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Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Hello ladies! I need to plan a baby shower for my sister and would like it to have a theme of some kind. She planned a nursery rhyme themed shower fo...


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Batman Party

My son is wanting to have a Batman birthday party, and he keeps asking for the "real Batman" to come. Any ideas on where I could get a "real Batman" f...


Batman Birthday Cake

Hey Mamma's! Due to a last minute change in plans, I need a Batman themed birthd...


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Cowgirl Birthday Party Games

My daughter is turning 6 and wants to have a cowgirl party at home. We will have about 12-15 kids ranging in age from 3-8, mostly girls but a few boys...


Western Cowboy Party

My son will be turning one in a 5 months. We are wanting to give him a little pa...


Cowboy Themed Party

I will be throwing a cowboy themed birthday party for my two little buck-a-roos ...


Birthday Theme Ideas

My sister and I throw one big birthday party for our kids. My sons birthday is o...

For Both

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First Birthday Bath Theme Ideas?

My Son's first birthday is in 3 weeks and I have chosen a bath theme. I am on a tight budget ($20-30) as we just had to do some MAJOR car repairs. Does...


Monkey Theme

I'm planning a monkey themed 1st birthday party for my son. I'm not crazy about...


Birthday Theme Ideas

My sister and I throw one big birthday party for our kids. My sons birthday is o...

For Boys

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Party Theme

My son LOVES Minecraft and is turning 7 and has requested a minecraft party. So ...

For Girls

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Girl 1St Birthday Theme... Help Me Decide

Hello Mamas I am having a hard time deciding which theme to choose for my little girl's 1st birthday theme. I know they won't remember, but I still...


Carnival Theme

I am having a carnival theme bday party for my 7 year old. Wanting to buy carniv...


Theme Ideas

My sister is having a party for my 8 year old niece this month and she wants me...


Movie Party Theme...

My daughter's party is this weekend and well, she waited almost the last minute ...

Hannah Montana

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Hannah Montana

Hi Mamas! I know this is a silly topic, and trust me Im not losing any sleep over this but wanted to get other opinions on the subject. My daughter...


Hannah Montana

Besides Birthday Express, is there another cool way to throw a HM party?? (8 yea...

Hello Kitty

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1St Birthday Party - Hello Kitty Ideas

Hello- I am having a Hello Kitty themed first birthday party for my daughter. I know most people just have a smaller party but have decided therwis...


My Sons Kitty Died....

My little boy, he is 7 was given a kitten for his birthday last year. We got it...

High School Musical

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High School Musical Party

My daughter will be turning 7 and she wants a high school musical theme. Does anyone have ideas on theme related games and food to serve? i thought abo...


Movie Party Theme...

My daughter's party is this weekend and well, she waited almost the last minute ...


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Halloween Theme

Traditionally, I have my kids dress up for Halloween surrounding a certain theme...

Indiana Jones

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Hollywood Party Theme

Can you hlep out with decorations and favor ideas for a hollywood themed party? ...


Son's Birthday Party

My son really really wants an Indiana Jones birthday party. Problem is there is ...

Princess & Cinderella

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Cinderella Birthday Party

hi I am having a cinderella birthday fr my 5 yr old kid ...i have kids from 2 to 6 yr old girls n boys. I wanted some ideas for games and decorating ...


Princess Pinata

I need a princess pinata - and not the Disney one that Walmart and Target carry....


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Spiderman Birthday Party

Does anyone have any ideas for a Spiderman party? We are holding it at a rec club that has a ball pit, nets (webs) to climb and a slide, so I don't th...

Sports Theme

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Sports Theme Party for 6Yr

Hello Great Moms! I am having a sports theme party for my son who is turning 6 years old. we are having it at a local park with plenty of open space....



My son is 4 and I want to get him involved in sports but he's at that age where ...


Theme Birthday Party

My son can't decide whether to do a Pirates of the Caribbean for his 6th birthda...


The Sports Question

When my son was very young he was somewhat uncoordinated. He tried t-ball and so...

Star Wars or Clone Wars

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Clone Wars Birthday Party Ideas

I'm planning a Clone Wars birthday party for my 6 yr old for this weekend, and I found a few activity ideas online, but didn't really LOVE them. Can y...


Star Wars

I was wondering if anyone in the Plainfield area knows where we can find Star wa...

Tea Party

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Tea Party

Does anyone know of any place in the area that does tea party themed birthday parties?...


Party Theme

Hi MOMS!!! I have a random question. Sooooo I graduate from college on May 7t...


Tea Party

where can I find white gloves and fake pearls for girls tea party in okc area an...


Tea Party Ideas

I wanted to know if anyone has had a tea party for their daughters and if so cou...