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Climbing Out of Pack N Play

My 2 yo started climbing out of her pack 'n play on our latest trip. She only got a small bump on the chin, but she was getting into things that could have been hazardous. Other than sitting in her room until she falls asleep (almost 2 hours last night!), how can I keep her in her bed. She has a crib tent at home and is definitely not yet ready for a big bed. I don't want to stop visiting the grandparents and taking other great trips!

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Crib or Not Question

O.k. please don't think of me as a bad mom for debating this but...we pregnant with our third and have already gotten rid of all of our old baby things because of a long distance move. Both of our two kids so far have been out of the crib by 15 month of age. We are seriously debating whether or not to buy a crib new or used for this child. We have a great pack n play in great condition and were thinking of getting the pack n play mattress pads and just having our little one sleep in that from 6,7 months until we put the baby in a big kid...

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Help, Child Who Escapes!

I watch a little girl during the day who can now get out of the pack n play. I'm not sure what to do. Her Mom was thinking about buying one of those tent-like covers. She already had to buy one for her crib at home. I'm trying now to lay her down but she keeps kicking her leg over and then falling h*** o* her head. You would think she might get tired of doing this bc it would hurt but no...Help.


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...

Sleeping Habits

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Best Pack N Play

We are going to be getting a pack n play soon to use in our bedroom for a newborn. After seeing many reviews it seems the bassinets in them do not always work well and tend to bend and the same is true for the ones with the changing table addition. I was wondering if there is a brand that anyone loves. Our room is too small for a crib and the baby's room will be on another floor, so this is our best option for the bedroom and it will be usable for travel too. Thanks for any and all comments.

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Too Much Television?

I allow my 19 month old daughter to watch about 2 hours of television in the morning while I get ready for work. I usually put her in her pack-n-play with some toys and put the t.v. on (Nick Jr.) and she keeps herself busy in there. I don't see any other way to get ready for work. I'm home alone when i get ready and can't let her have the run of the house while I shower, etc. Do you think this is too much t.v. for her? She doesn't watch all that much t.v. for the remainder of the day (just a little before bed). Any other...


1 Yr Old Not Walking

My son will be 1 on Thursday and he is still not walking. I know that some...

Teaching Good Hygiene

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Getting Out Moldy Smell in a Pack -N- Play

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get rid of a moldy smell in a pack -n- play. Someone gave me theirs and it has that smell and I was hoping someone had some advice.