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Toenail Fungus

D.K. asks from New York

My son came home from college with toenail fungus -Planning to have the pinpointe laser treatment done however podiatrist still wants to remove a couple of toenails. ...


Need a Remedy for Toenail Fungus

C.T. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have a home remedy or the name of a prescription medicine for a toenail fungus that has been successful? My toenail has come off twice and now is lookin...


Toenail Fungus

C.B. asks from Dallas

OK Mamas, I've been reading up on toenail fungus on the web. I'd like to hear what has worked for you mamas out there. I started with the vicks & socks for a few nigh...


Athlete's Foot During Pregnancy??

A.T. asks from Austin

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced athlete's foot during pregnancy? I'm 32 weeks pregnant and my foot has been itchy for the last few days. My husband loo...


Can Toddlers Have Athlete's Foot?

L.H. asks from Enid

My son is 20 months old and I think he might have athlete's foot. He has been scratching the bottom of his foot and there is cracking skin between his toes. I thought...


Athlete's Foot Remedies

S.B. asks from Dallas

My hubby suffers from athlete's foot. He won't go to a doctor, so I need some home remedies. He has been changing socks often, using the sprays and lotrimin cream. ...


Toenail Fungus

M.K. asks from Chico

I just read an article about laser treatment for toenail fungus. Has anyone had this done with success? Did your insurance cover it? How much did it cost? Thanks!


Toenail Fungus

S.L. asks from Dallas

Has anyone ever had a toenail fungus treated and was able to get completely rid of the thick hard brown toenail damaged by the fungus go back to its original state? I...


Toenail Questions

K.V. asks from Richland

I have a 22 mo. old son who is very happy and healthy, but has a strange toenail thing. Two nails on one foot and one on the other are thicker than the rest of his n...


2 Year Old with Athlete's Foot

J.W. asks from Richland

Hi, My 2 1/2 year old daughter has had a bad case of athlete's foot for over a month. First I tried tinactin spray. When that didn't seem to help I took her to an ...