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Seeking Female Pediatrician for 12-Yr-old Autistic-Spectrum Child

M.B. asks from Portland

Hi, there! My daughter, whom we adopted from China when she was 10 months old, has a long list of psychological challenges, but we do our best to deal with those thr...


Input from Moms of Autistic Spectrum Kids About Help Wanted from Extended Family

L.B. asks from New York

I have a grandson on the autistic spectrum and belong to a support group for grandparents. I would love input from you mothers (and fathers) with kids on the spectrum...



S.M. asks from San Francisco

Did anyone who has an autistic child see the news press conference about autism/vaccinations going to the courts today? The nurse and doctor that have a girl with au...


Could It Be Autism?

S.Q. asks from Youngstown

i know a 2 year old who still does not talk, is overy irritable, clingy to his mother and usually unhappy unless he is staring at a kids video or show on tv. he will ...


Private Schools for ADHD & School Screenings for Autistic Spectrum Kids

D.L. asks from Dallas

Wow, where do I start with this question. First a little background. I have a 7 year old girl who was diagnosed with ADHD in December. She is now on meds that has hel...


Autism:how Do You Know If a Child Is Autistic?

B.C. asks from Janesville-Beloit

i have a dear friend, my best friend of ten+years who has a 23 mo old who doesnt talk unless told to say words. i have noticed he is very sensitive to sensory things ...


A Special Preschool in Pittsburgh for a Highly Autistic Spectrum Daughter

S.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi, my 3 yr old daughter was diagnosed last week with an autism spectrum disorder, her dr. said she is high on the spectrum which is a good thing. I want to put my da...



A.G. asks from Albuquerque

Im just wondering about if and when kids with Autism start to show signs of having Autism. I have no reason to suspect that my kids are autistic, (they are allmost 6 ...



J.S. asks from Washington DC

Was your child diagnosed with Autism? At what age? What type of doctor did you see? Thanks,



S.W. asks from Los Angeles

I'm looking for some activities that my 12 year old son can participate in he has autism.