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Roto Virus Advice

M.M. asks from Mansfield

Hi we just found out my daughter has roto virus an i know nothing about it. i was wondering if anyone has any advice on dealing with it.Is there a medication i could...


14 Month Old with Roto Virus

J.S. asks from Dallas

My son has been sick for a week - vomiting and diarrhea. I contacted my pediatrician and he said he's got the Roto Virus. Has anyone ever experienced this? What ca...


My Son Keeps Getting the Stomach Flu

K.M. asks from Philadelphia

i have two kids, a son who is six and in kindergarten, and a two year old daughter. at christmas, the entire family, with the exception of my husband, got the stomach...


When Do You Know If Its More than the Stomach Flu?

V.D. asks from Salt Lake City

How long does the stomach flu typically last? When should you worry that it's more than stomach flu?


Stomach Flu and Pregnant?

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello - I am currently about 5 weeks pregnant and over the last few days I have had a sinus cold and the stomach flu. Everyone in my house had been throwing up/diarr...


Stomach Flu Stress

H.B. asks from San Francisco

My 4-year-old started a really bad stomach flu in our home. It was a weird one. She had bad tummy aches during the day and would throw up all night long for 4 nights ...


Stomach Flu

G.G. asks from Yuba City

My 2 year old son came down with the stomach flu about 5 days ago. Today is the first day with no vomiting and diarrhea so I'm wondering if I can give him milk and o...


Stomach Flu

A.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter has the stomach flu that is going around (vomiting, diarrhea, etc..) any suggestions on how to make this time a little more tolerable? I am willing to try...


Feeding a Child with Stomach Flu

A.L. asks from Sacramento

This is the second time my younger son has caught a nasty virus in the past year, and I think it's the stomach flu. He had a fever, threw up a few times and now has ...


Stomach Flu Help!!!

D.C. asks from Detroit

My hosue has been passing around the dreaded stomach flu bug!! I have been having my 18 month old drinking pedialyte (sp?) He hasn't thrown up at all today, but still...