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W.K. asks from Washington DC

My 10 year old has been bugging me to let her start shaving her legs. I, unfortunately, cannot remember when I started shaving my legs and I don't know if she is too ...



S. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have a good razor they suggest for shaving your bikini area? I always get red bumps and it never really looks "clean". Maybe it's just me, but there has t...



A.S. asks from Chicago

In the past my daughter has used Nair for hair removal on her lower legs and armpits. It works fine but is kinda messy and she really hates the smell. However, she ...



F.B. asks from Harrisburg

I usually use a man's electric razor to shave my legs. Occasionally, I use a woman's manual razor during my shower. I used to be able to go at least 24 hours before...


Shaving Legs

M. asks from Minneapolis

I feel so silly asking this, but I am really wondering... what is the consensus on a good age for a girl to start shaving her legs? My daugher is 8, and she's gettin...


When to Start Shaving?

T.J. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter will be 12 in October. She has blond hair on her legs and because of her tan the hair seems to really show. When should she start shaving? Does she hav...


Shaving Legs

S.H. asks from Fort Smith

What kind of razors do you suggest for shaving my legs? I can't afford to change to often so I know I use mine too long, but it seems like lately I always cut the ba...


Shaving Question

J.W. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi Mommas! I was just wondering if any of you have any tips on shaving your "bikini area". I seem to get razor burn, red bumps every time, no matter what I do... wo...


Leg Shaving

N.W. asks from Houston

My oldest daughter asked me last night when she could start shaving her legs. I asked her why. Her reply was that she was uncomfortable with them the way they are and...


Question About Shaving......

C.C. asks from Dallas

Hi mom's I have a daughter is almost 12 years old...and she is now wanting to start shaving her legs, wax her little mustache (hardly nothing there)...s...