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Ideas to help mom

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

After a terrible and long (years) fight, my dad passed away early this morning. It is truly a blessing for him to not have to spend one more day like he was. This was a death that we really have been prepared for - in fact it's unbelievable that he made it as long as h...


How much screentime is okay for young kids?

P. S. asks from Mc Lean

I recently saw this article and am curious what is the screentime routine for other parents: I let me kids have a set amount of time on the weekends only, maybe 1 ...


JFF Do you receive a subscription box?

s. d. asks from Des Moines

Some friends and I were talking the other day about the plethora of subscription boxes. It came down to about 1/4 of the group gets one of some sort. I get a Grove box about every three months and Dollar Shave Club every other month. What about you? I'm curious if yo...


Diagnostic mammo / US during lactation

M. L. asks from Panola

During my last pregnancy, my boobs became red, like when having mastitis, just that they did not hurt or cause any fever. After giving birth I found a lump (at about 1 month postpartum) and now I have to go through a diagnostic mammo and possibly a US. I wonder if any of...


Why is it so hard for me to move away?

R. W. asks from Flushing

I have not been on mamapedia in quite some time, but I am so conflicted, I felt I needed to reach out. I have posted about moving a few times in the past, so I apologize if I sound like a broken record. We currently live in New York, but this past July, we bought a hous...


Lack of sexual desire after kids

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

Did anyone experience a lack of sexual attraction to their spouse/partner after having kids? How did you get it back, if you were able to? I have two kids, ages 1 and7, and my attraction to my husband isn’t there like it used to be.


A Day That Ended With The Christmas Tree In The Yard

I have been married for 15 GLORIOUS years. My spouse, like most husbands, does not especially enjoy honey do lists. For years I have talked about outdoor holiday lighting. I see to the indoor decorations, but outside stays mostly unimpressive. We live in a neighborhood where many families let their Christmas cheer spill over into their yards. I love driving through the streets at night and beholding the wonderment of every lit up home…. More


That Time I Left Youth Football In An Ambulance

by Tonja Bell of "Bell on Heels"

I love football. So when my son begged to play rec league three years ago, I was beyond thrilled. I am just Jonathan’s mom on the sidelines. I probably have a reputation for being overzealous where my kids are concerned. My middle school band son said that I am no longer allowed to dance beside the brass section at the football games when he performs…. More


Has any "regular lay person" successfully used a waiver?

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

I am in the process of rolling over an IRA to my work retirement since our work recently started offering that. One of the attorneys is also the Plan Administrator for our office. I self-drew the funds 58 days ago, rather than doing a direct roll-over (we had our reaso...


Speaking of Thanksgiving . . .

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

For the first time in a very long time, I am doing a little Thanksgiving meal at my house. Normally, I go to the nursing home and eat with my dad and hubby takes the kids (well, we are down to one, now) to his Brother/SIL for their gathering 3 hrs away. This year, hubb...


Curious as to what you would do? ***SWH

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

So our son who is 19 can vote this year. He is mildly delayed and has schizophrenia (along with being on the Spectrum and other issues), which really affects his ability to be in "reality" with many things. We decided not to assume guardianship of him for several diffe...


How early is too early SWH ADDED

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

I'll be the first to admit that Halloween isn't my "jam." This year, the businesses in town are doing a little Halloween walk from 3:00 - 5:30. Basically you can go into any business that has the sign on their door stating they are participating during those hours and ...


Your experience with a diaper bag ?? pleasee

M. G. asks from New York

I'm due to have my first baby in a month! I never really had a diaper bag . I just want to know what's good out there :) 1.When do you take it with you and where do you use it ? 2.What are the plus and minus in the diaper bags ? 3.How does the bag help you and what p...


Update on the job situation

T. D. asks from New York

They wanted to hire me before I even had the interview. Things went well. and I start the end of the month!! My question? Could you keep me in your thoughts as I have not had a real job since 2009!!! I am nervous and excited.


I Was Lost in the Laundry. Did Anyone Even Notice I Was Gone?

I was watching a daily news program during my morning 15 Minutes of Silence.

If you mamas out there don’t practice this habit, trust me, you need this. Start your day, before the kiddos wake up and the chaos ensues, with at least 15 minutes of only you, your fav coffee mug and whatever you fancy: Candy Crush, The Today Show, Facebook, planner planning, bible journaling, staring off into space, dreaming of going back to bed in 15 hours. Whatevs. You choose. And because wine is frowned upon in the mornings, this really is the next best thing. It is so good for the soul and for your AM ‘mom mood’…. More