Language Skills

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Detecting Autism

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Seeking Female Pediatrician for 12-Yr-old Autistic-Spectrum Child

Hi, there! My daughter, whom we adopted from China when she was 10 months old, has a long list of psychological challenges, but we do our best to deal with those through specialized schooling, therapists, and medication. Right now, my question is a bit different. She menstruated regularly as clockwork for about a year (started early!) and then suddenly stopped. She has been 5 months without a period. My own OB-GYN can't see her, as a minor, and suggests she see her pediatrician. Problem is, I have come to LOATHE our pediatrician, who...


Could It Be Autism?

i know a 2 year old who still does not talk, is overy irritable, clingy to...

Identifying ABC & 123

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Dvd/programs for Children

Can anyone provide suggestions on some DVDs/television programs that are more educational based? For example, learn ABC's, 123's, etc? Thx


Abc's and 123'S

i've been trying to teach my 3 almost 4 year old her ABC's and her 123's she...

Learning to Read

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Sight Words in Kindergarden

Ok.. My grandson is in kindergarden & must know 70 sight words to graduate to 1st grade. He has a list of 120 words & right now. He knows 29 words in the 3 secondons allowed. He sounds the words out, but that doesn't count. If your child is in kindergarden, how many sight words do they have to know ????


Learning Sight Words

I have the list of first grade sight words for my daughter and I want to...


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Books to Read

I love to read. I have finished the Hunger Games Trilogy in a week. I just finished all three Fifty Shades book in a week.... I have read most of Jodi Piccoult, Greg Isles, James Patterson .... Anyone have any good series or authors that they can suggest. I would realy like something that has several books to the series. Something that will keep me busy for more than a week.


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What Song Is My Pre-schooler Singing?

My son keeps singing a song he learned I think during MOPS the other day. I have noone to call in MOPS to ask what song this is. I was hoping you ladies could help me. Some of what he is singing is: "...Somebody step on me...." "....I'm a nut. (sound with tongue tock tock). I'm a nut (sound tock tock)" He keeps singing "I'm a nut! tock tock! I'm a nut! tock tock!" and it's driving me mad that I have no idea what he's singing. BTW - he doesn't say "tock" he makes a clicking noise with his tongue. Anyone know what this is?

Using Computers

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PC Or Mac???

My PC is approaching the end of its life and I am trying to figure out what my next computer will be - a PC or a Mac. To be honest I am leaning toward a Mac because I love the photo & video programs on the Mac. Plus the whole Vista thing on the PC really scares me. I know Macs cost a bit more, but what do you think, is it worth it? I use my computer for internet, email, address book, word, excel, publishing, music, photos (lots) & some video. What would you do?


Mac or PC

Do you love your computer?? I currently have a Dell laptop and its getting...


Mac VS. PC??

Hi ladies. I am looking for a new desktop and would really like to know..Mac...


Mac V. PC

So our computer crashed. We've thought about a Mac. Any pros or cons would...


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Wanting to Read and Spell

I need help on how to help my 5yr old learn to read and spell she is so into wanting to learn how to do both of these. She is not yet 5 but will be in 2 months She loves for me to read to her and she will follow me with her finger and then repeat after me. She is so smart.


Learning to Spell

Hi Mom's My son started first grade in September , he has settled very...