Diabetes & Feet

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Anyone Have Neuropathy?

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Moms, If you look at my past history of questions you will see that I've been a medical mystery, lol..... Long story short after seeing a bunch of different doc...


Diabetic Husband

K.K. asks from Denver

Hi Moms, Can you hear me screaming? I feel that I should put this under the chidcare category! I am upset but, not saying anything till I hear back from you. My h...


Pain and Numbness in Feet

S.G. asks from Des Moines

Hi everyone, I have been having sharp pain in my left foot just in my outer toes...I also can not walk sometimes it hurts so bad. I know high heels make it worse....


Diabetic Cook Book

S.D. asks from Honolulu

Hi Ladies. I was wondering if any of you know of a good diabetic cook book. My father has been on pills for his diabetes for years, but now it sounds like he's going...


Seeking Help with Diabetic Child

M.P. asks from San Francisco

I have a 9 year old diabetic (type 1) autistic child who gets into cubards and refridgerater late at night between 3-5 am when she sees her blood sugar is low 80-90's...


Peeling Feet?

M.B. asks from Dallas

Anyone ever have their childs skin on their feet peel like its blistered? Our daughters feet peel and then in the summer moonths crack? We have been to the doctor t...


Diabetic and Trying to Get Pregnant

A.V. asks from St. Louis

I have diabetes type 2 and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). In order to get pregnant my obgyn is putting me on Clomid to help the eggs develop because of the PCOS...


Dry Feet

G.M. asks from New York

I was wondering does anyone have extremely dry feet? Its very annoying to me. I've tried so many different things. If you had or have this same experience I would lik...


Just Diagnosed as Being Borderline Diabetic What Do I Do Now?

K.B. asks from Detroit

I was just told I am borderline diabetic. I am overweight and I know the first thing is to exercise and loose weight. I am at a loss as to how many calories and how...


Does Yor Feet Hurt?

S.D. asks from San Francisco

I mean really hurt, for 12 months now there has been numbness on the tops of my feet and the tip of my big toe. My baby girl is 9 months, I am 40 years old and in ex...