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When do you stop giving presents?

S. H. asks from Santa Barbara

I asked a question about what are the popular items on your child's christmas list. I mentioned something to my son (age 10) about how cash is not exciting to open. I said what if you only got cash under the tree instead of present. He said very matter of fact "I would be...

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Adventures in Breastfeeding

by Jillian Gordon of "Mamapedia"

Were you breastfed as a baby? If the answer is yes, congratulations. Now go buy your mom a car.

After spending the last 17 days at the mercy of my boobs and a “hangry” newborn, I can officially report that breastfeeding is HARD! While I had been warned by many of my mommy friends to prepare myself for what is often an uphill battle, I now know for sure that they weren’t kidding…. More


Weak in the Knees

It started off as a great evening as we set off on our yearly tradition of the “Polar Express.” With homemade tickets in hand, all the jammie-clad kids piled into the van clutching their hot chocolate and popcorn. Even the dog was in the spirit as she stole from popcorn cup after popcorn cup…. More


Tips to Protect Your Newborn From SIDS

Having a newborn is a joy and a blessing, but it also introduces you to a new world of fear and worry as you look after your precious one. From making sure you’re taking the right supplements throughout pregnancy to babyproofing your home, to worrying about your child’s health, there’s a lot to think about. Today we’re addressing the topic of SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome – to explain what it is, why it happens, and how to prevent it…. More


Son determined to make me miserable

T. S. asks from Woodbridge

My 12 yr old told his counselor that he loves to make me miserable and he thinks it's funny!?!? I am a single parent. He is very disrespectful talks back cusses doesn't listen or do what hes told he thinks he can do what he wants when he wants. I tell him not to do someth...

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