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Alzheimer Question

R.P. asks from Sacramento

This is my frst post although I read everyone else's everyday almost. My mother lives with me and my husband (he is a saint) and has for the last 3-1/2 years. She ...


Children's Alzheimer's

K.B. asks from San Diego

How many of you have heard of it? It is a very rare genetic condition called Niemann-Pick C (NPC) - a form of dementia known as children's Alzheimer's. There ...


Qustions About Alzheimers

D.M. asks from Kansas City

Our family is going through a crisis. We have learned that my mother-in-law has alzheimers, we have suspected over the past several months. But recently she has had...


FIL Has Alzheimer's

G.♣. asks from Springfield

My FIL has Alzheimer's. We've known this for years, but my MIL is still very much in denial. She complains about things that he does (eating all the bananas, making...


Could This Be Alzheimers?

J.C. asks from Lynchburg

I love my MIL very dearly, but I'm concerned about her. We recently spent a 10 day vacation with them, and there were a lot of things she forgot, I guess. She'd often...


Alzheimer's Disease on Line Support

L.B. asks from New York

Hello, My sister and I are thinkinking of starting an online support group for people touched by alzheimer's disease. I am a nurse and my sister has worked in mental...


Anyone with a Parent Who Has Alzheimer's

C.S. asks from Milwaukee

Hi Moms- My father has Alzheimers-diagnosed in 2005. Until very recently things have been 'fine-as in as fine as things can be with a Alz parent. He still lives ...


Need a Book on Alzheimer's for My Kids.

G.B. asks from Kansas City

My mom has Alzheimer's. My kids are 5,3 and 4 months, so it's very sad. I've been trying to explain things to my oldest in simple terms. My mom has times where she...


Alzheimers "Good Morning Book"

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

My Grandfather was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dymansia about a year ago and is starting to slowly lose reality. I’m in the process of making him a “Goo...


Could This Be a Sign of Alzheimers or Something Else ???

J.D. asks from Dallas

Very odd situation happened yesterday and not sure what to think. My aunt is pushing 80. She is my Father's sister. Yesterday she came to my Mom and Dad's house to...