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Updated on July 12, 2013
M.B. asks from Savannah, GA
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Hi ladies, just wandered if you have any personal beauty tips that you follow on a daily basis. Are you putting on make-up when you go to work, go shopping ? Regarding weight loss what helps you, what motivates you? When I come home from work the first thing i do is eating, and eating and after that i have zero enery.
I admit that I often indulge in chocolate and fast food. So, would you chare with me your beauth and weight loss tips?

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answers from Reading on

No fast food (blech!), No processed foods - those things taste great, but when you find out how they are made, it's just too gross. We eat just what nature gave us, not what corporate america gave us.

I don't wear a lot of makeup. Maybe it's good genes, maybe it's avoiding toxic chemicals on my face, but most people are surprised by my age. Coconut oil is a great, natural moisturizer and and antiseptic.

None of these changes were overnight. One little change leads to another and another. It feels a lot better than when we were weighed down by convenience foods and societal expectations.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Buy a notebook and start journaling what you're eating. Be detailed - say what, how much, when, where, what time, and how you were feeling. You'll learn a lot. The fact that you're so hungry when you get home that you eat right away, and that you have no energy after that, may be an indication that you need to change what to put in your mouth.

Try cutting down (or out) the fast food. That can help with the energy level a lot! There are "fast foods" you can prepare *quickly* at home that will be more satisfying. The more basic (non-processed) the food is, the better for you, but as a transitional step you might stop at the deli to pick up something instead of the drive-through.

I'm a chocoholic myself, but I find that, when I stay away from it for a few days, then, when I have a little chocolate, a LITTLE is satisfying - I don't need more than that to make me smile.

Makeup? Yes. I have a fast, five-minute routine and I do it every day. Without basic makeup I look dead-and-dug-up, and why should I subject even strangers to THAT? :^)

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answers from Raleigh on

I wear sunscreen every day whether I go outside for long periods or not. I like Olay Complete daily moisturizer with SPF 15. Living in the south, the sun can reek havoc, even if exposed for only minutes a day.
I only wear makeup and fix my hair if I am going to work or special occasions. My rule is that if I know someone is going to have a personal conversation with me- I wear makeup. I never, ever, ever go to bed without washing my face (Noxema). Even if I don't wear makeup that day. I make my own face scrub that I use in the shower each morning that makes my skin soft and radiant.
I walk about 2-3 miles a day and drink a lot of water. The walking is just part of my daily lifestyle as I park 1/2 mile from my building, and then walk a lot at work in general as I work in a large building with a lot of stairs.
I limit fast food to 1 time per week and I do not drink soft drinks.
I admit I LOVE chocolate and eat it every day. Not in huge quantities or anything, but I have to have it each day. Moderation is the key!


answers from Milwaukee on

I purchase my make-up so that it can go on fast. I always wear a 5 minute slap on. My eyeshadow is by MAC and it's got primer built in so I only need a quick sweep. I use a lighter color all over so I don't take time to layer areas. Quick pencil liner and mascara then my eyes are done. I use a double power instead of foundation and powder. I throw it all over my face with a brush and it gives me a smooth finish of all one color. Add some colored lipgloss and I am done. Of course if I am going out at night I spend more time and use some of my other products.

Weight loss - I am clueless lol

For the loss of energy be careful of how much sugar you eat when you get home. Then you get the sugar crash. Have a snack at work around 3 then come home and make a dinner. Eat the dinner no snacks before dinner.



answers from Portland on

I wash my face with a non-soap cleanser cleanser each day, morning and night.

I am relatively careful about what I eat. I try to avoid too much cheese or oily/greasy foods which can contribute to acne and weight gain.

Get outside- but I put sunblock on first. Drink lots of water, eat well, get good rest. Walk, smile a lot. Breathing deeply is a great stress-reducer, as is taking walks. Find something in your life you enjoy just for yourself and which makes you happy, and try to do it when you can. (I love gardening, for example.)

I rarely wear makeup, just a light, loose powder. I use a bone comb for my hair to cut down on static, and wear a straw hat in summer to protect my face, scalp and hair from sun damage.

No weight loss tips that have worked for me, other than get out there and get moving. I now have my son bike sometimes so I can pick up my own pace, but I know it can be harder with young walkers!

Hope that helps.:)


answers from Norfolk on

Cut way back on the fast food to no more than once every few weeks.
I just use a lip stain - it doesn't smudge or come off on cups when I drink or kiss my husband.
At night I use a little Albolene on my face and neck.
Ponds cold cream is ok too but the scent gets to me sometimes.
Try to work in more complex carbohydrates into your diet.
A bowl of oatmeal (steel cut - not the sugary flavored instant stuff) in the morning for breakfast will keep you from getting hungry again for a very long time.
When you come home from work, have a great big glass of ice cold water with just a little lemon juice in it (just enough so you can barely taste it).
Lime juice works well for this too.
If you do need to snack during the day, get some of the 100 calorie nut packs - it's surprising how few nuts it takes to make up 100 calories but they are a good protein source and will curb hunger for a long time.
Try not to snack before or after supper.
Have a leaf salad along with supper and use a vinaigrette dressing (or a little olive oil and lemon juice works well, too).
Try to drink a glass of water before every snack or meal - staying well hydrated really helps curb the hunger.
For weight loss - use a food diary (MyFitnessPal and SparkPeople are free) and don't go over 1200 calories per day.
You can have what ever you want just as long as you stop when you reach your calorie limit.
If you get bored with water, try herbal teas (hot or cold) unsweetened.
Cut way back on sodas and diet sodas - the artificial sweeteners really mess with your kidneys and screw your metabolism so that you don't burn off calories as well as you otherwise would.
We don't forbid soda but we try to do it only once per week.

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