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Car Seat for Air Travel for 3.5 Yo

We're flying with our 1 yo old and 3.5 yo. The 1 yo will be on my lap. We will check his car seat. Question is: do I use a car seat for the 3.5 yo. He's pretty tall, about 42" and about 40 lbs. His car seat seems huge (Graco Nautilus) and I can't imagine him having any room. We will probably check his car seat anyway for driving around but I can't imagine using it on the plane. A friend said that she uses a booster for her 4 yo (who is smaller than my 3.5 yo) but I don't think that is approved by the FAA. I guess it's up to the...

Children's Hospital

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Baby Gift for Baby in Hospital?

Hi all- My sister in law/brother recently had their 5th child. He was almost 10 pounds and not breathing/pottying on his own. He is in NICU and expected to be there a couple of weeks. His prognosis is good, thank goodness. Anyways, he is the 5th child, the 4th boy. Any ideas on baby gifts? Do I wait until he goes home to send it or right away? My first thoughts are money and clothes. We are already making food and babysitting the other kids while they are in NICU with the new baby. Thanks for any ideas or thoughts for people with a similar...


Baby Gear Advice

Hi! I was wondering if you could give me advice on the newest baby gear. ...


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Reflux or Just Fussy? Try Chiropractic?

Hi there - Our 3.5 month old baby has always been a little fussier than my first was....he is an irregular eater (sometimes wants to eat every 90 min, sometimes goes 4 hours or more!), sometimes seems hungry but doesn't latch, doesn't really stay asleep much past 45 min during the day unless I'm with him (longer at night because we are co-sleeping), starting to be ok with being put down for more than 10 min at a time, but generally has really liked being close to mama, doesn't like the carseat.....oh, and has really stinky gas! (dr. said...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Best All Around Sling

I'm looking for advice on the best sling for a newborn on up. I used the standard Baby Bjorn with my daughter, which she loved. However, my back didn't love it. I thought about the new Baby Bjorn Air Carrier, however, I would also like to have something that cradles the newborn (sling) but can be converted to a sitting up carrier later. So far the one I see that offers a sling type deal (and can easily breastfeed discreetly) that converts to a carrier like the Bjorn is the Ergo Baby Carrier. Has anyone tried it? Any other recommendations? I...


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Acid Reflux or Just His Personality? How Can We Get Some Sleep?!

Hi everyone, this is my first time on mamasource! I am the proud mama of a beautiful 7 week old baby boy...with bad acid reflux. He is on baby prilosec but he is still spits up a lot. It is so bad that I can't lay him down in his crib at night. I have a infant wedge and I have raised one side of the bed off the floor but it still doesn't help. He chokes on his spit up when we lay him down. He is overall a very uncomforrable baby. Sometimes I can't do anything but hold him. He likes to be up on my shoulder. Some days he is not...

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Help with the Fussiest, Most High Maintenance Baby on the Planet!!!!

Hi all moms. I have a daughter who will be 14 mos old in a week who is so unbelievably high maintenance, hard to please, hardly ever stops fussing - and if I get 3 minutes of self play out of her a day I am lucky. I am exhausted, exasperated, frustrated, overwhelmed - I'm a mess, and my house is a mess. She just started sleeping through the night - but is a short sleeper, often takes short naps so I never get a break. She was one of those babies who woke 10-12 times a night for months! My own mother hates to babysit for her, my mother...

Potty Training

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Ready to Potty Train??

My 15 month odl daughter has started telling my husband and I when she pees, or poops in her diaper. She wants us to change her as soon as she does it. Is this a sign that she is getting ready to potty train, or is she simply telling us she doesn't like a dirty diaper??

Preventative Care

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4 Month Old with a Flat Head

I have a four month old who has a bit of a flat head in the back. Her doctor said I should take her to a specialist to see if she should be fitted for a scull cap/helmet. Has anyone else had this done to there child due to a flat head? And does it work? How long did your child have to ware it?

Sleeping Habits

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Baby Bjorn Carrier Vs. Ergo Baby Carrier

Looking to get a carrier for our new baby. I've read up on both the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo and they both seem nice. Just can't decide which one to get...Which one is more comfortable and easy to use?


My Newborn's Sleep

My baby grunts a lot and wakes herself up or just grunts a long time in her...

Stages & Milestones

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Newborn Not Gaining Weight

I'm a new mom to a beautiful 4wk old BB. He was 6lbs 6oz at birth, and by 1wk, he was down to 5lbs 7oz. Now, 3wks later, he's only 5lbs 11oz. We are BF and he's getting enought milk, eating for an hour every 1-3 hours. He produces 6-8 wet diapers and 4-6 poopy diapers a day. He has met and surpassed his milestones, and he's getting taller. I gained 25lbs during the pregnancy, and by 3wks PP, I have lost almost 20lbs. I eat about 2500-3500 calories a day. I have two older children (9 & 8) who were also BF and small, but not this small. ...