Facial Moisturizer for My (Almost) 4 Year Old Daughter?

Updated on September 03, 2010
P.S. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ
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My daughter has very dry skin that can be sensitive. Can anyone recommend a good FACIAL moisturizer for children? I use Aveeno Baby on her body, but when I tried a little on her face it caused irritation. She is almost 4 years old and has always had sensitive skin. She has occasional problems with eczema. Thanks for any suggestions!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I used little palmer's face butter for my daughter. She had eczema on her face when she was only a couple weeks old and it cleared it right up. It's in a little tube and you can get it at babiesrus.



answers from Philadelphia on

I also have to give a recommendation for Cetaphil for sensitive skin. I love it. I have also used Aquaphor on my son and that worked well too.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We use aquaphor when their skin is really dry on face or anywhere, but all other times our Ped. recommended using Vanicream. Not greasy at all and both my kids have slight eczema and quite sensitive skin and Vanicream has never caused any irritation. It is very mild. It is easy to find at any drugstore/Target/Cosco type place.

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answers from Reading on

My daughter also has eczema and has since she was born. I will put Triple Paste lotion on the areas on her skin and that seems to really help. Also use Aquaphor body wash and lotion. Her dr gave us a prescription which cost $60 (with insurance) and it did not work. The triple paste has worked the best for us! Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

I use Cetaphil on my son (2.5 yo) all over including his face. He has sensitive skin and eczema and we've had no problems with it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

CeraVe is probably the best out there. Oftentimes it is kept behind the pharmacy desk so if you don't see it, ask. You can use it on her body as well. A little pricey but very worth it.


answers from Dallas on

Hi P.,
I'm a Shaklee Distributor and we have some very notice lotion for children/babies I think would be great for your daughter. I was a dry/sensitive skin child and still am. I understand! If you would like a link to my website to take a peek just let me know.


answers from York on

We LOVE California Baby's Calendula Cream for our one year old.



answers from Columbus on

I agree with Aquaphor before bed. It's amazing!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Like Brenda P said, Cetaphil is great. It even comes in a sensitive skin option and most places (like Wal Mart and CVS) have a less expensive store brand. I also noticed our Sam's Club had the Cetaphil soap and lotion if you are looking for a 3 pack.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Try CeraVe it is sold over the counter at walmart in there health and beauty section by the cetaphil



answers from Philadelphia on

calendula cream is amazing and its all natural! california baby makes some and babies r us sells it.



answers from Detroit on

Arbonne's ABC Baby Lotion is great for head to toe I also recommend using the ABC Hair and Body wash since OTC products have alcohol and other drying and irritating ingredients. The ABC Baby Oil, Diaper Rash Ointment (great for bug bites and stings and minor scrapes and burns) and the ABC Sunsreen are all pure, safe, beneficial and effective products for Baby, Children and Adults. Please private message me for more information, before and after pictures, a free sample and my contact info.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Aquaphor healing ointment. Apply it every night before bed. It works wonders!



answers from Kansas City on

My daughter's allergist said CeraVe, cream, not lotion.



answers from New York on

Hi There! Our company, Belly Buttons & Babies makes a Mom & Baby cream that will help with your daughters' dry skin. If you'd like to purchase, please email me at [email protected]____.com product usually sells for about $25.00 but I can offer it to you at $15.00 plus shipping. Visit our website www.bellybuttonsandbabies.com to read up on this product plus other products we offer. We accept PayPal. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Renew by Melaleuca is awesome for sensitive dry skin.



answers from Philadelphia on

When my son had a spot of eczema the pediatrician recommended aquaphor. Walmart sells the generic of it and it works great. My neice and nephews had eczema because my sister in law is an native american. It is something that always worked well with dry skin and the eczema. It can be used for the rest of the body as well. When I had a bad sunburn in June,it was the only thing that soothed my skin.



answers from Philadelphia on

Arbonne has some wonderful products for dry skin and eczema. It is the only thing that worked for my family. Send me a message and I will be more than happy to send you some FREE samples


answers from Allentown on

Hi, P.:
Look on the web at: dermadoctor.com

Hope this helps. D.

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