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M.H. asks from Tulsa

OK, I have a need to vent. My 16 month old son has had VERY bad diarrhea for 7 days now. Started out with vomit, no fever and then watery green runs...



A.S. asks from Los Angeles

i have a 6 wk old who has had really bad yellow and really liquidy diarrhea for approx 10 days. i brought him to the dr and they said he had a stomach virus and to le...


Toddler Diarrhea

L.K. asks from Savannah

My 20 mth. old has had diarrhea now for almost two weeks. She shows no signs of being sick in any way except her BMs are loose. Her pediatrician has her on the BRAT d...


Son with Diarrhea

C.W. asks from Oklahoma City

My son is 7 months old and is having his first bout with diarrhea. He's still eating and still having a wet diaper, though not as often as he usually does. But he i...


Causes of Diarrhea

C.E. asks from Knoxville

My son just turned one this month. He's awesome, walking and chatting away. However, we are going on 4 days of diarrhea. My poor kid. It started Saturday and show...


4 Weeks of Diarrhea

A.T. asks from Dallas

My 13.5 month old has had chronic diarrhea for the last 3.5 weeks and it's still going strong. I've taken him to the Pedi after 3 weeks of it in which we are awaitin...


Why Is My Child Having Diarrhea with a Cold?

E.M. asks from Fayetteville

My almost-3 year old son has has a cold for a week. Yesturday he woke up with a fever and diarrhea. We took him to the ER-because everything else was closed, it being...


Diarrhea on Megadose Antibiotic - Any Fix?

M.O. asks from Chicago

OK, megadoes antibiotic is giving me bad diarrhea. I realize this is a normal "side effect" of many antibiotics. Any recommendations for a "cure" until the antibiot...


1 Year Old Has Diarrhea

A.V. asks from Chicago

My son just turned one last week and the doctor reccommended we start transitioning him from Formula to Whole milk. So last week I started giving him half formula an...


Diarrhea for 2 1/2 Week

S.Z. asks from Portland

My daughter is 11 months old and has bad diarrhea for 2 1/2 weeks now and still counting. It first started off with throwing up and diarrhea, not it's just mainly di...