Pain in Foot After Fall

Updated on September 09, 2013
C.G. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I've had pain on my right foot since I fell on the laundry room floor about 3 months ago, finally I went to have some x-rays done and the results are completely normal, how could this be? my right foot hurts a lot and I can only put weight on it if I walk in a certain way not putting all the weight on the sole but rather to the side of the foot.

Have you ever had something similar happen? I was sooo looking forward to getting a diagnosis and have a boot/cast put on. If an x-ray doesn't find a problem does it mean I don't have a problem or would you go to a sports medicine doctor?

I hope someone out there has had a similar experience and found help, I want to go back to the gym and I can't put my shoes on I've been using flip flops all winter...

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone who responded! I read each and everyone of your responses and I feel I should definitively pursue a second opinion. It's been three months and its not healing on its own and I don't want to put up with it anymore.
Yes I went to my general practitioner and she referred me for an x-ray I got the results late Friday and they close on the weekends so I will make another appointment on Monday so she can refer me to a podiatrist or chiropractor.
I had no idea flips flops were bad for your feet, maybe I made things worse by wearing them all this time; I'm trying to stay off my feet as much as I can whenever the baby naps, I notice an improvement after a good night sleep and it swells again during the day after all the household activities (cleaning etc) so I'm trying to rest more.
Thanks for the DR. referral we are not close to Forth Worth yet but we will be moving there this coming July, so this is helpful to know just in case since I know nothing about the area.
I'm glad that someone else went through something similar and got relief, that gives me hope I will be back to my normal life soon, I never thought about how disabling it is to have a foot injury just simple things turn into hassles.
Thanks everyone!

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answers from Dallas on

Xrays don't always show ligament damage or cartilage damage. I would go to a specialist and also to a chiropractor. If you are having pain, don't let a bone xray tell you to just live with it!


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I have two possible solutions. First of all, a friend was going to a dr over pain in his foot. She told him a hairline fracture would be very difficult to see on x-ray and that it was possible that was the cause of his pain.
Next, my husband hurt his foot once and it never got better. he kept going to dr. Sometimes it was so bad he would just crawl around the house. This went on for YEARS. Finally during a lab, they noticed his uric acid was high and put him on gout medicine. He has been doing fine ever since as long as he takes his pill every day. They said it's possible the fall just happened to occur around the time he developed gout. I would definitely further investigate. It could be something else too.

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Go to a chiropractor. I had a similar thing happen when I tripped on a child's sandal and pulled back one of my toes. It hurt for weeks and there was no break according to xrays, and everything looked normal. I put up with it hurting for years and I went to the chiropractor and mentioned it in passing and he gave it a little pull and twist and it was immediately fixed. The bones were out of alignment and caused pain and once he fixed it, I have had no problems since.

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answers from Norfolk on

It could be a lot of things. If you ripped a tendon or ligament or other soft tissue damage, it could take awhile to heal up. Does it hurt worse when you put weight on it first thing in the morning? Plantar fasciitis can flare up when the plantar fascia ligament that stretches from the heel to the ball of the foot becomes inflamed. When I had it if I wore flip flops or went bare foot, my foot felt like I was walking on knives. It cleared up permanently when I began wearing Birkenstocks all the time. A podiatrist (foot doctor) should be able to help you figure out what is going on.

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answers from Dallas on

I would go to a podiatrist.
your probably have a soft tissue injury like a sprain or a ligament tear.
if it still hurts after 3 mos, then something is wrong. you need to find an answer. good luck

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answers from Dallas on

Last year, I thought I had broken or cracked a bone, but I actually had a microscopic tendon tear. My GP referred me to an Orthopedic specialist, and he was able to detect it with an MRI. After some months in a boot, I was healed--without surgery! Then, I was prescribed orthotics, which help a lot. My GP was unable to do any of this. Try to see a specialist, and good luck! I hope you are out of pain soon!

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answers from Dallas on

I would ask to see an orthopedic specialist. If it's a tear in a tendon or ligament or something similar to that, they won't see it on an X-ray. All they see on those are true breaks or severe fractures. Three months is a long time to hurt and you should be better if it was just a sprain. You probably need an MRI. Get it checked sooner than later. The longer you wait the chances of it healing correctly decrease. Go with your instinct and get it checked! Better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!

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Was the X-Ray thru your General Physician? Have you seen a podiatrist? I've had a bunion and had surgery on that. I would suggest going to see a specialist called a Podiatrist, who only deals with feet. Have you tried elevating it, putting ice or heat on it? Yes, I've hurt my foot like that and had to walk on the side of my foot. It got better within a few weeks. You may have a hairline type fracture that is hard to see on the X-Ray. You may have sprained it, however that is a long time for a sprain.

I would recommend Dr. William Boyd in Fort Worth off Hulen, if you are in the Fort Worth or Arlington area. He's great and very good at what he does. He was recommended to me by a friend. Flip Flops are not good for your feet, they don't provide any support. I was told not to wear them. I would get some Crocs or some other type of slip on type shoe that has some kind of support.

Have you tried soaking your foot or massaging it? Have you been using any type of anti-inflammatory? Is it swollen? I would try and stay off of it as much as possible. I know that is hard with kids and family. When your husband or family are around, take a break and let them do some things and you rest your foot.

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answers from Tyler on

Go to a good chiropractor!!! Likely in your fall you caused something to shift in your spine. You may now have a pinched nerve---easily corrected w/o meds by a chiropractor. I've had this same thing happen, and yes, the pain can still be in the foot, but the problem come from your back. I stepped in a hole in our yard and did the same thing!
There's not space enough in this site to tell you how many times I've been saved by chiropractic!

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answers from Seattle on

Thanks from me too. I fell a week ago when my foot fell through a rotted board on my deck and with my foot stuck I fell over sideways. Luckily, some planters fell with me so my fall was slowed down a tad. Result was a black and blue ring just above my ankle and now a week later bruising along my inner foot and ankle. I got an xray at my GP's because I suspected a hairline fracture ( I've cracked my foot bone before - some things similar) and was told no break and to just tough out the pain and to keep walking on it. Now a week later new bruising showing up? . I'll go get it re-checked by my Chiropractor. ( My whole side was bruised too.) Just have to wait for $ .



answers from Dallas on

Find some orthepedic shoes that have arch supports and wear them. Try not to go around barefoot. Find a dr that will do an MRI because you might have damaged a ligament or tendon.

Ice it down when it swells and take any anti inflamitories that you can(ibueprofen, aleeve...)

Hope all gets better quick

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