Portable *Stadium Seat* for Bleachers

Updated on August 04, 2008
S.B. asks from Omaha, NE
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My older son plays baseball in the spring/summer...and also in the fall. I LOVE going to all the games and sitting on the bleachers with the other parents, but my back doesn't love it as much as I do! :( I'm seriously considering getting myself a portable stadium seat--one that folds up and is easily carried. I have read that all seats don't properly fit (little league) bleachers. I'm looking for suggestions about which particular seats might fit my needs. I'm looking to spend $25 or less, if possible. (Thanks in advance!)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Greatland (a Target Brand) used to have one that had a soft butt cusion, a back and folded easy for carrying. It also had a few pockets for storage...and it was light. We have 2 and really like them. The same ones probably are not available anymore, but I'd think that they would have something similar.

It appears that the link I gave doesn't work..so, go to Target and do a searc on this:

Crazy Creek Large Chair

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answers from Appleton on

I've said to myself for the past 5 years that I need to get one of those seats while I sit and watch my son play baseball. Well this year, I finally bought one from Wal-Mart for around $13. It hooks on underneath the bleacher, and has side arms, pockes to put keys or whatever, it folds up nice and has a sling for carrying it on your shoulder. I just wish it would had a cup holder and would recline, but when I lean back it's almost like in a recline position. (I guess I can't have all the comforts, now can I) I looked at Scheel's and other sporting goods places and I believe Wal-Mart is your best deal. Don't wait like I did, I love my seat and whenever I get up from it, my other two kids always steal my seat;-D

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answers from Minneapolis on

S. - I have a baseball player in my life too. I have a portable seat that I got from Sam's Club and I heard that Wallmart might carry them too. It comes complete with a stadium blanket that has been very useful during spring and late fall ball games. The seat hooks onto the bleachers underneath and I've never had a problem with any bleachers. I don't believe their are different size bleachers.

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answers from Milwaukee on

A little word from the wise =-D, go to a Bingo store, or somewhere that has bingo, and buy yourself a bingo seat!! It is a totally conforming, seat, that is soft on both sides, but is big enough to make any seat comfortable, even those hard bleachers!!


The seats I found at this site are about $17.95 a piece, although you might be able to find them somewhere else for cheaper.



answers from Detroit on

Kmart and Sears both carry them. They range from $12-30. My local Kmart/Southeast WI has Cubs and Packers. Online at Sears the have Nascar. Not sure what they have in stores.



answers from Minneapolis on

i have bought the ones at wal-mart for my son's hockey games and they work wonderfully. the seats we sit on are essentially bleachers and these transform them into comfy seats.



answers from Wausau on

Good Morning,

go to the following website http://www.sitincomfort.com/nachbasu.html Or do a search for nada-chair. These work great and right now there is free shipping. I use this chair for birth clients. Not only do they help support the back when sitting they actually put counter pressure on the lower back during labor. If you would like to try one before buying and you are in my area please feel free to contact me I would be happy to lend you mine to try.

Blessings To you
S. Blevons
Langlade Co. WI.

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answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I know they sell them at WalMart. You could always get one, take it to the field and see if it fits. If it does great, nd if it doesn't just return it.

They have some for around 13 dollars and some around 21.

Enjoy the games!!

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