Complicating Factors

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Potty Training Problems

I am having major problems potty training my son, he is 3 (4 in March). I have tried everything I know how to; he has a big brother and I thought maybe if he saw him doing it he would be more interested. He wears big boy underwear sometimes and he just pees or poops in them and doesn't mind the wet, gross feeling. I have tried rewarding him, putting the potty chair in the living room, the potty chair even plays music...nothing is working. Please help!!!!

At Night

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Accidents at Night

My three-yr-old is fully potty trained; however, she still has accidents at night. We've tried just letting her wet the bed thinking that the discomfort would wake her up. Nothing doing--she sleeps right through it. We've also tried waking her up at midnight or so to go potty. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. We limit her intake of liquids before bedtime, but sometimes even that's not enough. Any suggestions? I'm afraid that if we continue with pull-ups at night, we'll be furthering a bedwetting habit that will last a...

Child Removing Diaper

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Keeping a Diaper On

Anybody have any ideas as to how I can get my 16 month old to keep his diaper on? The past couple of days he's been taking his diaper off and walking around bottomless. Tonight he actually peed on the floor. I know he is much too young to begin potty training and just likes to play with the velcro stuff but I have no idea how to get him to keep his diaper

Family Stress

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Night Potty Training

my daughter has been doing well going potty at home, do you think it is time...

Medical Conditions

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My Nephew Has a Medical Condition, My Sister Needs Help

hi all, i have a question, my sister has a little boy (age 4) who just found out that he has a medical condition that makes him poop his pants. i know weird, right? this happens when he is full and cant feel that he has to go to the bathroom. she has been throwing his underwear away every time he poops his pants bc she doesnt feel like cleaning them out. she is pregnant with her 5th child(8th pregnancy) and is almost 10 wks along. is there anything that she can do to help fix this problem with him? or is it something that she will just have...


Potty Training Blues

I'm getting really discouraged and I'm trying not to show it in front of my...

Preschool or Day Care

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Potty Training at Daycare

I do daycare at my home, anyway one of the kids that I care for is potty trained EVERY where else but at my house. I am so frustrated!! They parents do not bring a change of clothes for him and i guess basically feel that it is my responsibility to provide something for him to wear. At first I did give him an outfit of my childs to wear, and thought that I would get it back from them. Well no such luck. they have like 5 outfits of mine and well i just can't afford to buy their kid clothes as well as mine, so that soon stopped. I can't just...

Twins or Triplets

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Potty Training Twins

My boy/girl twins are 21/2, and I have been unsucessful thus far. I was wondering, what is the best approach to potty train twins. Should I do both of them at the same time? Should I try to potty train my daughter first? I really need to have them somewhat potty trained by the end of August. I will be in nursing school full-time, and the preschools in my area require kids to be potty trained. Thanks for any help!