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S.S. asks from Washington DC

Saturday night I was playing monopoly with my family and I got really sick like the stomach or food poisoning. I had diarrhea I was nauseous my abdominal area hurt re...



M.B. asks from Tuscaloosa

Ok I know your first response is going to be get that girl to a doctor. I am going to be taking her I just wanted to see if anyone else had been here. My 11 year old ...


Anyone Ever Have Appendicitis?

C.R. asks from Kansas City

Stabbing pain on the right side, no fever, and nausea are the symptoms being experienced. Did the symptom checker on WebMD...Appendicitis is the first thing that pop...


Appendicitis Worries

R.P. asks from Philadelphia

I am definitely a worrier, so I just wanted to ask everyone's opinion. My nine year old son, who is rarely sick, has been having a rough year, complete with a couple ...


How Do You Know If a 4 Yr Old Has Appendicitis?

S.W. asks from Chicago

Before I start, I want you all to know that I talked to a nurse last night and will be getting my son to the doctor today. I was hoping that someone might have some ...


Update:appendicitis in 6 Year Old???

S.S. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies! My 6 year old started complaining about severe stomach pain in the middle of her belly two nights ago. She didn't eat dinner and was really tired. She fell...


College Student Away at School with Appendicitis - What to Do?

J.B. asks from Boston

So I just heard from one of my sons that my step-daughter, who goes to school in Montreal, is in the hospital with appendicitis and having surgery tomorrow. I just te...


6 Year Old Has Pain on Right Side

J.M. asks from Reno

I am worried about appendicitis but my husband had it when he was a kid and said the pain was more in the front of his belly, my son says it hurts like under the bott...


Fever Virus Going Around?

R.D. asks from New York

Hi, Just wondering if there are any fever viruses going around? Maybe a stomachache too. My son is 7. Usually I wouldn't get too crazy about it, but a little worried...


Pain in Right Lower Abdomen

M.H. asks from Phoenix

I had a laproscopy in January to drain ovarian cysts and to cauterize Endometriosis in my fallopian tubes. Since last night I have had a sharp pain in my right lower ...