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Is mineral oil okay for my two year old

M. M. asks from Saginaw

My daughter was placed on mineral oil 2oz once a day by her doctor due to her having trouble having hard bowl movments. I know i prolly shouldnt be reading things online an im freaking out is this to much is this going to hurt my child?. The doctor had me sign a paper du...


Are your kids allowed to jump on the bed?

W. W. asks from Los Angeles

My 3 year old loves to jump on her bed and I keep telling her she is not allowed. She ends up closing the door and jumping on her bed until I catch her and make her stop. I don't really care about the bed - I'm just worried she'll fall and hurt herself. I can be a wor...


Anybody have one kid who seems to be from another planet??

A. N. asks from Fort Collins

So, I don't really have a specific question here...maybe I'm just venting. But I'm feeling so frustrated tonight...I feel like I'm going crazy!! I am the mom of 3 beautiful kids. A 15 year old boy, and two girls 11 and 6. My older two kids were so great, and always got a...


How do I feel good about accepting a new job with ex husband bullying?

D. S. asks from Matthews

I am divorced and mom to a 12 year old daughter. My ex and I share custody equally. Six months ago my job was downsized to 32 hours and a 20% pay cut, ouch! I've been doing OK financially with cutting back. Along with the cuts came schedule changes that affected the cust...


Custody after guardian passes.

R. C. asks from Detroit

My Mother has had my daughter since 2008 I wasn't stable enough to take care of her so my mother went to court and Filed paper for Guardianship and was granted guardianship and it been a battle for contact with my child. Now My mother moved from the state where she gaine...


My 10 year old daughter said she “kissed a boy” in her diary. Ughhh

8. L. asks from Corte Madera

My daughter’s babysitter’s 14 years old son kissed my daughter!! Please don’t judge me for reading my daughter’s diary- this post isn’t about that. A little background- my daughter is not developed at all- totally flat chest- no growth spurt yet- she has been...


Asking opinions about short skirts and dresses

B. F. asks from Bear

I used to wear skirts and dresses off and on, but only if my outting was for just a few hours. Over recent years I have come to the conclusion that the typical knee-length ones are stupid and uncomfortable. Hiking up a hemline (from the olden days) just to show leg is ...


By Letting Him Fail, He Truly Succeeded

by Pri Walker

I let my kid fail.

I’m a horrible parent right? Because who doesn’t want their child to succeed?

This started when my son decided he didn’t want to practice for his new belt test for karate. And with that laziness, had the attitude to match it. It was a rough start to what I hoping to successful school year. I was already defeated…. More


Our Children Are Not Us

When I started as an undergraduate, I was determined to tackle the field of medicine. After realizing there was little space in my heart for biology, I decided to change my major. Being my bold self, I did not tell my mother until the deed was done. Eventually we got around to having the conversation, and after a bit of reluctance, she grew to accept my choice to go into a field that offered much less money. (Much less.) That was not the story for some classmates. During an activity, a classmate disclosed that he only majored in biology because his father told him he had to. His father was a doctor and wanted him to become one too. Considering my classmate’s love for art, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had heard. How could anyone force a child to choose between a passion and a namesake?… More


Happy New Year, here’s the resolution you never wanted.

by OC Real Mom

The year started off just fine, super fun actually, but then my body decided to give me a resolution I never wanted, another dietary challenge.

If you know anything about me, you know I eat gluten and dairy free. If you are new to my world, I’ve been gluten-free for almost seven years, and dairy free for about one…. More


Has anyone dealt with this or come up with a solution for it....?

B. F. asks from Bear

You'll have to pardon the subject matter, but my curiosity is for real. It really boils down to being gassy in bed with your husband next to you. I can imagine more husbands (as guys) "let loose" freely at home around their family, and don't bother to say "Excuse me"...


I need some ideas on a product for in the kitchen.

B. F. asks from Bear

Do you know how it is when you get a new pot, pan, or other thing that is going to come into contact with food, and it has special use or washing instructions-----on a paper that comes with the packaging? And keeping that paper or box in the cupboard or drawer with the ...


Is anyone married to a "genius"------when YOU'RE NOT?

B. F. asks from Bear

One incident can make all others seem to cascade right in front of me. Whenever I bump something with my car and it makes even a scratch, or else I get a tiny scratch on my car from an unknown source (shopping cart, maybe?), my husband is mostly the first to notice it a...


my 4 year old bio father wants to meet her, my husband and I can't agree.

A. L. asks from Wilmington

My daughter is 4. Her bio father contacted me a couple of weeks ago. Not sure why he has had a revelation and wants to be a part of her life now, but that is irrelevant. I spoke with my husband, who was furious he even contacted me. My daughter was born out of wedlock an...


Coping question to moms who have recently moved or just ponder it.

B. F. asks from Newark

For moms who have recently moved to a completely new area who live far away from any family and don't know anybody: How does it feel? Have you felt like a complete stranger in a foreign land? Maybe even invisible? (All this is speaking of times when your husband is w...


Similar websites to this one, but different?

B. F. asks from Newark

Does anyone know of any websites that are primarily for married couples? Sometimes I kind of want to ask around about something that involves couples. I have hunted around, but all I've found were ones that try to suck you into counseling--for a fee. Or else they were ...