Increased Independence

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Helping My Children Become Self-reliant.

L.P. asks from San Francisco

I want to raise my children to be good decision makers and be a bit more structured than I was as a child, but I don’t want to be a micro mom manager. I want them ...


Want Reviews on Book- "Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self- Indulgent World"

M.Q. asks from Indianapolis

Hi everyone! My sister (who does not have children) just called to tell me that I should buy and read this book that is all about how to foster confidence and indepe...


Independence Day

G.H. asks from Chicago

Happy American Independence Day. I asked my 12 yr old niece what Independence Day meant & she had no idea besides 'independence' & get togethers & fireworks at nigh...


Do I Force Him

M.J. asks from Milwaukee

My DD who just turned 6 loves her older brother. I guess the times he playes with her and is nice to her are so fun that she keeps looking for that to happen again. P...


Biking Independence

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

I know it probably depends somewhat on the individual child, but at what age is it appropriate to give kids greater independence riding their bikes on busy roads, etc...


How Do I Teach Independence?

A.G. asks from Spartanburg

Hi ladies! I need to know how to teach my almost 4 year old to be independent when doing class work. For example, when we try to get him to write his name he says "...


Is It Independence or Defiance?

M.T. asks from San Francisco

Hi mamas...Ok, I have tried to write this post a number of times but I have so much to get out I don't know where to begin (sorry...and thank you in advance for readi...



S.M. asks from Phoenix

My 6yr. old is currently in kinder. and is not an early morning riser. I have to get her going in the morning and help her get ready so that she's on time for school...


Independence Center Play Area?

E.S. asks from Kansas City

Independence Center is a pretty good hike for us, but I'm willing to drive for something new to do. What can anyone tell me about the play area for kids? I've been ...


Looking for a Good Pediatrician in the Independence KY Area.

C.N. asks from Cincinnati

I have a pediatrician in Fort Thomas but the drive from Independence is a hassle. I'm looking for a good pediatrician in around Independence or even Florence area. I ...