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Bunion Surgery Left Me with "Stiff Toe"

K.C. asks from Boston

Hi Ladies! I had bunion surgery about 61/2 weeks ago. I was very good about "working" my toe to avoid stiff toe, but the Dr. seems to think my range of motion isn't...


Bunion Surgery

A.G. asks from Las Vegas

Anybody had bunion surgury? I have a "functional hallex limitus bunion"....(whatever that means!!!). It only causes me minor pain, but the dr says that if I don't h...


Bunion Surgery

M.M. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas! I will be having a Bunion Surgery in a couple of months and will like your opinions about it. I have a couple of people tell me the recovery is very ...



B.R. asks from St. Louis

Hi, My name is B. and I recently found out that my 11 year old daughter needs surgery done on her feet. She has been complaining quite a bit, of her feet hurting her,...


Foot Surgery

M.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms, I had my bunion removed almost 3 weeks ago and I was wondering is anyhody has any feedback . I'm just wondering how long am I gonna have to wear this wal...


Debating Bunion, Tailored Bunion & Hammertoe Surgery on Both Feet, Please Help!

J.M. asks from New York

Well Im not a mom yet, Im 28, engaged and very active. I have learned that this surgery could really help me but it seesm like a lot to go thru. I was hoping I coul...


Debating Bunion Surgery - Need Help!

L.M. asks from Charlotte

Hi there. I am 36 yr old sahm of 2 boys, age 5 & 7. I went to a podiatrist yesterday & was told that the only solution for a large bunion on my right foot is surgery ...


Recovering from Foot Surgery

L.M. asks from Greensboro

I had bunion surgery 1 week ago on one foot and really thought I would be mobile by now. I am still in the surgical dressing and have a special shoe I have to wear, ...



C.H. asks from Augusta

Hi, I don't know if anyone else has had a problem with this but I have a problem with my feet being rough. It's only around my big toe,mypad below my toes, and on my ...


Corn on Foot

J.C. asks from New York

So my 5 year old appears to have a hard little corn on the bottom of her foot (sort of on the pad of her foot under the toes). She keeps complaining about it and say...