turned me bright red and made my skin super sensitive. The Biore just made me break...

Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal?

Has anyone tried laser hair removal? Does it work? I know it's expensive, but I'm thinking about having it done someday. I have an ingrown hair problem when I wax my legs and when the hair grows back (whether I shave or wax) it itches like crazy!!


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Skin Problems

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Sick of My Skin!

Anyone has any ideas or products that work well for acne? I had a lot of skin trouble after my first child and ended up having to spend a fortune to see a dermatologist. Now that the 2nd has come along so has my acne. I am planning on breastfeeding for as long as I can and the products the dermatologist had me on I can not use. I would like to find a product that works and is not too harsh on the skin as the prescription products. Any ideas?


Lighten My Skin

Ok I have tried ALOT of stuff and my husband has been very pateint but this...


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Face Cream and Face Sun Screen

With the summer sun coming, I'm thinking of changing face creams. I currently use Clinique, some H2O on my eyes, and then Olay night cream. A friend just recommended BOOM to me, and then Cetaphil SPF15. I definitely want something with an SFP15 in it, and then something to use at night. I really like the H20 eye cream, and I'm thinking about buying more of their products, but I'm tempted by my friend's suggestion that I buy CHEAP Cetaphil and then use something else on top of it, and at night. What is your favorite face cream(s)? how...