Ear Ache

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Ear Ache

what causes them and what are some home remedies for it?...


Ear Ache

My family is just getting over being very sick for the past week. Now my 6 year ...


Ear Infection?

My daughter keeps shrugging her shoulder toward her ear. Could this be a sign o...

Ear Drops & Bulbs

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Ear Drops

My 5 year old has ear tubes. We are now on the second round of ear drops for a lingering infection. The poor kid hates the drops and it's a battle ea...


Ear Drops Burning.

My son is 6 years old. Has had 2 sets of tubes. Just a few months ago they fell ...


Drops for Ears

Does anyone use any drops for their child's ears,to prevent swimmers ear???...


Antibiotic Drops

Hi ladies, My son's pediatrician has prescribed Ciprodex for an ear infectio...