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I want to know how other mothers with two and three year olds manage?

j. r. asks from Mount Laurel

I have a two year old girl and a three year old boy. My son is very needy and monopolizes me when his sister is present. He will not let me carry, hold, pet, or play with his sister. He cries and pushes her away and when I explain that his sister needs me just like he...


Do you remember 8KidsDad?

W. W. asks from Reston

He hasn't been here in a few years. Got tired of being reported for speaking his mind. He and I are friends on facebook. He recently fell ill and is dying. I know he ruffled a lot of feathers here - but he did give some good advice. His wife is really sweet and bein...


Has anyone used Desitin for 7yr old girl?

C. L. asks from Fontana

Our 7yr old daughter has recently had vaginal irritation & according to the doctors it’s not a UTI or anything wrong inside. She probably scratches herself to hard or cleanse herself to hard and irritates the area. Is she to old for Desitin?


What can i do about an overly possessive Grandmother?

A. h. asks from Racine

When my daughter was born I allowed my daughter grandmother to be apart of her life. During that time she began to become very overly possessive and controlling like overriding my parental decisions, speaking ill of me to my daughter, interfering with her health diet etc...


Ideas for deployed daughter's special box?

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

My daughter is deployed to a very, very unlovely location. Oddly, they didn't not take her wisdom teeth prior to deployment like they did my son's, and as luck would have it, she can't wait any longer and is having them out in this sad place. I send her care boxes ever...


9/11 Memorial

by Karen E. Rosenberg

My heart ached. I sucked in my breath. My eyes filled with tears.

I did not expect to have this reaction to the 9/11 Memorial.

I expected to see a nice monument with the names of those that lost their lives in the towers and on the planes. What I got was so much more. No picture, no articles, no first-hand accounts had prepared me…. More


Letter to My Daughter

by Corby J. Caffrey-Dobosh

When I was only a daughter, a sister to brothers, a sister to one sister, a wife to a husband, and a mother to sons, I prayed to a father-God. I did not doubt, sway, or psychologically challenge the camouflaged examples of sexism. I hardly questioned the existence of veiled capitalist-North American social-structure yolks that were to be borne only on the shoulders of women. I rallied against abortion. I submitted to touch and affection against my gut’s will. Blind, unwilling to see the pieces of woman-hate that pushed their way into my life’s puzzle, I was a soft feminist who focused on fitting in with patriarchy, earning validation from my family, and being under-welcomed by a church unworthy of my fealty. I bestowed more value on men’s accomplishments. I felt guilt and shame. I hated my body, my curves, and the shiny swirls etched in my skin that marked my babies’ becomings. I ignored the sanctity of my femaleness. I blamed my mom. I trash-talked other women, while comparing my shortcomings to theirs. I buried my needs, and blamed myself for the sexual violence I experienced. I was insecure and incapable of seeing and wielding my power. I cared for people and things that would never understand me, appreciate me, or return my care. I laughed at girly-ness. I thought my qualities and traits unimportant when they weren’t applauded by others. I disguised my voice with pixie pleasantries when I needed to rage. I dieted…. More


The Ultimate List of Things to Do While You're on Bedrest

I’m currently on pregnancy bedrest (for the second time) due to preterm labor and a handful of other issues. Bedrest is one of those things that has been around virtually forever but hasn’t been proven to be particularly effective, not to mention it comes with its own set of risks. For those reasons, it’s prescribed only when all other options have been exhausted, and there just isn’t anything else to do. While the idea of lounging around for weeks or even months at a time might sound like a luxurious vacation to some, believe me, it gets old fast. I’ve always thrived the most when I keep busy, and I love to be out exploring the city versus being cooped up indoors, so if I don’t have some sort of a plan my mental state starts to suffer pretty quickly. That’s where this list comes in, I began to compile it during my first pregnancy and wrote everything out in earnest as soon as I found out I would be prescribed bed rest again. Hopefully, if you find yourself in a similar situation it can be of some help to you, I’ve tried to include as many resources as possible along with the suggestions, so you’ve been warned, I’m not joking when I call it the “ultimate” list, it’s long. I’ve tried to break it up into sections to make it easy to jump around and find what appeals to you, and you can always bookmark it and come back to it later…. More


Question about eye color--please don't judge!

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

I have dark brown eyes and my husband has blue eyes. Both of our boys ended up with blue eyes and people comment on this constantly, saying that since brown is dominant they should have brown eyes. I get weirdly sad that at least one of my kids didn't end up with my eye ...


Should I try to get rid of warts on my feet?

K. N. asks from Ann Arbor

My son had warts on his feet but we got rid of them. I caught them and now I have warts on my feet. I only have three warts (one on my heel and two on the balls on my feet) and they don't bother me.they're just embarrassing if I wear flip flops and people see the bottom ...


Home Educating While Abroad: A Beginner’s Guide

Homeschooling your children can be a daunting task, but doing it while traveling abroad? That can be downright scary at first thought. There is, of course, a lot to consider. You may want your children to have an immersive educational experience. Or, you may want to focus on art and music in Spain. Two months later, when you’re in Greece, you may want to them to learn about science. You might favor a schedule that balances out the curriculum in a more traditional way such as focusing a little on each subject per day. Whichever way you choose to create your homeschooling environment, here is a starter guide to help you navigate the waters…. More


What to do about plantar warts on son's feet?

K. N. asks from Ann Arbor

About 6 months ago I noticed my 7 year old son had a few somethings on his the bottom of his feet while he was getting into bed. I probably wouldn't have taken much notice but I remembered having plantar warts when I was a little girl for over 3 years. They were annoying...