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Child free vacation activities?

A. C. asks from Lebanon

Hi ladies! Been awhile. Quick update: we decluttered our whole house, especially the garage, and I now only clean the house once a week. We got rid of so much extra junk and now I don't mind doing the dishes or even letting them wait. Hubby did get a motorcycle, that we ...

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Top 5 Apps for Elementary Students

Remember the days when pretty much all you had to complement what you learned in grade school were flashcards and games on Sesame Street and The Electric Company? Today, however, elementary school children can immerse themselves in awesome, interactive learning apps that run the gamut from virtual painting to beginning astronomy. Suzann Connell, a Southern California-based author and teacher states that, “Apps are students’ first choice to focus on educational content.”… More


Anyone here experienced Ovarian Cyst?

b. A. asks from Valdosta

After being in excruciating pain for 5 months that would happen to go from lower stomach to lower back, a wonderful ER dr did an ultrasound and detected 2 ovarian cyst. One on my left and right ovary. I am so livid! Because I wish this could have been detected earlier ...

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6 Simple and Genius At-Home Toddler Activities

There are only so many times you can read the same book or play with the same building blocks before even your child starts going a little stir crazy. To help you mix things up at home, consider one of these simple and genius activities designed specifically for toddlers. Not only are they pure fun, they can also help with developmental skills. Sounds like a win-win if you ask us!… More


Twas 3 months before Christmas . . .

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

For the last 25 years, I have held Christmas Eve at my home. This tradition was passed to me by my mother, who held it for the 25+ years prior to that. I have 6 kids - ages 16 - 30 and the only real change that I have made in the last 25 years is if Christmas Eve falls...

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