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Teen Birthday Party

K. C. asks from Bryan

I'm know I already asked a question about her bday before, but we need ideas. I've been talking about a birthday party with my daughter, and she says she wants something unique. Many of her friends have had sleepovers or makeovers, so that's out. She wants something ever...

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WWYD: Nanny is pregnant

S. E. asks from Austin

I just found out that my nanny of 3 mos is pregnant. I have a 5 mos old and I work from home most days but I travel for work, sometimes internationally and that was clearly set forth as part of the job agreement - that the nanny would travel with us. If she cannot fly - ...

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11 yo ADHD and lonliness

s. c. asks from Oskaloosa

My 11 year old with ADHD recently found a game that had online chatting and had begun chatting with users. (*I monitor his tablet use closely and shut it down after only a few minutes) Normally we don't download games that have multiplayer modes at all, but I missed this...

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Does anyone out there hate their name?

B. F. asks from Newark

I'm talking legal name here. And the name you've gone by since birth. I have an unusual real name. I get compliments on my name from time to time, but I'm not really impressed. Other than that I get annoyed, sometimes more than others, when somebody asks me what i...

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A Year of Reflection

by Jillian Gordon of "Mamapedia"

As 2017 comes to a close, we can’t help but look back and reflect. What went right? What went wrong? How many milestones did you celebrate this year? What are your 2018 parenting resolutions? As many know, motherhood is a combination of challenges, uncertainty, deeply rewarding triumphs and everlasting memories. Sometimes your best mom moments come when they are least expected. After all, the true joy of parenting isn’t a destination but a journey. This month, we celebrate some of our favorite contributors who are making the most of their own parenting journeys by sharing their invaluable wisdom. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and mom-win filled new year…. More


Are You Going to Get a Job Now?

Last week, I met my friend for coffee to lament over our little girls going to kindergarten. Aside from discussing how our daughters’ school days are going and how we are adjusting to the new norm, the topic of returning to the workforce popped up. Both of us had been asked when we were going back to work since our children were now in school for the whole day…. More


Juicing for Toddlers: Why & How

Now that P is a year old, we are transitioning her off her bottle and onto solid foods and liquids in her sippy cup. In doing so, one of the things we learned right away was that our little peanut LOVES juice. However, I really wanted to avoid store bought juice packed full of sugar and processed junk, so instead, I decided to try juicing for her at home. So I pulled our juicer (affiliate link) down from the pantry and began experimenting with a few recipes of my own. I had no idea if she’d like the juices I made from scratch, but I was hopeful and figured it was worth a shot…. More


Need suggestions on how to stand it

B. F. asks from Newark

This is kind of a bedroom matter and hopefully not TMI. IMyI r guy, like a lot of guys, gets to needing "release". Sometimes I think he wants to do "it" just for something to do. Having never been a guy myself, I can only try to imagine the need/want/urgency, and the...

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Kids and dinosaurs

B. F. asks from Newark

Why do people, especially kids, get so interested in dinosaurs? We've never seen any in real life, SERIOUSLY DOUBT anyone ever will, don't understand how people so far have decided what some looked like, what they ate, etc. etc. So why so much interest? I really coul...

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