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Light, small, compact pick up truck

N. G. asks from West Boxford

I’m about to retire in a year and will need a new/used car. If anyone has an opinion on my buying a small pickup truck rather than a sedan or SUV, please let me know. My love is yard sales and thrift store shopping and often I need a larger car for my stash. ...


Could really use advice

M. T. asks from Oregon

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 8 months. I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant. I realized he had an alcohol problem half way in. I could never understand why he would get so angry over little things. It was like a completely different person. He’s thrown hangers, c...


4th grader says the light is too bright in classroom, makes him tired

M. T. asks from Saint Paul

Hi, my son starting 4th grade this fall says that the light is too bright in his classroom and it makes him too tired to look at the whiteboard for too long. He says it's better when he was in a classroom with a blackboard, but multiple classes in a row using whiteboard...


Strange Pregnancy Question answers needed?

V. K. asks from Illinois City

I had my last period February 26th. I left for basic March 4th and ended up stopping my birth control pills to get on the Nexplanon april 3rd I think. I got out of basic due to an injury on June 12. And i had protected sex the end of June. Condom and my nexplanon. Then e...


Help for increased eye wrinkles after illness?

R. J. asks from Palm Harbor

Recently I was sick for WEEKS after a severe sinus infection and bronchitis. About two weeks in I noticed an increase in the wrinkles under my eyes as well as "bags". I'm definitely not a vain person, but it's really bothering me. I started using a Rodan and Fields eye...


Should I cancel my sons first birthday party?

M. B. asks from Columbus

he’s been to the doctor and the doctor said it may be his teeth or a viral bug. He has thrown up the last couple days but has no fever. We have friends with older kids coming but they will mostly be outside playing. What should I do? It’s supposed to be tomorrow.


Acupuncture for Kids?

Let me just start by answering my own question…a resounding YES! Acupuncture for children has a long, rich history beginning in China and (insert excited emoji here), it’s gaining popularity in the States!… More


Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette, Sticky situation from previous question

s. L. asks from Arvada

See my last question for more details on the continuing saga of my husband's niece and her fiance. Anyway, my dd was left out of the wedding party for her cousin's wedding but just today, we received an invitation to the rehearsal dinner....none of us are in the wedding...


The Lessons I Learned from Childhood Help Me Promote Civil Rights As an Adult

by Robbin Miller

I recently published my first chapter book for children, A Girl’s Dream to Play Little League Baseball with Boys The themes of my memoir are grit, persistence, and tenacity in achieving your goals despite the boos, jeers, and name calling that can happen to you on your life’s journey. I overcame those obstacles by believing I was doing the right thing in playing little league with boys when it was the first year that girls were legally allowed to play: 1975. I thank my parents and my brother for being my greatest cheerleaders in seeing me cross the sidelines to play little league with boys…. More


What resources are there?

T. D. asks from New York

I have posted before about the toxic relationship I am in. But it has not gotten any better. My husband has started to say things to the kids that concern me. He actually told our 9 year old that he was going to leave him in foster care. and in another conversation he st...


What is ADHD?

“ADHD, the energy to do anything. The focus to accomplish nothing.”

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic medical condition which often begins in childhood and continues into adulthood. It is thought to affect 3–9% of school-age children and young people and about 2% of adults worldwide…. More


I have a problem with husband’s brother touching my girls.

b. l. asks from New York

How do I start this? First of all, my husband’s brother doesn’t speak to people. He knows how to talk but will only talk to people he is really comfortable with. And because of that, he never had a girlfriend and he is 35 though he tried to hit on my sister on Facebo...


Video game questions . . .

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

@JB - a thousand flowers to you if I could. You made me cry with your thoughtful words. I often think of you and what you have gone through with your own family (especially your ex) and your amazing strength and grace. Thank you so much!!! --- So our 19 yr old is c...


Just curious - maybe someone here knows the answer

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

I went to get my nails done last night and while there, a younger gal comes in wearing a ankle monitoring bracelet. She wasn't shy about it - wearing short, shorts and flip flops, it was in plain view. Additionally, she was making jokes during her pedicure to the salon...


When to tell kids . . . *ETA - one more thought

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

I was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. It's treatable - I'll live. As some of you may recall, my husband was diagnosed with cancer last year. He isn't a candidate for treatment at this time, but he is doing well and the cancer is moving slow enough that it isn't an ur...


Weird question about flies

M. 6. asks from Woodbridge

My assistant decided yesterday to prop the front door to the office open (it's a direct to outside door from the reception area). About 4 hrs later, she comes to tell me she has to shut the door because the lobby has about 100 flies in it. Because we have really tall w...


4 year old boy refuses to poop on potty

B. S. asks from New York

He's my third child, peeing he has down. He's 4.5. Other 2 did not give me this trouble. He flat out refuses to do it. Any pointers appreciated.