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tween & puberty & snarkiness

J. g. asks from Chicago

Hello Ladies, my baby is 10, has breast buds and small hips, and she has officially entered the age of the snark. We're doing our best to remain calm and ignore drama, but the last two days have been rough. She lost it at Walgreens and started yelling at me. Then today...

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Teaching Moments Making Lemonade

I am constantly hearing “I don’t like that” at mealtimes, and the phrase is usually thrown towards something that has never been tried before. I’ve talked myself in circles trying to explain to my young children that you cannot really know if you like something unless you try it, and it might taste different cooked in different ways…. More


help with a shambles of a marriage

S. S. asks from Seattle

Basically I have been having problems with my in-laws for a really long time. I have absolutely no connection to them, no relationship with them, they have never made an effort to get to know me and they live 10 mins away and they don't even make effort to spend time w...

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Second Pregnancy - eating too much

K. F. asks from Seattle

Hi all, I'm on my second pregnancy (12 weeks) and I'm concerned about gaining too much weight. So far it's only 3lbs but I'm was a little overweight to begin with. Here's my situation: I don't have a car and I'm not in a position to get one for a long time (don't ...

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Caring for father in law

R. W. asks from Kirkland

My FIL expects to move in with me and hubby. He has Parkinsons (13+ yrs now) and is still mobile and lives alone. I do his grocery shopping, housecleaning and take him to his Dr appts. Problem: years ago I made the mistake of saying I would help care for him as he go...

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