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Pulled Muscle

K.B. asks from Washington DC

Hi, I was bending forward Monday night putting my daughter on here swing outside when she let go and all her weight pulled down on my arms and went straight to a m...


Extreme Back Pain-pulled Muscle?

J.K. asks from Cleveland

Hello ladies! Early this morning, I was picking up my 29 pound toddler and must have pulled a muscle in my middle back. It literally felt like I "snapped" my back ...


Does This Sound like a Pulled Muscle??

A.A. asks from Nashville

Might be a little to much info. Tomorrow i will be 4 months pregnant and over the weekend i was helping my grandparents move in there house and only lifting 10lb boxe...


Muscle Injury

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

I know this is a very broad question with very little detail, long do you think it should take a muscle sprain to heal? My 10 yo daughter is ending wee...


Stiffness After Exercise

M.K. asks from Houston

hi everyone I am 35 about 50 lbs overweight and have started the couch to 5k plan, in conjunction with atkins. I have been doing the running bit for about 2 weeks...


How Do You Fit Exercise In?

K.G. asks from San Francisco

I am desperatly trying to get rid of 30 pounds. I have lost only 5 pounds and 8 inches in the last 5 weeks. I'm getting discouraged. I have completely changed the way...


Fitness During Pregnancy

G.G. asks from Minneapolis

Is it possible to get in better shape during pregnancy? Please, do not read anything into the question....I'm NOT asking if it's ok to lose weight or diet......I jus...


Pulled Muscle in back(?)...what Worked for You?

K.M. asks from Dallas

I think I have pulled a muscle in my back...suffered with it for a week and finally made it to the doctor. Doctor seemed to agree and gave me some meds but the meds ...


My Sports Bra Is Killing Me . . .

P.1. asks from San Francisco

I am a little larger on top at a 32/34 D/DD (depending on the brand) so wearing a sports bra when I run or exercise is a must. The problem is that in order to get an...


Did You Exercise While Pregnant?

M.R. asks from Chicago

I've been on a great exercise program for about a year now that includes cardio and strength training 5 times a week. The cardio is usually a 3-5 mile jog or 30-60 m...