Diaper Disposal

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To Diaper Genie or Not...

I received a Diaper Genie II from a friend at my baby shower, but I had decided previously to go with the disposable diaper bags (www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3011096). Now I don't know if I want to keep the genie or stick to my original plan. Anyone have any suggestions about using the diaper genie? I don't want to have more baby items than I need.

Diaper Pail Products

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Diaper Champ, Diaper Genie - the List Goes On!

What diaper pail do you use and love? I hated the diaper genie when I used it. It didn't do anything to mask the odors and we ended up just using the regular garbage and taking it out multiple times per day. So, I am looking for something better with this baby. I am debating between the diaper champ and the diaper pail listed on onestepahead.com. Have you used either? I think with both, you can use regular garbage bags. But, I have been told the pail on onestepahead.com is noisy so you cannot use it when baby is sleeping or napping. ...


Smelly Diaper Champ

We've used the diaper champ for 17 months now. For the first year or so the...

Diaper Services

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Cloth Diaper Workshops and Services

We're thinking of cloth diapering our newborn (due late June) and I am quite overwhelmed with all the cloth diapering options out there...I was wondering if there are any cloth diapering workshops in the West LA area, or a store we can visit to look at different types and as questions. We're also considering signing up for a cloth diapering service (who will drop of diapers, and pick them up at end of the week, wash them etc) and are trying to decide between Luludew, Blessed Bums and Dy-Dee diaper services. I think all three cover West...