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What Was Your Major or Career?

I am 3 classes from getting my associates degree in general studies. Then, I will have to declare a major when I apply to a university. I know what I don't want to do (I am horrible at anything math related), but have no clue what I do want to do. I will get career counseling and take a personality test (myers briggs) to help me narrow it down. But I wanted to know *real world* experiences in the job field and if it relates to your major at all to give me some ideas, because I am stumped. So, if you feel like sharing. What did you major...


Career or Baby

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several...


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Trying to Stick to a Budget

I've created a budget to deal with my husband's and I expeses because with gas prices the way they are, we can't afford to spend money frivilously. The only problem is, I can't seem to get it started. Everytime I try to stick to the budget that month, my husband spends money on things we don't really need and we end up broke again. This wouldn't be such a problem if not for the fact that we have a baby on the way and things are going to get majorly expensive. We really can't afford to spend money with a baby. I've talk to him about this but...


Starting a Budget

Hello! I'm a sahm whose looking for some good suggestions on how to do a...


Credit Cards

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Reward Credit Cards

I've been a long time user of Amazon rewards. I home school, so I tend to use my rewards to buy supplies and things for the kids. It works out great. Recently, however, we got an offer from American Express for $400 in travel credits if we spent a certain amount over a few months. Fortunately, hubby and I both applied for these cards before we found out we'd be doing a last minute trip to Ireland. I just used my $400 free travel credits, and I am soooooo thankful for this extra money to help pay for this unexpected trip (our airline tickets...

Financial Problems

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Would You Rent to Somebody with Bad Credit?

I would like to know your opinion if you would rent to somebody with bad credit. Less say that the person had a no so bad credit for most of the 7 years, struggle for 2 or 3 years but is getting better in the last year. Doesn't most people is having hard times right now, isn't this kind of understandable if not every person is having good credits with this economy? So if you had a property for rent, how much would you considerate a bad credit, would you look for all the 7 years or the past 2, would it matter why they had a bad credit ...


401K & Foreclosure

My husband and I are having a lot of financial struggles... since I started...

Financial Responsibility

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Rent to Own or Lease

ok my least is coming up in a couple of months and I'm interested in a home...


Financial Service Providers

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Seeking Financial Planner in the City

I am looking for a good Financial planner to help figure out how to best save for our children's college. We have a good chunck of money sitting in a savings account and feel that this money could be better invested elsewhere but have no clue. We live in North Center, just north of Roscoe Village, and would like to find someone close, or someone who is willing to come to our house and talk to us.


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Question About Financial Investments

What does your family invest in to bring in extra income? What has been your experiences from your investments, the pros and cons? I heard on the radio this morning that if you plan on retiring soon that you should remove the money from your 401 and put it in other places (have you done this?)so it got me to thinking about investments. Real estate stock market Funding a business Share your experience......


Kids & Money

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Major Purchases

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Which Car Seats to Purchase?

I'll give you the kiddos stats, first: DD#1: 3 years old (just), 33 lbs, 38 inches tall; currently in her bigger sister's Britax, which is expiring DD#2: 5 months old, 18lbs, 27 inches tall; currently in a Graco baby bucket We're driving a 2008 Kia Sedona, with the two carseat riders in the middle row, captain's chairs We've been looking at & reading about new carseats & are having a hard time deciding. We tried some seats out yesterday & liked the Britax Frontier for DD1; it seemed roomy & I like that the harness straps don't...


Big Girl Car Seat

Hi Ladies! I just have a question for you all. I have a 9 month old who is...

Recurring Expenses

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Living on Credit Cards

Financially we are quite a mess, and at odds as to what to do! So please, any advice would be helpful. Our credit score is excellent, we manage to pay things on time, because we keep borrowing from our credit cards. We are over 115,000 in debt, and that does NOT include the large mortgage. We are an average family, we don't make a lot of $, we bought a home too expensive, and had debt going into it, but now it's way worse. We are not upside down, just have more going out then whats coming in. We'd like to keep good credit, because...

Saving Money

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What Do You Do to Be Frugal?

My husband and I are on a very tight budget right now and I am having a hard time making ends meet. I am using coupons out of the Sunday paper, using cloth diapers, using a clothes line, etc. I have a few questions. First, any information on where to find more coupons? WHat are you ladies doing to be "frugal" and save money? Lastly, do you have any "frugal" recipes you would like to share or where could I find some good ones? Thanks for all of your help!


Money Saving Tips

I was curious if anyone had any money saving tips they practice to help with...