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Updated on February 14, 2011
M.L. asks from Ardmore, PA
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I am putting together a basket for my sister in law who is having her second (after a 6 year gap) (due in July) of "my favorite things" after having my 8 month old. Any suggestions would be appreciated, So far, I have a set of books by Helen Oxenburry, a container of Boogie Wipes, a floppy sun hat, a set of light weight receiving blankets (swaddle wraps) and a pinky purse. What other things to include????


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So What Happened?

Wow - thanks for all the awesome responses!!! Great ideas -- and I think I will throw in a bottle of wine :)

Oh, and I misspelled -- it should have been binky purse, not pinky purse.

Thanks to all - I now have my shopping list!

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answers from Detroit on

My cousin got me the pink "Pancake Bear" from North American Bear Company and that has been DD's "special lovey" since she was 6 months old. I also loved my Boppy pillow and the baby swing, but those probably would not fit in the basket so well.

For friends and family that have babies, I like to put together a "get the baby to sleep kit" with:

sleep sack
stuffed toy
CD of lullabies
story books and board books
lavender-scented baby wash
rubber ducky
diapers and wipes
Butt Paste

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answers from Spokane on

baby laundry detergent
wash cloths
hooded bath towels
baby wash, lotion
diaper cream
baby nail clippers, nail file
travel wipes container
hand sanitizer
gripe water
infant tylenol
gas drops
feeding spoons
receiving blankets
size 1 diapers

I've done this for friends too and they loved it :o)

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answers from Dallas on

Klennex. I never bought a box of kleenex until I had a baby. Now I have a box in every singe room! They are great for spit ups, snotty noses, slobber, removing eye gook and anything else you can think of...

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answers from Lynchburg on

MY BREASTS were the single most used items...lol

Short of a wet nurse...not sure what I could have used!


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answers from San Francisco on

A boppy pillow! I seriously could be left on an island with my baby and deal if I had a boppy! Okay, I might need wipes and diapers.:)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

How about some cute little baby booties?
Is her other child a girl or a boy? I'm guessing the new baby will be a girl since you said you are including a "pinky purse"...? Maybe get a couple cute outfits.
How about a cute little "lovey" for the baby... I like the idea of a bottle of wine too!

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answers from New York on

I did this for my SIL too. I named the bag "Mommy's bag of Tricks". I put things in there that she didn't register for that I thought were super helpful. I also put a little tag on them with funny instructions. Here are some of the things I included:

Amber Teething Necklace
Mesh things that hold frozen fruit for when baby is teething (can't remember what they are called)
Hospital Bulb Syringe (those are the only ones that worked for me)
Spray and Wash
Gauze pads (she was having a boy and was circumcising)
Measuring spoons - for some reason all babies love playing with spoons
Gas drops
Infant Tylenol
Formula separator - even if you BF this is awesome for snacks
Snack trap cups - the cup with the lid where baby can put his hand through and get the snacks

There was more, but I can't remember everything. Oh, I also put in a bottle of wine for mommy

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answers from Topeka on

How about a bottle of wine?? heheheh
Seriously...the thing that my girls have really appreciated is their nursery monitor, so they can put the baby down to sleep and be in another part of the house without being worried about hearing them when they wake up.
Another thing that they really got a LOT of use out of was a Boppy...great for breast feeding Moms'....and I would assume it would be really convenient for those who are bottle feeding too. Both of those are kind of pricey items...maybe they could be the "big" item in the basket!!!

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answers from Chattanooga on

Does she have a diaper genie or anything of the sort? Refill bags for those... OR one of those dispensers that has individual baggies for diapers. The ones at wal-mart are baby-powder scented. I use them for the poopy diapers, and they really help cut back on the smell.

Gripe water is nice...OH! socks! I never thought to get socks for my DD... but my grandpa sent me some and I used them more than I thought I would! I loved the ones he sent me. He got them at Kohls. They were plain white, but had colored 'bands' on the top. They actually stayed on her feet, and the colors were easy to match to her outfits. :)

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answers from Modesto on

A light weight duster for mom that has pockets and snaps or buttons up the front.


answers from Miami on

my angelcare movement monitor....

i would not be able to sleep without it



answers from Seattle on

Most used:
- Diapers
- Paper towels (instead of wipes, to which he turned out to be allergic)
- Boppy
- Receiving blankets / burp cloths (dozens even on a daily basis)
- A good supply of new novels to read while nursing at night
- Changing Table (table, nurse, table, crib... table while changing 1/2 asleep)
- CD player/ speakers
- Extra sets of sheets / mattress protectors
- An "out the door" backpack

Most THANK GOD WE HAVE ONE of those!!!:
- Nipple sheild
- Infant Instant Read Thermometer
- Infant Tylenol
- 24/7 nurse hotline number
- Infant pseudoephedrine drops


answers from St. Louis on

One of those formula dispenser things. Unless she plans on breastfeeding for more than a year. Loved that thing! Butt Paste, Hand sanitizer, baby detergant, sleepers, onsies, snot sucker ( I forgot the real name).
One of these guys is great for organizing the diaper bag

A baby sling or wrap....

I could go on all day!



answers from New York on

Receiving Blankets! I know you said you already included some, but there were times that I went through my entire supply (23) in the four days betweet washes! I use them for everything! Mommywrappings has some really pretty ones on etsy.com!

Oh, and a nursing cover. Never go anywhere without it!

Giant Box of Huggies baby wipes from Sam's Club- you can never have too many!

That's about all I can think of... Oh! Annabel Karmel's 100 best baby purees cookbook- sooo yummy for a feeding baby!

I nearly forgot... NIPPLE SHIELD! The 'bionic nipple' is straight from heaven!



answers from Pittsburgh on

The only thing missing is if she plans to nurse - a nursing cover up. You use it more with your first when you are learning and shy...barely used it with my second! This site is always running specials - sign up and I'm sure you'll get a code for a free one, where you just pay for shipping:



answers from Bloomington on

boppy pillow
cloth diapers for burp cloths
infant Tylenol


boppy pillow
cloth diapers for burp cloths
infant Tylenol



answers from Portland on

My Beco carrier.... I used that thing constantly.

I loved Michelle/Cat's answer too. I nursed sooo much.:) But they likely won't go in a basket!

A netflix subscription might be nice, so she can hang out on the couch and nurse that baby, relaxed and with a "film festival". That made the first three months totally work for me. (dvds that is. I walked to the local video store.)

I also sewed up a bunch of diaper flannel wipers on my machine, little 2-ply rectangles, about 4"x5". Still use'm. Kiddo's nearly 4.

Beloved books: Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown and "A Tale of Tails" which is a Golden Board Book. ( I have a love for Garth Williams illustrations, harkening back to 8 years old and reading the Little House on the Prairie series.)

Oh, and good shoes for mama. I loved wearing good shoes when walking with Kiddo in the carrier. And Robeys for him. Too sweet.

happy Auntie, second time!



answers from Dallas on

Don't forget the A&D ointment (yellow tube) and Butt Paste ;-)



answers from Wichita Falls on

Our pedi gave us a "Baby Insruction Manual". 30 pages of the easiest to understand guide of what to expect, what to do (feedings, diaper rash, colic, etc.) and when to call the doctor vs not to worry. I don't know where you would find it now but that little book was referenced often in our house.


answers from Philadelphia on

As a nursing mother, I love my Boppy pillow!! It's also great for using on the couch to prop up baby while we're hanging out or cooking dinner. It's our most used item for our own baby #2 (aside from spit rags, blankets, etc.)



answers from Chicago on

A baby calendar to keep track of the milestones and everyday stuff too. If you have one handy you have a better chance of keeping up with it. It goes so fast and you don't want to miss recording something important!



answers from Philadelphia on

A Mommy hook! Those are the best! Also, I couldn't live without my pouch sling... (Hotsling)
Other ideas-
-Fisher Price soothe and glow seahorse (Cheap... usually 10 bucks)
-Homedics sound spa
-The Hungry Little Caterpillar book and rattle...



answers from Philadelphia on

I loved the container that holds about 3-4 individual servings of powdered formula. You just turn the dial to the one you want, flip open the container and pour the exact pre-measured amount into a bottle of water. I got mine at Toys R us. Also, the little strap covers that protect them in their car seats. Get an extra set to put on the carts at the store. (Nothing grosser than a baby gnawing on one of those straps that 100 others have touched.) Mylicon drops for the tummy ache. Get the clear to save the mess. Also, if she is breastfeeding, get the cream that goes on your nipples to help keep them from getting too raw. The box was purple but I can't remember the name. The lactation consultant recommended it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Aquaphor? Aveeno baby bath & lotion.

I think my humidifier and video monitor logged the most in-use hours out of anything though.


answers from Los Angeles on

Most used for me was...
Instant read thermometer
Bulb syringe (the one from the hospital)
Baby Gloves
Wipes (I had a box in every room)
Bottle Brush (if she's bottle feeding)
Tyke Light Jr (for late night changing/feedings...love thsi light).
Hand sanitizer
I didn't have a diaper genie or anything but I loved the little scented bags you can put diapers in...just tie a knot and you don't smell them!
Bigger items we used a ton were her baby sling (it was so easy to just wear her as opposed to carry the carseat), and her fisher price swing (she loved that thing)...she also loved her bouncey seat.



answers from Houston on

blankie and I have 2 so I can wash them :)


answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm probably too late, but California Baby's Diaper Area Wash is some phenomenal stuff. You spritz their dirty bum when changing a diaper and it makes the most sticky/gunked-on poop easily wash away. You can make your own wipes with it. We used it at every diaper change and my son has never had a rash. We still use it at 30mos. Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

Aden and Anais swaddling blankets



answers from Philadelphia on

I had babies that spit up constantly so I couldn't live w/ out cloth diapers which I used as burp clothes. The other thing I lived was plastic rings that linked together and would attach the toy/cup/binkie to the stroller/car seat/exersaucer. I can't remember what they were called but they have them at Target or Babies R Us.



answers from Norfolk on

Tide pens, hand sanitizers

big ticket - portable dvd player. Allowed us dinners out and long car rides

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