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Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Hello ladies! I need to plan a baby shower for my sister and would like it to have a theme of some kind. She planned a nursery rhyme themed shower for me and it was adorable! Any ideas? She is having a girl, but I would like to stay away from the princess type themes! Thanks and God Bless!


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Batman Birthday Cake

Hey Mamma's! Due to a last minute change in plans, I need a Batman themed birthday cake by Saturday for my 6 yr old's party! Does anyone know where to get one? I do not have time to bake it myself and I really want it to look cool. Not concerned about price, just where to get the best cake at such short notice! Thanks!


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Western Cowboy Party

My son will be turning one in a 5 months. We are wanting to give him a little party with close friends and family. I am wanting to do a Cowboy party. I need more ideas. So far I think I will make some catcus cut outs of card board painted green, marshmellow pops that look like T.N.T. and order a western looking cake. I dont want to go over board and bring in hay or anything too extream. I am asking so far in advance because if I need to make anything I need to allow myself PLEANTY of time. Thanks for you help.


Cowboy Themed Party

I will be throwing a cowboy themed birthday party for my two little buck-a...


Birthday Theme Ideas

My sister and I throw one big birthday party for our kids. My sons birthday...

For Both

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First Birthday Bath Theme Ideas?

My Son's first birthday is in 3 weeks and I have chosen a bath theme. I am on a tight budget ($20-30) as we just had to do some MAJOR car repairs. Does anyone have any cute ideas for decorations, food, favors, anything that falls within our theme & would help me stay under budget?


Birthday Theme Ideas

My sister and I throw one big birthday party for our kids. My sons birthday...

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For Girls

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Girl 1St Birthday Theme... Help Me Decide

Hello Mamas I am having a hard time deciding which theme to choose for my little girl's 1st birthday theme. I know they won't remember, but I still want it to be cute. For my first little girl we chose a bunny as the theme since she had a lovely that always had to be with her. My second hasn't really taken to anything like that. So my question is which would you choose.... A girlie Monkey theme or girlie Owl theme. I have found very cute cakes, invitations, and party supplies in either, I just can't decide. My husband...


Movie Party Theme...

My daughter's party is this weekend and well, she waited almost the last...

Hannah Montana

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11 Year Old Girl Theme B-day Party

My cousin is wanting a "theme" B-Day party for her 11th birthday. She is leaning more toward a theme of movies or a dog theme. Any suggestions?

Hello Kitty

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1St Birthday Party - Hello Kitty Ideas

Hello- I am having a Hello Kitty themed first birthday party for my daughter. I know most people just have a smaller party but have decided therwise. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to incorporate the theme into centerpieces, favors, etc...? I have made the invitations myself and is not too babyish. I am pretty crafty and wanted to get some suggestions.. Thanks in advance.

High School Musical

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High School Musical Party

My daughter will be turning 7 and she wants a high school musical theme. Does anyone have ideas on theme related games and food to serve? i thought about doing the prom theme from hsm3 but then couldnt think of other activities to go with that, plus that maybe a little too old for them. let me know if you have any ideas, they would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Movie Party Theme...

My daughter's party is this weekend and well, she waited almost the last...


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Having Friends over - Would You Want to Be Asked first...horses, Pond

My kids are ages 11,9 and 8. (also have a 1 year old, but she doesn't ride horses, yet :) Whenever the kids have friends over, I always ask the parent if it's ok before I let the kids swim in the pond or ride the horses. We have rules about these activities and the kids know them well. Just today one of my son's friends wanted to swim in the pond. I told him I hadn't asked his mom if it was ok first. He wanted me to call her at work, which I didn't do because I didn't want to bother her for something like that. I'm now starting to...

Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

My soon to be 4 year old loves Indiana Jones. I want to decorate the house while he is sleeping for his birthday. The only decorations I saw that might work would be the tiki stuff. Does anyone have any good creative decorating ideas for an Indiana Jones theme?


Son's Birthday Party

My son really really wants an Indiana Jones birthday party. Problem is there...

Princess & Cinderella

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Cinderella Birthday Party

hi I am having a cinderella birthday fr my 5 yr old kid ...i have kids from 2 to 6 yr old girls n boys. I wanted some ideas for games and decorating the room ...i hab=ve bought cinderella screen setter but still unable to get the idea to decorate the room...can anyone share their ideas for the above


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Spiderman Birthday Party

Does anyone have any ideas for a Spiderman party? We are holding it at a rec club that has a ball pit, nets (webs) to climb and a slide, so I don't think we'll have time for too many games, but any ideas for food, favors, invitations,or decorations would be great. Our son will be turning 4, and about half the guests will be girls. Thank you!

Sports Theme

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Sports Theme Party for 6Yr

Hello Great Moms! I am having a sports theme party for my son who is turning 6 years old. we are having it at a local park with plenty of open space. I want to play a few games at the party. Do you have any good ideas for games (sport ones) that you have done or seen done at a birthday party. Or just any good sport ideas in general for birthday parties? All ideas welcome!! Thank you so much for helping!!!


Theme Birthday Party

My son can't decide whether to do a Pirates of the Caribbean for his 6th...


The Sports Question

When my son was very young he was somewhat uncoordinated. He tried t-ball...

Star Wars or Clone Wars

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Clone Wars Birthday Party Ideas

I'm planning a Clone Wars birthday party for my 6 yr old for this weekend, and I found a few activity ideas online, but didn't really LOVE them. Can you give me some ideas for easy to prepare party games for 10-15 6 yr olds?

Tea Party

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Tea Party Ideas

I wanted to know if anyone has had a tea party for their daughters and if so could you give me some ideas. My daughter is 6 yrs. old and has been telling me that she wants to have a tea party for the longest time, so I agreed and we are having it this coming weekend. There's only going to be about 6 girls total. So we have a tea set that they would use, but any creative ideas to make this fun for them would be helpful.


Holiday Tea Party

I invited 14 little girls over (Lord,Please help me!) and other than the...


Fairy Tea Party

My sister is having a Fairy themed tea party for her 6 year old daughter....