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How can I best deal with In-Law?

A. W. asks from Frederick

My mother-in-law is not super involved in our lives at all but she comes in to town every couple of months for work appointments. She tends to take over my kids and house. My husband has his own set of issues because she was a very absentee mother and will not deal with ...

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Does your Mom call you?

A. R. asks from Littleton

Do your Moms call you or is it always you who does the calling? My Mom is hard to get ahold of (she watches my brothers kids full time), doesn’t have a cell phone and is terrible about using her answering machine. I talk to her maybe once every couple months as a result.

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Need suggestions on how to stand it

B. F. asks from Newark

This is kind of a bedroom matter and hopefully not TMI. IMyI r guy, like a lot of guys, gets to needing "release". Sometimes I think he wants to do "it" just for something to do. Having never been a guy myself, I can only try to imagine the need/want/urgency, and the...

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Kids and dinosaurs

B. F. asks from Newark

Why do people, especially kids, get so interested in dinosaurs? We've never seen any in real life, SERIOUSLY DOUBT anyone ever will, don't understand how people so far have decided what some looked like, what they ate, etc. etc. So why so much interest? I really coul...

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