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Out of my league, NYC cocktail party

K. H. asks from Lindenhurst

Help! Oh please help, I just received an invite to a cocktail party in the *big* city, celebrating the life & passing of this man that I've never met. He is a bit well known in his area and this party is to be the last in his apartment after 67 years! I'm so out of my ...

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Words From An Aging Optimist

I am one of the most optimistic people you will ever meet. Unless of course we never actually meet. In that case you will just have to take my word for it. Some people find blind optimism annoying, but I like to think of myself as a ray of sunshine, on an otherwise lackluster day. So just go with it…. More


If Only I Were Better at This

If only I were better at this, I wouldn’t be outside in sweatpants and high heels cleaning puke off my front porch with a snow shovel.

If only I were better at this, I would actually get up in the morning when the alarm goes off and not make love to the snooze button until it’s much too late for me to do anything except run around like a crazed banshee screeching orders and reminders and throwing hair brushes and socks and homework folders at my children…. More


Real Birth Stories: And Then There Were Four

The induction was scheduled for 6 AM.

6 AM. Clearly the medical profession had lost its fool mind. They said the maternity ward might be full — because, you know, births are unpredictable like that — so I was supposed to call the hospital an hour prior to check if there was space for me. The night of my due date, I finally finished packing my hospital bag, spent some special family time with Peaches, and set my alarm for 4:57…. More


Cure for the plague of the SCARY SPIDERS?!

K. M. asks from Kent

So about 4 days ago, my kid came home from her daycare stuck on scary spiders. Roughly once an hour, she's like AAHHH!! SCARY SPIDER!! And she comes and gets me to come find the "spider" (which doesn't exist) freaking out, and she can't tell me exactly where it is. we've ...

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Middle school daughter on Instagram

s. m. asks from Bellevue

Hi, my middle school daughter has an instagram account (which I only allowed if I have access to it as well) - one thing that bothers me is she will post a picture of herself and say, "sorry for the ugly picture" or "I am so ugly". While I know she is hoping for people t...

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How long before looking for another job?

L. U. asks from Kirkland

HI moms (and dads...if there are any on here!), I have been working full time as a bilingual youth counselor in a residential home for the past 9 months (I work with boys ages 17-21 who are refugees or immigrants and have no family in the states) Before that I was workin...

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