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Straterra or Concerta for ADHD??

My son is 8.5 and has been on Concerta for about 2 years now. He seems to be doing better in school but I have to say I am at my wits ends. Since Concerta takes an hour or so to work, mornings are a nightmare. He is just so hyper. Every morning I dread waking up and dealing with getting him ready for school and me ready for work. We have a large family and it's hard enough simply because of that, but add a very hyper child, and it's even worse. Then by the time he gets home from school, the meds seem to be wearing off and evenings are...

ADD / ADHD Medications

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Medication for ADHD

My husband and I have recently obtained gaurdianship of our three grandchildren. My oldest is 8 years old and the doctor has decided that he would benefit from medication for ADHD. The medication that they have prescribed is Adderall. I have been doing some research on the internet but would like some feedback from parents or grandparents who have any experience with this subject. Thank you.


Is Is ADD or What?

My 9 year old has recently been diagnosed with ADD. Since the end of her...


Is It ADD?

I have been having a lot of problems with my middle daughter. She is almost...