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Travel Beds for 2 Year Old That Still Sleeps in a Crib...

Hi Moms! My son is 28 months old and we are getting set for some hefty travel plans over Christmas. My mom's house won't be a problem as she has a regular sized crib, but my in-laws don't have anything and so we have to bring our own arrangements for my son. He has definitely outgrown his Pack'n'Play. At home, my son still happily sleeps in his crib and hasn't yet tried to climb out, so we are not any too eager to move to a toddler bed until we have to. At child care, he sleeps on a cot for naps, although never as good or as long as he...

Sleeping Habits

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Nap Time Help!

Hi. My daughter is 20 months old and nap time has always been a bit of a struggle. We co-slept for the first 6 months and she transitioned into her crib for night time really easily, but always fought sleeping there for naps. It took me a long time to get her to start napping in there when she was around 11 months, and then when she was 16 months old she once again would refuse to sleep in there in the day. I finally decided to I had to let her cry it out because she was tired and getting sick because of lack of sleep. This was a long...