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Thinking of retirement in the Carolinas

E. M. asks from Sour Lake

In the next few years we are thinking of moving, in our retirement, to somewhere in the Carolinas. For those of you who have lived there or have heard pros or cons of the area I'd love to hear about it. I've done a lot of online research but there is nothing like true ...


Considering canceling my child’s birthday party.

J. L. asks from Chula Vista

My 7 year old son has been having extreme behavioral issues at school ever since August. It has been a constant on going battle with him either disrespecting the teachers, running through the hallways, putting his hands on other students, and tantrums in the classroom. I...


Teenage daughter & communication

M. K. asks from Vail

I posted recently about having troubles with my 15 year old daughter. I can't communicate with her and vice versa. I feel afraid and upset that we are not communicating. I feel so useless and a failure that I have this issue with my own daughter. I literally have no ide...


My daughter made an excuse not to see me

A. B. asks from Great Lakes

I took the advice from my last post I understand I have been jealous and insecure and it truly is hard. I asked in advance if I can have them this weekend and my ex said ok, but my eldest daughter still had gymnastics on Saturday, but I asked that if she preferred to spe...


12 year old hiding things when in trouble

M. S. asks from Salt Lake City

My 12 year old son sometimes hides things of ours when he is in trouble with us. He has been doing this offand on for years. Worry that this will escalate to bigger things.


Childs friend or not during a cruise Vacation.

M. S. asks from Salt Lake City

We want to take a cruise next year and I want my 12 year old son to bring a friend. He is an only child and thought he might not want to do the individual kids activities by himself. However, he doesn't seem that interested in bringing a friend. What about friends that a...


Go Ahead, Embarrass Your Kids and You Just Might Go Viral While Doing It!

by Wendy Gossett

It’s gone viral! People around the world have seen my simple video that portrays an embarrassing mom—me—dancing on the highway, in a blizzard! Because of a 20-car pile-up on Colorado’s I-25 outside of Denver, my two teenagers and I were stuck on the highway for almost five hours. My kids were livid, hungry, and desperately in need of a comfort station…. More


Cat Hair and legos

J. g. asks from Chicago

I have two kids that love legos, thus I have a few lego work spaces. We also have a cat that climbs on everything. I am not a cat person, and I am struggling with cat hair. Advise on how to remove, tame, and prevent cat hair from being all over the place? In an idea...


A gift for the postman?

S. M. asks from Chicago

Hello Friends, Do you give Christmas gifts for service workers? Specifically for your mailman? I don’t know ours personally but he’s been delivering on my route for a couple years and seems to work 6 days a week this holiday season. I just thought it would be a nice ...


Can’t believe parents do this at birthday parties.

M. C. asks from Lombard

I just picked up my daughter who is in 5th grade from a party. I saw tears in her eyes on our way home and she told me all the other girls (6) were invited to sleep over. I was wondering why none of the other parents were coming to pick-up when I was there. I was confus...


Does anyone have experience with a spinal tap?

D. N. asks from Chicago

My daughter got a spinal tap last month--almost exactly a month ago. She was diagnosed with viral meningitis. She is still recovering with her immune system being a bit weaker. However, she is still having a lot of pain where they did the tap. Has anyone had one? Ho...


keeping distance when a child might want not too

J. g. asks from Chicago

As some of you have older kids, I'm hoping someone has a polite way to not let a child play with another child. We are going camping with a large group of people, and there is one girl that my 5 year old use to play with. We no longer have a connection to the family ...