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Son's wedding was wonderful

S. B. asks from Spring

I wanted to share with you wonderful ladies... My son got married Saturday! It was wonderful. Hubby and I were sitting and watching this amazing young man as he promised his life to his amazing new bride. Yes, I love her already!!! As I sat there I was remember...

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Teen boy advice

E. J. asks from Rancho Cucamonga

Hi moms! I have a 13 year old son & this year has been challenging to say the least. He is my first born so maybe it's normal maybe not. We moved cities so he had to start 8th grade at anew school! I know I was the meanest mom ever. He did well in school yet his attit...

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Am I being selfish with my husband.

L. F. asks from Houston

I am 60 yrs old and I decided to pleease my husband and moved to Houston. He is a truck driver, has his own truck and in Florida he was not earning enough.and since he lived in Houston in 2008 things went good. We left Florida the state were I grew up and I have sons, gra...

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A Grand Shattering: After a Baby You Become a Whole New You

I have been thinking a lot lately about what Sarah Mangusa describes as “the grand shattering” that occurs when you become a mother. A disintegration of the self where the YOU you used to be is forever gone. I was thinking about this at a first birthday recently. The birthday boy’s mum was saying how the first year seems like an eternity. Somehow though it also goes so fast that you can’t quite believe that your newborn is suddenly a toddler. I got it completely. Sometimes I feel like the old me – the pre-mum me (the me I was only a year ago) is slipping through my fingers like a memory that I can’t quite grip onto. Her thoughts and feelings don’t seem like mine anymore, and sometimes I look at pictures and I can’t quite remember who I was in them…. More


How to Hire – and Fire – a Nanny

Your child will likely spend a sizable amount of time with his or her nanny, and this person will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in your child’s upbringing, as well. So that pressure you’re feeling as you begin your search for the perfect companion and authority figure for your child? It’s totally natural. For expert advice to guide you through the hiring (and firing) process, we consulted Lindsay Bell, founder and president of Bell Family Company, a service that connects parents with nannies and babysitters…. More


Preparing Your Child for Baby #2

One day you’re the center of your parents’ universe; the next, you’ve sharing the stage with someone younger, cuter and needier. At least, that’s what the arrival of a second child can feel like to the firstborn. Preparing an older child for this transition takes a lot of time and sensitivity. We talked to child development experts and parents who have been through this process to get some tips on how to do it…. More


Getting wisdom teeth removed? - Thanks!

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

My daughter (adult) needs to get her wisdom teeth pulled. She doesn't have dental insurance and I guess it is a very expensive procedure. I have no real experience with this - I had mine done years ago when it was cheaper and I guess I must have had decent dental insura...

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ETAx2**Stay, leave, or some 3rd choice?

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

So, I hate my job - wait, let me clarify that: I hate where I work. I'm not particularly fond of my job anymore, but meh, who is? I've been trapped in this job due to circumstances outside my control for quite a few years. When I realized I could not work outside of th...

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ETA*Does a person ever walk away?

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

Our youngest son was adopted when he was just turned 4 from a EE country. We adopted him at the same time as two of his siblings (both older). I will call him Joe. Joe was left at the orphanage at a very young age and never knew his biomom. He was exposed prenatally t...

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