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The Empty Seat (A Story of Acceptance)

It’s dinnertime, and my daughter Zoey and I go about our nightly routine.

Zoey sits at the kitchen table and studies this week’s spelling words as I finish getting our meal ready. It’s fresh fruit and veggies and homemade mac and cheese. When I finally place our dinner on the kitchen table, Zoey’s face lights up — it’s one of her favorites. She moves her pencil and paper out of the way and pulls her bowl closer…. More


What are your homeschool necessities??

L. W. asks from Clementon

We are starting homeschooling and I’m trying to get an idea of what supplies are essential and what’s overrated. We don’t have a dedicated homeschool room as our home is pretty small so I’m really wanting just what’s essential. Any advice is much appreciated!

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Does anyone have social anxiety?

S. C. asks from Houston

I recently started having social anxiety and had to skip a few birthday parties for my Lo. I start worrying ahead of time and when im during the social occasion i start sweating i talk silly and go through a bunch of other anxiety symptoms. Anyone has any advice how to f...

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Death in the family

K. B. asks from Houston

My stepdad has been sick with cancer for about a month & he passed away last night. I feel helpless, because I recently moved to another state with my husband and 2 young children. I asked my mom when she would like me to come & she said to wait for the funeral. I’m go...

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I'm Not Sure What's Happening?

M. C. asks from Stafford

I'm currently on BC and ntc (not trying to conceive). My BC ran out in Aug and I started it back up in Sep (only 3 weeks off). Even when I originally started, my period had continued to be regular. Recently I started working out and eating healthier but my first period s...

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Awkward Neighbor Situation

L. M. asks from Houston

So a neighbor who I am friends with recently send me and 2 other neighbors a texted invitation to a July 4th cookout at her house. I replied yes. One of the other neighbors replied that she is already having a cookout at her home and all the neighbors already know abou...

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Miscarriage or Not?

T. N. asks from Houston

So I found out I was pregnant last month on 5/26 with HPT. I went to get pregnancy confirmed 3 weeks ago at one of the pregnancy help centers here in Houston due to the fact that my insurance for work won't kick in until early July! Well this morning I went for an ultras...

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