Changing Tables & Changing Pads

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Changing Table

A.F. asks from New York

Does anyone have advice on what to do to distract a one year old when changing a diaper or dressing her on a changing table? It has become quite frustrating even chan...


Changing Table

M.D. asks from Chicago

I am due to give birth to our second child in February. Our first is going to be 2 1/2 and is still in diapers. I'm hoping to potty train soon but in the meantime I...


When Did You Get Rid of the Changing Table?

E.G. asks from Jackson

My daughter took a leap off the changing table last night. I was going to get rid of it. Just wondering when you all got rid of the changing table. When your baby sta...


Changing Table - Alternatives?

P.H. asks from Denver

I am expecting baby number two in March - YAY! I have all the gear, etc. from the first baby - but I am lacking a changing table for the first floor of our home (we l...


Items for Changing Table

B.R. asks from Dallas

We are expecting our first child in a few weeks and I'm trying to get all the last minute items together. What items do you usually have in your changing table? I a...


Is a Changing Table Necessary???

H.C. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi there ladies i have a bit of an "issue" i guess you can say with my DH. We've been debating over whether to get a changing table for our 1st baby's room. He states...


Need Changing Table Advice

K.F. asks from Portland

Hello, I am the mother of a 3 month old baby who has really start to get active! We have a high changing table that we use in our bathroom and concrete floors. Does...


Diaper Changes ONLY on His Changing Table!

E.D. asks from New York

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a similar experience: I have a 14 month old boy who never caused any problems with diaper changes so far. He even lifts up his...


Tantrums on the Changing Table - HELP!

L.J. asks from Raleigh

My 8 month old daughter has recently started having tantrums on the changing table. It seems to have really fired up when she started crawling. She wants to flip onto...


Random Question Regarding Baby Changing Table?

L.M. asks from Dallas

Hello! My baby is eight months old. We haven't bought a diaper changing table. We have just changed him on the bed so far on top of a baby changing pad. I looked ...