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What is intuitive eating?

P. S. asks from Mc Lean

Has anyone heard about this method of eating for weight loss? Any thoughts on if it works or experiences with it?


Almost 18 Year Old Girl High Schooler - how much independence?

K. C. asks from Tampa

Hi everyone! I can't believe that my oldest is almost 18. I've been using this site for many years and I've loved it. As mentioned my daughter is almost 18 and a Senior in HS. She has her license, a car and a job and is an excellent student. Since she is still livin...


How to get a teenager to complete homework

. . asks from Los Angeles

My daughter thinks work is too hard. She couldn’t even get it done. She also has a big stack to finish. Whenever I try to remind her, she still would not get it done. Any advice?


Use CIO during growth spurt?

M. S. asks from Meridian

Should I still use cry it out while baby is going through a growth spurt, developmental leap and teething? She seems to get thrown off with each of these and I feel like I’m starting all over again every month.


Mamapedia Upgrades! Feedback please from the community ;)

R. W. asks from Rockville

Hi All, We’ve done some work over the last week to speed up the site. Can you let us know if things are working a bit better for everyone using the site? - is the site loading faster? - is everything working that you’re used to? - are messages being received?...


Should I reach out to my adult son who lives in a homeless shelter?

C. T. asks from Stanford

I tried to help him but he and his girlfriend almost got me evicted so I made them leave. I would like to know if he is doing well. He only contacts me when he wants something and tries to manipulate me! Should I contact him or just let him live and get himself together?...


Acupuncture for Kids?

Let me just start by answering my own question…a resounding YES! Acupuncture for children has a long, rich history beginning in China and (insert excited emoji here), it’s gaining popularity in the States!… More


The Lessons I Learned from Childhood Help Me Promote Civil Rights As an Adult

by Robbin Miller

I recently published my first chapter book for children, A Girl’s Dream to Play Little League Baseball with Boys The themes of my memoir are grit, persistence, and tenacity in achieving your goals despite the boos, jeers, and name calling that can happen to you on your life’s journey. I overcame those obstacles by believing I was doing the right thing in playing little league with boys when it was the first year that girls were legally allowed to play: 1975. I thank my parents and my brother for being my greatest cheerleaders in seeing me cross the sidelines to play little league with boys…. More


What is ADHD?

“ADHD, the energy to do anything. The focus to accomplish nothing.”

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic medical condition which often begins in childhood and continues into adulthood. It is thought to affect 3–9% of school-age children and young people and about 2% of adults worldwide…. More


More advice about rekindling desire after kids

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

You ladies gave me really good advice when I recently posted about having a crush on another man. I don’t think the crush will go anywhere and I’m working through my feelings about it and taking a class from a different instructor. My problem is I still don’t feel ...


Getting crushes on other men while married

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

I’ve been married for 9 years and have two kids. We’ve had sex maybe 4-5 times in the last year and I half, since my second son was born. I don’t find myself that attracted to my husband anymore. I recently developed a huge crush on the guy who teaches my workout ...


Question about kid hair color

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

Just wondering if anyone had a kid whose hair changed color as they got older, I.e. a blond kid who went dark brown. At what age did this happen? Just curious!


How should I handle a situation where a married man is giving me gifts?

J. M. asks from Ann Arbor

I'm looking for some friendly and unbiased advice. I have some neighbors who are married that I like a lot, and feel like they are my friends. I'm a divorced female and have lived across the street from them for 6 years. When I'm outside and see the neighbors I visit wit...


Son says he wishes he were dead

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

My 7-year-old son was being very aggressive towards his baby brother and I yelled at him and told him to go to his room. Later, I noticed that he had written "I wish I were dead" not thinking that I would see it. I told him I was very concerned and he said he feels like ...


Does weaning affect mood?

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

Has anyone noticed changes in mood (either positive or negative) after weaning? I'm nursing my 15-month-old before bed and in the morning and I'm thinking about weaning, just wondering what to expect.


Any advice on dealing with the silent treatment from your partner?

L. M. asks from Ypsilanti

Good morning! Has anyone had their spouse of sig other give you the silent treatment after a fight, big or small, and how did you snap them out of it or change the way they handle things? My boyfriend who is 35, goes right into his "cave" anytime he is upset or overw...