Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

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What Do You Know About High Blood Pressure?

R.D. asks from Richmond

I've always had high blood pressure... well, above 'normal' (which is 120/80)... The past few time's I've been to the doctor for various reasons, I've received letter...


High Blood Pressure

D.R. asks from Minneapolis

My 6 y/o daughter was recently found to have high blood pressure both at her well-child visit and a follow-up appointment - 99th percentile for her age. She doesn't ...


Newly DX with High Blood Pressure

P.H. asks from Dallas

Hey ladies, I went to the drs on Friday just for a check up and some other meds to kick my anixety. Well my blood pressure was 160/100. He immediately told me I had ...


Newly Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

A.G. asks from Chicago

About a week and a half ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on medicine for it. As a follow up, my doctor ran some medical blood work. As a result...


27 Year Old with High Blood Pressure ????

A.I. asks from Dallas

I am 27 and this past September I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and put on b/p meds. I am not really overweight ,my cholestoral levels were fine. I did stop...


31 Years Old and High Blood Pressure-support

A.G. asks from Las Vegas

Hi I am 31 years old, and I have high blood pressure. It is controled with low dose meds. My cholesterol is normal, all labs are normal, and my Echo and EKG ar...


Blood Pressure After Delivery

A.W. asks from Huntsville

i went for my 6 weeks checkup and my blood pressure was 150/100. when i had my checkup with the home nurse at 2 weeks my blood pressure was up. my blood pressure was...


High Cholesterol

M.C. asks from Des Moines

I recently had blood work at my doctor's appointment. Later, a nurse called to tell me that the doctor wanted me to start medication for high cholesterol. I asked h...


Which Blood Pressure Monitor Is More Reliable

D.L. asks from Roanoke

Dear mums, On my recent visit to the primary care physician my diastolic blood pressure was found to be quite high. He recommended that I will purchase a blood pr...


High Blood Pressure After Delivery

J.M. asks from Lansing

Hi, I'm wondering if there is any one who has had this happen to them and how it turned out. I delivered my 4th baby in may by ceaserean. Never had a problem with m...