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“Three Girls? I Feel Sorry for Their Father.”

This morning I was up early feeding and rocking our youngest Naomi like I usually do from 4:30-5 and was trying to think of a last minute craft we could make for my husband. With Sunday being Father’s Day, it has had me reflecting on Aaron and what he means to all of us. This time of year is usually extremely busy on the farm; not as busy as harvest time, but a pretty close second. He’s usually up before the sun and home way after sundown several nights a week. It’s a good life, he is a hard-worker and I wouldn’t want my girls to know him to be any other way. Of course they are kids and crave more daddy time, but he’s so good about taking them along in the tractor or including them when he can so that I get a small break and they have some time with him…. More


Buddy system for restroom visits

n. z. asks from Los Angeles

I've been hearing that many elementary schools have kids go to the restroom with a buddy. I'm guessing it's a safety issue? Should I be concerned if my daughter (she's turning 5 next month) is in a summer program that does not employ the buddy system? In preschoo...

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What am I supposed to do

R. W. asks from High Point

So I live in an apartment complex and my one year old likes to walk and run around the people below us are constantly banging and she always gets issue is that as adults I would respect them more if they would come and speak to me but no the just constantly bang...

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My Baby Is Graduating Preschool, and I’m a Mess

I didn’t cry at my daughter’s preschool graduation. When my little girl walked across that stage in her miniature cap and gown, I felt many things. Amazement at how much she’d grown in just a few short years. Pride in the girl she was becoming, who cared about others and was curious about the world around her. Anxiety that my camera might fail, and I’d forever miss my chance to memorialize this fleeting rite of passage…. More


Chic 5-Minute Hairstyles for Busy Moms

We’ve all been there. How many days have you found yourself throwing on a baseball cap or grabbed a rubber band (shudder) because you couldn’t find a no-metal hair elastic for your ponytail? Roseanne McIlvane, a California-based Member of Hollywood Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Guild, IATSE Local 706 Journeyman Makeup Artist & Celebrity Makeup Artist offers easy tips to look your best when time’s short, including “If you shower or bath in the morning, stop it! Shower at night. Not only will it help you sleep, but you can set your hair, braid it or at least tame it so you won’t have to deal with drying and styling in the morning.”… More


Flying with relatives

B. E. asks from New York

My 10-year old son is going to be flying with my stepmother down to my father's house without me. I haven't checked with the airline yet but does anyone know if anything is needed like a letter from me OK-ing the trip since she is not the primary guardian? They share th...

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Throat pain in 6 year old

B. S. asks from New York

My just turned 6 year old boy complaining of sore throat x 2 months. Strept negative. took him to see gastroenterologist and ENT. Both think its reflux. Was on Pepcid for 10 days now on Protonix . Felt better for 5 days , now complaining again. Woke up today saying, "my t...

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Getting wisdom teeth removed? - Thanks!

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

My daughter (adult) needs to get her wisdom teeth pulled. She doesn't have dental insurance and I guess it is a very expensive procedure. I have no real experience with this - I had mine done years ago when it was cheaper and I guess I must have had decent dental insura...

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