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Infant Carrier for Large Baby

A.R. asks from New York

My 6 1/2 month old son weighs 19lbs 7oz, and is fast outgrowing his infant car seat. My baby has an almost 3 yr old brother, and we go out a lot to playgrounds, hikin...


Infant Carriers/strollers

J.B. asks from Chicago

Hi, Im expecting twins and not sure about the whole infant carriers or strollers or strollers w/ out infant carriers attached. What should I buy? Whats the best out ...


Infant Seats/swings

K.S. asks from Houston

Hi All, I am wondering if I need an infant seat, swing, or bouncer. Which ones and which kind? Thanks!!


Infant CPR

A. asks from Dallas

I am expecting baby #2 in February and I would love to find a infant CPR class in my area. I live in Southlake.


Baby Cover for Infant Carrier?

M.W. asks from Philadelphia

I'm looking for a warm cover to fit over a infant front carrier and hopefully, the baby while in the stroller. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced one that works...


Infant Baby Car Seats.....

L.P. asks from Portland

So I am looking to buy a car seat for my baby girl who will be here soon. I can't seem to find one that is in our price range. There was one that I found at sears and...


Infant Meltdown

M.G. asks from Kansas City

is it normal for an infant to go beyond crying into a what we call a meltdown. redfaced huge tears body shaking seemingly when doesnt get her way?


Infant Massage

H.S. asks from Dallas

I was wondering of anyone knew of a place in Fort Worth that offers infant massage. My son was recently diagnosed with Torticollis. Really all that means is that the ...


Infant Acne

C.G. asks from Milwaukee

My 2 week old has developed infant acne pretty bad. I have heard mixed things about what to do. Is it best to leave it a lone completly or to wash it daily with just ...


Infant Constipation

W.L. asks from Philadelphia

It's been almost 29 years since I had an infant to take care of. My daughters one month old son seems to have consitpation. How can I help her?