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Puppy Questions--Do you use a harness?

O. L. asks from Long Beach

We have an 11-month old, active puppy. She is on the smaller side and wears a harness (not a collar). She wears it 24-7. We use it for walking, of course. And sometimes we lift her by it--it's a supportive chest/back harness (for example, if she's getting into the car, mi...

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A Conversation on Body Image: There is No Scale in Our House

Body image has been a concern for me as a mama, since Harper was a baby. Of course body image isn’t a concern for a baby, but I knew that it would be a concern I would have to face, or more honestly put, that Harper would face as she got older. My family has a history with poor body image and with eating disorders, but even if we didn’t I know how mean girls can be. I know the pressure young girls face, even at a way to early age (I’m not sure what is an appropriate age to start worrying about our looks and obsessing over our weight, but I am sure that elementary school is too darned early)…. More


Child's father Rant

T. H. asks from Arlington

Before I get started. We do not have a custody order, n o I do not want to be with my child's father anymore. He does pay child support So my kids father picks him up this weekend. informed him that if he has to work tonight then he would need to bring our son home. Th...

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Cure for the plague of the SCARY SPIDERS?!

K. M. asks from Kent

So about 4 days ago, my kid came home from her daycare stuck on scary spiders. Roughly once an hour, she's like AAHHH!! SCARY SPIDER!! And she comes and gets me to come find the "spider" (which doesn't exist) freaking out, and she can't tell me exactly where it is. we've ...

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Home Care vs. Daycare: What's Right for My Baby?

You can choose the wrong size diapers or screw up your swaddling technique, but deciding on child care is one parenting choice you want to get right the first time. If you’re lucky, you’ll have multiple options to consider, including both established daycare centers and providers who work out of their homes. But how to choose? To find out how to make that call, we talked to Tina Pascoe, a nurse who works with Nurses for Daycare, a Connecticut-based consulting and training firm that specializes in health and safety of child care centers…. More


Update on my family stuff

N. B. asks from Oklahoma City

My father in law found out yesterday that his prostate cancer has spread. It's up his spine and other places. He goes to the radiologist in a week or so and then he'll know what his prognosis is. I don't think he has a lot of time. I can say he's old and lived a long full...

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Kid friendly place for mom's to meet up?

M. M. asks from San Pablo

Hello, I'm one of the co-chairs of the parent council in my son's school. We meet once a month in a Macdonalds that has a playground inside the restaurant. This weekend our group will be a little bigger (6-7) and I'm looking for a kid friendly place that the moms can ta...

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5 Ways to Help Afford Your Family

Do you worry about money? Do your bills outweigh the amount of money you bring home each month? Are you paying the bills but want to have money left over to increase your savings? I’m sure a lot of you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions. The cost of living today is expensive and it will just keep increasing. If you have kids, they burn an even bigger hole in your pocket. According to CNN Money, it will cost an average of $233,610 to raise a child who was born within the last two years. That’s a lot of money! Since money doesn’t grow on trees (although that would be nice wouldn’t it?), I’m going to give you 5 ways that can help you afford your expenses…. More


Possible Suicidal Teenager?

A. B. asks from New York

For some people, this may be a no-brainer. For me, I simply don't know what to do. My 14 year old daughter (15 in two weeks) has always been a little overly dramatic. She's very outgoing, but she's also plagued with anxiety. She worries a lot about school and friends an...

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Frustrating dog habit/behavior

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

We have a standard poodle named Lucy. She is nearly 7 months old and such a joy! She is such a smart dog :) We have been so happy with her - not only is she a loving, happy dog, she has done really well with all her aspects of training, including picking up bell traini...

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Tips for Figuring Out Your Birth Plan

Do you picture your delivery room quiet and dim, or will it be packed with rowdy friends? Do you envision a water birth, or have strong feelings about episiotomies and circumcision? It’s okay not to know the answers to those questions yet, but you won’t want to think about them while you’re in labor. A birth plan doesn’t have to be comprehensive to be useful, says Allie Sakowicz, a Chicago-based doula with more than five years experience. She shared some of what she’s learned helping countless clients create their own plans…. More


Nanny severance? Or no severance? Help!

D. P. asks from New York

We've had the same beloved nanny/babysitter for our daughter (now 13) since she was born. When my daughter turned 11 we started sharing her (50-50) with another family in our building. Money is tight and my husband and I had been talking for a while about wanting to cut...

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