Counselor or Therapist

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Therapist, Counselor, or Psychologist?

A.B. asks from Punta Gorda

For a long time now I have felt like "talking with someone" would help me deal with some of my issues and tendencies in my life. I tend to overreact to negative thing...


Seeking a Child Therapist / Counselor / Psychologist in the Western Suburbs

J.L. asks from Chicago

Can anyone recommend a good therapist / counselor / psychologist specializing in children? My daughter, age 4, is having extreme behavioral issues that I need help de...


Psychologist for Children

J.B. asks from Spokane

hello moms. I have made the choice to no longer continue my marriage. there are so many things wrong with it and due to him not wanting to help fix it I no longer hav...


Should I Look for a Psychologist or Therapist?

K.R. asks from San Diego

Motherhood brings on HUGE life changes--hormonal imbalances, career changes, and responsibility for totally dependent little people. I'm struggling to deal... ...


Need Referral for Therapist / Psychologist / Like

M.N. asks from Chicago

Does anyone out there have a therapist or psychologist they would recommend in the northeast 'burbs (I'm in Libertyville, Gurnee, Mundelein area)? I am married and e...


Has Your Child Seen a Pediatric Psychologist?

K.B. asks from Dallas

We're having troubles with our 3 year old that have lead us to believe we need to see professional help. If you've seen a pediatric psychologist or counselor- did y...


When to See a Therapist

K.M. asks from Boston

Hi Everyone, I have been struggling with my 4 year old and my 2 year old lately. But I am starting to feel guilt over the way I have handled certain situations, a...


Looking for Recommendations for a Child Psychologist.

K.K. asks from Detroit

My 7 year old son is having trouble staying focused in class and has had behavioral problems both at home and school that seem to be getting worse instead of better n...


I Need Help Finding a Child Psychologist or Counselor

W.P. asks from Dallas

Once again I am sending out a call for help. Ya'll have helped me so much before and I know you will again. I need help finding a child psychologist or counselor...


Seeking a Marriage Counselor...

M.H. asks from Detroit

My husband and I desperately need a marriage counselor now. Any suggestions for a good therapist in Troy or surrounding areas? If he/she accepts insurance, that's a plus.