Ear Ache

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Ear Infection or Toothache?

I confused, can I being having a ear infection and its making my lower left teeth hurt OR am I having a toothache and it causing my left ear to hurt? Its been hard to sleep on left side because of the pain in my left ear and left side of face, chewing on left side also is hurting, Can this also cause neck pain? Am 9 wks and unsure what to take Tylenol or can i take Ibuprofen? any advice would be great. thanks S.

Ear Drops & Bulbs

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Ear Drops Burning.

My son is 6 years old. Has had 2 sets of tubes. Just a few months ago they fell out. I am not sure if they both did, I know one did. Anyways, since it has fallen out he has had several ear infections. I asked my child's doctor to refer him to an ear nose and throat doctor... Well he said I can't do that right now b/c he hasn't had that many ear infections... My child complains that he can't hear as well in one ear as he does the other. I told the doctor that and he really didn't say anything.. So one day I took him in to see the doctor and...


Drops for Ears

Does anyone use any drops for their child's ears,to prevent swimmers ear???