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How to Mke Summer Fun Without Summer Camp?

School is almost out and I cant afford to send my kids to summer camp. It is too expensive. But I dont want them sitting around the house bored and eating up the groceries all summer. What are some things that I can do with them to make this summer fun?


Packing for Camp

My 9 year old daughter is going to her first sleep away camp. We have a...


Where Do You Camp?

I would love to give my boys the experience of camping. We currently own a...


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Swimming Lessons--should I Do Them Myself?

I was a swim instructor for 5 years and (obviously) want my two kids (5-1/2 and 8) to learn how to swim. However, I've heard that you can't teach your own kids to swim and just want to put them into swimming lessons. My husband thinks that I'm being lazy and "not wanting" to teach my own kids, but I don't want one more thing to discipline/push them on. What do you think?


Lesson Too Harsh??

My 10 y/o daughter made our local intermediate travel volleyball team. ...


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529 College Savings Plan?

Hello!!! I am wondering how I start to set up a 529 college savings plan for my son. Did anyone use anyone that was really helpful? I am not a numbers person at all so I look at all that paper work and go crazy! Since I work part-time I was going to try to get this done on my days off without having to get my hubby, who works full-time, to help me! Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.


College Savings 101

As my girls get older, I can't help but worry about college expenses for 2...


College Savings Plan

I am a mother of 3 children, ages 12,8 and 3. I know that time flies when...


College Savings Fund

I'm trying to be responsible and start a savings account for my daughter's...


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JFF - What Are Your Hobbies?

So in an attempt to get to know the fellow mamapedia'ers on here and to lighten the mood today - what are your hobbies? Mine: scrapbooking, journaling and reading. Yours: ?????

Playing with Others

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How to Leave a Play Group?

I’m sad. My 3yr old daughter and I have been a part of a playgroup across town for a while. I’ve decided to leave it for a number of reasons. I have had a couple of situations with the assistant organizer, who has been extreamly judgmental and often just mean to many of the members, including myself. I have spoken to her, but kept it quiet as to avoid causing problems with the group, though most of the other mothers have expressed issues with her also. Now the organizer is wonderful and very friendly. Mostly, I don’t feel that this...


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Online Grade School?

are there any accredited online grade schools? I've heard of online high school but not grade school. I'm unable to homeschool traditionally as my mother has dementia and would make it near impossible to get course work done without a billion interuptions. anybody know anything about this option?


Skipping a Grade

My son is in second grade, and he is advanced in math and reading at a 5th...