OMG: I Can't Find a Diaper That Doesn't Leak....

Updated on December 06, 2009
A.J. asks from Redlands, CA
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Ok Mom's I need some advice..I can't seem to find a diaper that doesn't leak for my 9 week 12ish lb little boy. I never had this problem with my first son. We used Pamper Swaddlers until he was almost 3-4mths old & I absolutely LOVED them!!

I've tried using swaddlers this time around and for some reason he's having blow outs out the back? I went up a size, I tried diapering looser, tighter, still leaked out the back. Okay I gave up & went with Huggies...Both the snug N dry & lil' snugglers and they LEAK out the legs. Am I diapering wrong or something..I can't seem to catch a break??

Has anyone used Luv's @ this age, I just worry about rashes my 1st was really sensitive and could't do Luvs or the Walmart brand..So I haven't tried with this one..Any suggestions, or anyone know where to get those plastic cloth covers at? I've done enough running around these days and just want something that works and doesn't equate to over 3 outfits a day... (BTW I have him in size 2 huggies snug n dry right now and they seem to fit fine except for the leaking, but whats weird...TMI I that it seems his stools only dirty around the leg area where its leaking...there's barely anything in the middle? I'm at a lost? I put him in his brothers size 3 huggies lil' movers, and they fit okay but just seemed huge on him. We didn't have a BM so i don't know if it'd hold or do the same thing, but he did leak w/ wetness I'm assuming just cuz' they were too big??

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So What Happened?

thanks until I've used all the diapers I currently have...It appears I have created a modified fix to both brands.....With the swaddlers I've just folded down the back to make a pocket to hopefully catch any substantial leaks...So far it appears to work...Don't know how comfy it is for the lil' guy but he doesn't appear to be bothered too much. For the huggies it was a little bit different, but I noticed, at least w/ my little guy the inside leg pockets aren't as wide as the Swaddlers...So I have made it a point to make sure I pull them way out, and that the ruffles are pulled way out. Doesn't appear to stop the leaking, but at least gives me a little more time to get him changed b4 it hits the onesie :) I am lookin' forward to try all the other diaper suggestions and hope my fixes last until then!! Thnks again!!

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answers from Sacramento on

Each child's needs is different, but in my years in childcare, the diaper I have found most often seems to work best is the Kirkland store brand one you can get at Costco. They seemed to fit better, didn't cause diaper rash, and I believe are less expensive than most other brands.

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answers from Sacramento on has the vinyal diaper covers. They are pretty awesome compared to paper diapers.

You could also try cloth diapering, they sell all-in-ones and you can double fold the pre-folds (can come in unbleached cotton for sensitive hineys.) Some kids are just more poopy I guess!!

We liked the 7th Generation disposables, they have unbleached paper, are very absorbent, very good for sensitive skin.

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answers from Salinas on

I use pampers swaddlers as well. They are the best. Huggies leaked. I have had a couple leaks with pampers as well but still like them better than huggies. I heard from a really good friend that she used walmarts brand of diapers and she like them better than all the name brand diapers and she didn't have any leakage problems. I haven't tried them myself but they are cheaper and maybe worth a try. Good luck.



answers from Reno on

Ok I am having a similar problem with the Huggies. My little guy( 4 weeks and 9 pounds) can manage to pee and it ends up going over the diaper and getting on him.



answers from San Francisco on

Seventh Generation is the best for my babies. They do have the occational blow up the back but that is due more to the intensity of the push! :)



answers from Sacramento on

I've used both pampers swaddlers and Luvs. One child blew out the back all the time, the other one never did. I think perhaps it might just be your child and the nature of his BM's. I know it's a pain to have to change their clothes all the time, but if it's leaking out the leg it's too big of a diaper. If he's blowing out the back, it's probably just him and he will soon grow out of that stage. One thing to try (that I tried and usually worked) is to change him as often as possible when he is wet. That way when he does have a BM the diaper isn't full of pee already. This should pass very soon though.



answers from Yuba City on

My third child was the worst. Seemed to get poop everywhere but the diaper. I have no advice, just want you to know it happens to us all. With my first 2 and with my last two (twins) it didn't seem as explosive and widespread, same diapers (Huggies). But the third one was the toxic pooper. It is the only time she shared in her life. :O) Good luck to you! It will pass! (no pun intended)



answers from San Francisco on

Several years ago when I was in diaper mode, Luvs were made by Pampers. Just like Old Navy is the same parent company as Gap.

I found that it all depended on the shape of the kid's butt. My son fit better into Huggies, my daughter into Luv's (or Pampers). I also used diaper doublers. They looked like sanitary napkins that you'd put inside to give extra absorption. I used them mostly at night, but also when we might not have as easy a time of changing. They're disposable as well.



answers from San Francisco on

7th generation. They are chlorine free & 'green'. I have 1 daughter-not sure if the sex matters w. diapers since you have boys. But she has never had diaper rash. Good luck



answers from Fresno on

Hi Amy,

I used the Swaddlers from Pampers when my boys were born, but since they were so big, they only fit for a couple of months before they started leaking. I then switched to Huggies, which I purchased from Costco since it was cheaper then other stores. I had some 'blow-outs' occasionally, but not as often. Then when my husband and I decided to cut back on our expenses, we decided to try the Kirkland brand diapers (again from Costco) which work great! They are less expensive too. Every once in a while, we have a 'blow-out' but they are rare and only when it's a large BM. The Kirkland diapers have worked great for us.

Hope this helps some. God bless!




answers from San Francisco on

I dont know if they are any better but I LOVE the Kirkland brand from Costco. Good luck!



answers from Redding on daughter did the same thing : - ) But I learned to just laugh and enjoy it...this stage passed all too quick and honestly I think I miss the "Oh my Heck! Its up her back and in her hair...look hunny look!!" Then running to the changer/bathroom with a nakey baby. They don't care...they are relieved and feel all better...and usually just laugh or smile about when they see you laughing.

So my suggestion is ENJOY them! They won't last long : - )



answers from Modesto on

I learned that as long as the ruffle were "out" then it took care of the problem. Then my only "leak" problem was during the night at the top of the diaper :O)

Just make sure all of the ruffles are out around the leg, and not tucked inward and they really should be fine.... I hope :O)

~N. :o)



answers from San Francisco on

wow, i don't know how you ladies get your babies to fit in such small diapers. my little lady was out of 2s weeks ago and she just turned 4 months. and i'm 5'2" and my husband is 5'8". i guess she's just chubby. :-)

that being said, i found that natural babycare is a really good diaper and "eco friendly" to boot. i just got back from my parents' place and they got us pampers and i dunno...i just felt the natural babycare dipes seemed more leakproof. my daughter doesn't leak too often, but just feeling the outside of the diaper, the pampers felt really flimsy. target now carries them.

it almost sounds like the diaper is not absorbing the BM fast enough, it kind of dribbles around, he moves, and then he leaks.

anyway, if you decide to give them a whirl, they feel really stiff when you take it out. just open the diaper and soften it up a tad by scrunching (?) the crotch area a tad.

also, plastic covers for someone that small, you need to order online from a cloth diaper place or try out tiny tots in campbell. i don't know if there are other cloth diaper boutiques in other parts of the bay. sometimes target or BRU has them, but usually only in larger sizes for potty training. at 9 weeks, you need something really small.



answers from San Francisco on

Pampers Baby Dry are our favorites. Once in a while, I'll try another kind but they all fall short. Even Pampers Cruisers can't compare.
For night, the absolute best diaper is Huggies Overnights.
Also, make sure you have the optimal size. In the Huggies, we find that using them one size UP from his day diaper works better.
Hope this helps.



answers from Stockton on

Hee, hee! Sounds just like my daughter! I loved Pampers Swaddlers, but she grew out of them. Huggies were OK, but there were blowouts now and again. I hated Luvs. She had leaks constantly even if she only peed. She's 9 months now and the generic Target brand works well (but I haven't tried them at such a young age).

The only foolproof diaper I've found is g diaper. All diaper explosions were contained by gdiapers. It's a big absorbent pad held in a plastic liner and covered by a cute cloth "diaper." She didn't have any problem with diaper rashes. However, if you do use gdiapers, I'd check the baby every so often. They are absorbent and don't leak, but I'd find that she was damp and I didn't even know it. Also, if the baby poops, you'll have to rinse out the plastic liner. You can flush, compost, or throw out the absorbent pad. They are at Babies R Us or go to

Like someone else said, I also found it helpful to be sure the ruffles at the legs are out and not folded inside.

Good luck and enjoy this stage while it lasts ;-)



answers from Sacramento on

Kirkland brand from Costco worked great for me. both of my little girls would have huge blow out/leaks up the back and both were a bit on the "skinny" side for babies. the Smiles brand that i was able to get at Sam's Club also worked very well.



answers from Sacramento on

We always had leaks with Huggies but did well with the Pampers Swaddlers/Cruisers. You may try the Kirkland Brand (Costco). They are similar to the Pampers and you may have better luck.



answers from San Francisco on

I also had that problem and I too switched to the "Costco" brand and they were great! Good Luck :)



answers from Chicago on

Everything leaked when my baby was a newborn. EVERYTHING. Now he's 4 months and we've been good so far for quite some time. There are still some blow outs around the legs now and then.

Pampers work for us. He is is the Swaddlers Sensitive size 2. Huggies do leak more for us.

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